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Found 5 results

  1. Hello All, How is everyone doing? I am doing okay. Here is an update on my tank! What do you guys think? I added a hood cover, moved around some decore`, added substrate, and added an extra bio "wall" or whatever you call it. Tell me what you think and whats new in life! http://imgur.com/JIC15U5 http://imgur.com/LXPhltx http://imgur.com/0ml4Rtf The extra bio wall I added is that white spongy thing. http://imgur.com/DOW0vYe Now I have a five stage filter! Filter Floss --> Charcoal --> Secondary Filter (Plastic) --> Bio Wall --> Bio Wheel.
  2. I have a white common goldfish, beautiful fish. He's about 5-6 inches long and lives in a 75 gallon tank alone. I would love to get him a friend but I know after past experiences that if the fish is not close to his size he WILL eat it. I know under the right conditions goldfish can grow very quickly when provided space, clean water and good food. My question is does anyone know how long it takes a common goldfish to grow to about 5 inches when given proper care? I've looked around and it seems large common goldfish are a popular item for sale so I can't buy one. Any help with giving my fish a companion would be much appreciated!
  3. Hello, hello. I just thought I would introduce to you all my little singletails Olive and Orange. I found some cool settings on my camera the other day I never new about and decided to snap some pics of them. I've had Olive and Orange for about a year now-they've been through everything with me-from living in a 5-gallon tank, to being bullied by a bigger fish, to surviving a pH of 6.0, to surviving an ich outbreak. They are the most resilient fish I've ever owned. I've learned a lot in the past few months, and I can proudly say they are in a better environment now. Here they are! Orange: [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// "feed me!" [/url]">http:// As you can tell, he is missing a dorsal fin resulting from the bullying. I really have no hopes of it growing back because it's been gone for a long time. I think it makes him even cuter! [/url]">http:// tried this one in black & white. I caught him doing that yawning thing goldfish do with their mouths. [/url]">http:// hangin' out in the Amazon Sword Olive: [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// I'm beginning to think Olive is female because in this photo you can see (she?) looks to have an "outie" vent. Does anyone else think so too? The whole tank setup: [/url]">http://
  4. I'll finally say "hello" too. My children won common goldfish at the fair, and I've been learning how to keep Brittany and Nemo alive and well from this group (never had fish before). We're still going through the fish tank cycling, so wish us luck! -- Shannon
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