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Found 8 results

  1. I've been wondering - what is (or is there) a relationship between a goldfish's food, and the color of the goldfish's wen? I went back a while and searched for a similar topic in this forum but didn't find one -- so let me know if this has already been discussed. Does food affect wen color? Specifically, the white wen. Obviously, if there are color enhancers in the food, it is a factor. But does algae affect wen color? I currently have 2 ranchu's, both are "Red and White" and both have red and "white" wen's. When they were babies, their wens were white and red, but now the white part of their wen is a lemony-yellow. I've just purchased a tancho ranchu, and I'd like for his white part of his wen (and all fins) to stay pearly white. Current food: NLS Goldfish Pellets Repashy Soilent Green Bloodworms Advice is appreciated!
  2. Hi, guys if you like to see how goldfishes change the color, watch my videos from part 1 to 4. well 4th part is not yet captured but will be captured and shown to you but before that i need some good suggestions. part 1 part 2 part 3 well i m totally new here and i dont know whether i am supposed to show my youtube videos here so if it is not legal please forgive me and let me know i will immideately delete everything. Thank you
  3. Hello All, I have been using the API Master Freshwater tests for a few months, but I have a heck of time with a few of the colours: the yellow in the ammonia, and the PH low and high. The colours that come up for PH appear so different from the colours on the tester sheet, especially at the top of the low range and the bottom of the high range. In terms of the ammonia, while my ammonia did not fit for any of the colours, it was yellow with no trace of green, but it didn't really match with the yellow at 0 or at .25. Does anyone have any advice on how to match these colours up to a tester or am I using a poor testing kit? If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. Regards, Jeremy
  4. I saw an oranda tonight at petsmart that was absolutely adorable. He/she has an orange and white body, the wen is orange, the face and cheeks are white, there is an orange stripe between his eyes, and a small amount of orange color on the mouth. He/she was small (the $7-$8 size). My question is-due to his/her size, I am thinking the age is young, will the color/markings change as the fish gets older? As soon as I saw the fish I fell for him/her, partly in due to the color (adorable face and the markings just enhance the cuteness) as well as the chubby cheeks and wiggly swim. I feed soilent green, super green, NLS 1mm, and bloodworms. I am probably going to get the fish irrelevant of the possible color change but I am curious if the color will change in the future. Thank you for any input : )
  5. Hi everyone! First of all, wanted to say a big THANK YOU for making me feel so warmly welcomed here I love the community and everyone is so knowledgable and helpful! I'm writing today because my goldfish have started to change color. Nothing alarming - I read that this can happen a bit when they're babies. I would say mine are definitely under a year old, maybe even under 6mos. old. Buttons, my black moor, looks like he's starting to turn bronze. His belly scales are a shiny bronze, but he's getting some scales on his upper abdomen area that are bronze/metallic purple. They're really pretty, and his fins are totally normal (no rips, frays, holes, etc) and he isn't in distress. Is this normal? How long does it usually take them to change color? Speckle, my calico ryukin, has started to get some metallic silver scales where black spots used to be. Part of me wonders if the black wasn't just a burn healing, or maybe some other past injury/bruise, because the scale is like BRIGHT WHITE and shiny. It's just one right now but I can see others in the area that look like they're about to change. Neither fish has LOST scales, they just seem to be changing color. All of this happened in the past week or so. Is this good? Bad? Neither? What does it indicate, if anything? Thanks!
  6. Is it more likely for a panda with orange pigment in their eye to turn orange when losing the black? I mean, I would love for them to keep the black but I know it is unstable. I would love to have La turn orange instead of just turning white like Tui did. He even has orange pigment in his eyes (nowhere that I have seen on his body) and Tui did not. What do you think?
  7. Hi I have a gold pearlscale. Well at least it was yesterday...today I got whiplash when I did a double take at feeding time. Goldie has black markings and they were NOT there yesterday. There is now black in her dorsal fin, at the base of the dorsal fin and on both sides. Now IIRC I thought I read that black is a fugitive color in goldfish and could disappear but I don't remember reading anything about new colors popping up. I've had Goldie now for about 3 months and she was about an inch and a half long when I got her. She has since almost doubled her size. Can anyone let me know if this has happened to them. Thanks! FishyMom
  8. Let me pick your brains for a minute. I have a medium sized Panda Oranda, that is honestly more blue/purple and white, than black and white. He also has a patch of yellow/gold under the darker colors on one side. The other day, I had him out of the tank and into a 5 gallon bucket while performing a major water change. He was in the bucket for MAYBE an hour while I changed 90% of the water in my 46 bow-front. After letting the filter cycle the new water for about a half hour, I placed the Panda back into the 46 and was shocked to see that most of his color had completely bleeched out! The whites were obviously still white, but the blue/purple had turned to a light greenish color and the gold was completely gone! I was initially very upset with this, but after about 10 minutes, all of his color returned as if nothing had happened! My wife thinks I dreamed all of this up, but I am certain that the color on this fish faded out and then came back. Is it possible that the stress from being in the bucket caused this? Or perhaps a lack of light in the bucket? I have never heard of this happening and can't seem to find anything on the internet about it. Again, there is nothing wrong with the fish, I am just more curious than anything. Also, 3 other Orandas of varying colors (Med. Calico, Sm. Redcap, Sm. Blue) had no signs of color change. I had 2 five gallon buckets with 2 Orandas in each. The buckets were orange, although that probably doesn't matter. HA! Thanks for reading!
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