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Found 2 results

  1. Hey before I use this stuff in my tank I want to be absolutely sure I'm not going to poison my fish with it. Does this stuff look okay to you guys?
  2. This tank is going to be on my desk. So that means I well be sitting up the web cam on it once done. Royal (my betta) and my three ADF's well be housed in this tank. I am taking plants from the goldfish tank and the 10 gallon tank to set this up. I also have some floating plants on order that well go in the 10 and this tank. This is what I have right now. There well be a house plant on the left to block/filter the sun. The filter floss on the back is to keep the frogs from jumping into the back of the tank. I well have a heater, bubble stone in the back also. The lighting is a 15 watt light. Tad to much but I have used it in the past with no problems. I'll post a link to the light and tank further down in my journal. The dirt is Organic, the gravel is fluorite Seagram. It is smaller then other stuff I can find around here and what I have on hand. Ill be updating this again soon going to go pick out some plants now.
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