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Found 4 results

  1. This has been a really tough decision, but I think it's time for me to look for a new home for Khufu, my 5-year-old common goldfish. I got into fishkeeping about a decade ago when I received my first fish, Narmer, as a gift. Narmer was happiest when he had a tankmate; when his first buddy, Djoser, died, I got Khufu to keep him company. Narmer passed away about a year and a half ago and ever since then the joy has gone out of fishkeeping for me. It's never been a very practical hobby, and even less so now that I live in a very small apartment - the 27 gallon tank that Khufu now lives alone in takes up a good portion of my living room, and I don't really have the space to spare. It's also noisy - something that didn't bother me when I lived in a larger space, but which really does now. My partner used to record music; since we moved here, though, he hasn't been able to since the background noise made by the tank is impossible to avoid. I feel incredibly guilty about this - I really care about Khufu, and I know he is my responsibility - but I believe it's for the best. Khufu will be happier and healthier if he has other fish around him, and I'm just not willing to start that cycle again. There has to be someone in Toronto who would be willing to take him. He isn't a particularly interesting-looking fish - he is a common goldfish, after all - but he has a lovely tail, and his excitement when he sees people (or, let's be honest, food) is adorable. He's never had any kind of health issues, and he gets along with other fish (from what I've seen). I'd also be happy to give away his tank and accessories - the tank is a 27 gallon cube, which could fit at least one other fish, and I've got a pump, filter, gravel, and lots of plants (including one brand new that I hadn't got around to putting in the tank yet). I'm only interested in giving him up to a home that will take proper care of him, obviously. Preferably an experienced fishkeeper. Please let me know if you're interested. I can also send pictures - I think I may even have some video.
  2. There is a new canadian fish food out on the market called Northfin. After a couple of searches the cichlid owners seem to enjoy what their mix has done for them, I have just ordered some of their goldfish 2 mm pellets and will let you know how I like it. Anyone else who wishes to give a review on this product can do so here. ETA: http://www.canadian-aquatic-feed.com/ Above is their website if interested.
  3. Idk if there is a post like this already, if there is if you could direct me to it that would be great. I'm looking at buying some fish in the spring and I would like to get shubunkins, or wakins. I'm more into the single tailed variety. I've been having trouble finding more of the single tailed variety online, and it's even harder to find places that ship to Canada. If anyone knows of any good sites that would be great
  4. I'd like everyone at Koko's to meet Sasha. Sasha is a broadtail Ryukin that came home from Fish Sempai. Alex (Clone702008) and I did our own little christmas exchange and I got to visit the fish show room! It was a great trip and Andrew was a really nice man! Before I show pictures of the little guy I picked out, I thought I would share some of the beautiful fish that were there in the showroom! Some beautiful (and hungry) Koi A nicely (and slightly tri-coloured) broad tail Ryukin Ryukin interacting with one another! (you can see Sasha in the background, his nostrils are orange) An adorable oranda with a hitler style moustache This gorgeous goldie was 6 inches long Now you guys are probably wondering about my own goldie, Sasha! I have no idea what gender this fish is but I will refer to it as a male until I find out! He has orange nostrils, red lips and two stripes down his back! Side one Side two! Did I pick well?
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