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Found 15 results

  1. Georgia

    Georgia's Kitten Thread (pic heavy)

    A few weeks ago, my mother and I were driving in a parking lot when all of a sudden we saw a cat running across a busy highway towards us. Out of curiosity, as the cat passed us, I called out to her to see if she would approach me. Much to my surprise, she did, and was very friendly. The poor thing was pretty skinny and would probably be hit by a car if we left her, so on an act of sheer spontaneity, we decided just to take her. My mom named her Susie. A few days later my mother took her to the vet to get her checked out. I got a phone call later during the day to hear that the cat was pregnant and giving birth in 2 weeks. This past Saturday after I came home from work, I noticed she was acting off and very restless. She sat in her bed and began purring loudly and grooming herself consistently. When I noticed her stomach contracting, I knew the fateful moment had come. Within about half an hour she gave birth to her first kitten, and then two after that. I was there with her the whole time, and witnessing the births was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. They are doing wonderfully, and getting bigger every day. Here are a few pictures. Proud momma Susie ***** Please keep in mind that although raising kittens is a wonderful experience, I do not condone the deliberate breeding of cats to have kittens (unless you are an experienced and professional breeder). There are many kittens in shelters looking for homes already! Please consider adopting, and above all, always spay and neuter!! **** I will update this thread periodically to follow their development. Enjoy!
  2. Flipper

    Bubble chaser :)

    For the last several water changes my cat, Jr, has shown much interest in my hose I hang out the window to drain the tank Today he has started chasing the water and bubbles So, I created more bubbles fore him and Dooley, the boston Terrier, thinks chasing is a great idea I hope you all find this as amusing as I did Guess what broke the suction at the end of the video?..... I accidentally sucked up a nerite snail I'm a bad mom Alas, the snail is ok :/ Thanks for watching my crazy household antics
  3. Linzi Glitter

    The Cat-Goldfish Relationship

    The relationship between my cat, Savvy, and the goldfish is a constant source of amusement. Whenever they see her near the tank, they swim up all wiggly and friendly to say hello. She clearly wants to eat them! Anyone else have animals that (hilariously) interact with their fish?
  4. Georgia

    flea prevention reccomendations?

    Hi guys. So I have 2 cats, and they mostly live indoors, but they do take a liking to exploring the backyard. I like to make sure they are protected from fleas, ticks, lice, and whatever else. I just ran out of Frontline Plus and I was wondering if there are any other brands that work just as well as Frontline at a cheaper price? If so, where can I buy it?
  5. koko


  6. koko

    BobCat Update

    Maine Coon's Snow Shoes
  7. Moucho+Moncho

    Big problem!

    So today I walk into my sisters room and see our kitten, Simba on top of her betta tank! Poor Peeta ( the betta ) was hiding in the bed of moss that she has planted. If you know something to stop this from happening please post!
  8. My house is very very full of furry things. I work for a veterinarians office as well as volunteer for an animal rescue shelter. So I personally have 2 dogs, 4 cats and a rabbit. I rent space at my mom's house so there's also her two dogs. I'm currently fostering a dog for the shelter. They're all spayed/neutered (even the rabbit) except for Carlos. The dogs: Moonpie, 9 year old Bassett Hound, Border Collie mix. I adopted her from Humane Society when I was in high school. (She's my favorite) Carlos, 12 year old Husky, Malamute mix. Rescued from euthanasia May 2012 due to blindness and age. We officially adopted Carlos in October when he became a therapy dog. Suzy, ancient Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso mix. Rescued from living in a dug out hole in someone's back yard. Mom adopted her immediately (back in high school) Lacey, 2 year old Poodle/Chihuahua mix. Rescued from a hoarding situation. Bottle fed with her sister. Mom officially adopted her after 3 months. Roxanne, 4 year old Miniature Bull Terrier. Current foster for the shelter. Owner gave up her and her sibling due to cancer. Has been in rescue since April 2012. We have 2 families interested in adopting her and she's only been with me for 3 weeks (yay!!) The cats: Jason Bond, 7 years old. Bottle fed after surviving Hurricane Katrina. Officially adopted after 3 years of him sitting at the shelter. Deenah, 5 years old. Trapped in my TNR trap back in the day. She was easily tamed and officially adopted after 1 year of trying to find an adopter. Baby aka Snowball, almost 2 years old. Bottle fed two years ago during kitten season. Officially adopted immediately. Spookie Monster, 1 year old. Rescued from euthanasia after head trauma. Because I work for a neurologist I was able to provide proper treatment. He's mostly blind and has some neurological deficits but is able to walk, play, and function like a normal cat again. Officially adopted after he was scheduled for euthanasia once his blindness was determined. The rabbit: Punkin', 7 year old Silver breed. I used to breed the Silver breed rabbits back in high school. I gave that up for rescue and the breed is no longer bred in the state of Florida so they are hard to come by if you want a good quality. He was a show rabbit for some 4H kid. Brought to the shelter at the end of the school year in 2011. I immediately paid to have him neutered despite his age and brought him home.
  9. Sakura

    My Cats' Costumes

    I just made simple costumes for them because they won't tolerate anything elaborate. Since Sami is a tuxedo cat, he has a collar and tie. And since Roger is so silly, he is a jester!
  10. My kitten cloud will sit on the cover over Caligos qt and just paw at Caligo. Instead of getting scared and swimming away she swims right up to him! Crazy fish! She is not scared of him at all! I can't relax with them together! He is the one that would kill her if he got the chance, but she is still more scared of me than him! My nerves are so worn
  11. Drowsy

    Irritating the kitten.

    Foster was being irritating trying to make me play with him. So I irritated him back, apparently. xD
  12. Drowsy

    Foster saves us from the groceries.

    Couldn't help but to share this video of Foster. We made the mistake of setting the groceries in the floor. When there is such a fierce beast in the house, nothing is safe....
  13. Drowsy

    My new baby Foster.

    I adopted a kitten from my vet today! <3 He is precious. A little ball of energy, but very clingy. and he just licks, and purrs, constantly. He is eleven weeks old, neutered and with all of his shots. <3 The leash is just to train him to be used to it, so I can take him for walks. c:
  14. koko

    To cute

    <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/5PlYBzSuvg0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  15. Helen

    my cat gizmo

    short vid of just gizmo being a cat..