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Found 3 results

  1. Since there have been a few questions regarding koi clay and how much and how long it clouds the water, I decided to make a video series of adding koi clay to my tank. The first one is kind of long as I added it and then let it disperse for a while. The other videos are 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes after adding the koi clay. As you can see, it clears fairly quickly although results will vary from tank to tank. Also, notice it does cloud your tank but not horribly. I added 1 tsp of koi clay to my 75 gallon tank. I use Ultimate Koi Clay. And, yes, I realize I should have done this at night so there wasn't so much glare. 15 minutes after adding koi clay 30 minutes after adding koi clay 45 minutes after adding koi clay 60 minutes after adding koi clay
  2. Recently I bought a 75 gallon used tank. Right now it is not cycled because I have a couple of water quality issues. The parameters of the tap water are: Ammonia: 0.25 ppm Nitrite: 0.0 ppm Nitrate: 10.0 ppm pH: 8.2 KH: 53.7 ppm GH: 89.5 ppm However after letting the water sit for 24 hours, the parameters are: Ammonia: 0.25 ppm Nitrite: 0.0 ppm Nitrate: 10.0 ppm pH: 7.4 KH: 53.7 ppm GH: 89.5 ppm I was told in another thread that the reason by pH is unstable because my KH is so low. I added some crushed coral as a substrate to combat this and it has completely clouded the water. So much so that I can't even see the filtration or hoses when looking through the front. There is also some school of thought that as the bacteria start to colonize the substrate that their biofilm will "pull down" the suspended particles. Another concern I have is when I do cleanings I will have to move around the crushed coral. This will create yet another cloud. Will it clear up eventually and the water be crystal clear or will it remain slightly cloudy always? Should I remove the crushed coral and rinse it more?
  3. Hey guys, This is the first time we've ever had a tank this big 40g. So I filled it saturday after cleaning it and put in dechlorinator. I put the Marineland Penguine 350 filter in and it's been running since then. There's nothing else in the tank. I plan on seeding it with substrate/filter media from my already cycled tank for an insta-cycle. It's now cloudy. Will this dissipate after a while, like once I put the fish in? Thanks.
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