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  1. Anubias Species, Varieties & Cultivars Compiled By: Julia, jfg5018 We all know it is incredibly hard to maintain a planted tank with our voracious goldies. There are very few aquatic plants that will actually thrive in our aquariums. Many of us yearn for a lusciously planted tank but are limited severely in our foliage selection. So why Anubias? Simply put, they are easy to maintain, require very minimal (if any!) additional nutrients and substrate, can survive in a plethora of water parameters, and are hardy enough to withstand curious goldfish tank mates. Thankfully, there are actually many morphologically distinct species, varieties and cultivars of Anubias to chose from! Not only do Anubias range in sizes suitable for fore-, mid-, and background arrangements but leaf-shape, and even color! Beautiful, aqua-scaped freshwater aquariums aren't just for tropical community tanks! Scientific Classification Kingdom: Plantae Phylum: Angiosperms Class: Monocots Order: Alismatales Family: Aracea Subfamily: Aroideae Genus: Anubias vSpecies: A. barteri, A. afzelli, A. gracilis, A. hastifolia, A. gigantea, A. gilletii, A. pynaertii, (A. frazeri: species status questionable) uVariegata (Variegations, Varieties: var.) wCultivar (produced in cultivation via selective breeding) Facts: Genus Characteristics: Roundish, typically heart-shaped (cordate), incised leaves. Often compact growth. Broad-leaved rosettes (leaves grow upward from a rhizome) Found naturally only in West Africa (Sengal to Angola and Zaire) Not all species of Anubias are suitable as aquarium plants Price per rhizome (as of 8/2013) can range from $5 for common strains to up to $85 for rare cultivars! Species, Varieties & Cultivars: Notations: vindicates species; uindicates variegation; windicates cultivar vAnubias afzelii Long pointed, elliptical leaves w/ prominent lateral nerves Reddish brown stems ‘Mid Ground’ Plant vAnubias barteri Compact Heart Shaped Anubias One of the most common available. One of the most vigorous and smallest species uAnubias barteri var barteri Grows up to 45 cm tall Leaves tend to be slightly lighter in color uAnubias barteri var. angustifolia (Formerly Anubias lanceolata) Narrow leaves, height 10 to 15 cm Common aquarium plant Still often sold as Anubias laneolata within the hobby Elongated leaves (5-9 times long as they are broad) uAnubias barteri var. caladiifolia One of the larger varieties Height in aquarium 7 to 30 cm, Leaves 10 to 23 cm long and 5-14 cm wide uAnubias barteri var coffeefolia: Coffee Anubias One of the naturally occurring varieties Green leaves w/ creamed coffee to light lavender undersides Reddish purple stems Less tall, more spreading Deep, indented veins causing ruffled appearance uAnubias barteri var. glabra —N.E. Brown (1901) (Pseudonyms: minima, lanceolata) Narrow-leafed (lanceolate), pointed tip leaves with short petioles Leaves: 5 to 10 cm long, 2 to 5 cm wide Flat, creeping rhizome up to 5mm in diameter Height 10 to 15 cm Propagation: Tends to not grow lateral shoots, cutting the rhizome induces the back part of the rhizome that remains in the substrate to generate a new shoot KH: 2—12°, pH: 6.0 to 7.5, T: 22-28 °C uAnubias barteri var. nana: Dwarf Anubias Dwarf creeping with heart shaped leaves Leaves are up to 6 cm long and 3 cm wide Height: 5 to 10 cm wAnubias barteri var. nana ‘eyes’ Cultivar of the regular size Anubias nana They are considerably smaller than its larger counterpart Ideal for smaller tanks or foreground Grows horizontal rather than upward Stays only a few inches tall Flowers moderately, with soft whitish green blossoms wAnubias barteri var. nana ‘golden’ Light green to golden leaves Color does not disappear as the plant ages or propagates wAnubias barteri var. nana ‘petite’ Smallest variegation of the Anubias wAnubias barteri var. nana ‘micro’ Smallest cultivar of the Anubias wAnubias barteri var. nana ‘Stardust’ Characterized by white, light veins and mottled, marbled leaves wAnubias barteri var. nana ‘Wrinkled Leaf’ Unique wavy-shaped leaves wAnubias barteri var. nana ‘Marble’: Marbled Nana Characterized by marbled leaves due to genetic mutation in DNA wAnubias barteri var. nana ‘Snow White’ Characterized by mottled, white leaves due to genetic mutation in DNA Color does not disappear as the plant ages or propagates wAnubias barteri var. nana ‘Ghost’ Characterized by young, white leaves that mature to a pale, green due to genetic mutation in DNA Anubias congensis (obsolete—see A. heterophylla) Anubias frazeri (species status questionable) vAnubias gigantea: Giant Anubias Large leaves and height vAnubias gilletii Initially heart shaped later with long rear fringes Leaves are arrow shaped Grows up to 25 to 40 cm vAnubias gracilis Soft, textured leaves Unsuitable for vigorous fish Triangular shaped, light green leaves Least robust species commonly available Often sold as A. hastifolia (completely different species) Does not like constant uprooting and excessive handling vAnubias hastifolia BIG plant with long heart shaped leaves Leaves up to 33 cm vAnubias heterophylla —Engler (1879) Often commercially available as A. congensis (obsolete) Leaves are variable in size (10 cm – 38 cm long), narrow to broadly lanceolate Slightly larger than A. barteri Leaves are a slightly paler green Grow tall in aquariums (up to 60 cm) Good general adaptation Propogation: Lateral shoots off the rhizome D: 2, KH: 2—15°, pH: 6.0 to 7.5, T: 22-26 °C, AH: 3 Anubias minima (see Anubias barteri var. glabra, Anubias lanecolata) Previously considered an autonomous species, reviewed by Crusio as a variety of A. barteri vAnubias pynaertii References: Anubias by Karen A. Randall 1998 http://www.sfbaaps.org/articles/randall_01.html Aquarium Plants Their Identification, Cultivation and Ecology by Dr. Karel Rataj and Thomas J. Horeman TFH 1977 ISBN 0-87666-455-9 Baensch Aquarium Atlas 2 by Hans A. Baensch and Dr. Rudiger Riehl Tetra Press 1993 ISBN 1-56465-114-2 Baensch Aquarium Atlas 3 by Hans A. Baensch and Dr. Rudiger Riehl Tetra Press 1996 ISBN 3-88244-053-8 The Genus Anubias SCHOTT (Aracea) by Wim Crusio Meded. Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen 79-14 (1979) The International Plant Names Index http://www.ipni.org This post has been promoted to an article
  2. note: these anubias would probably do better in small tanks like for bettas rather than in 50+gallon goldfish tanks.. they are TINY plants-look at my finger holding the micro below. *RARE* Anubias Micro Rare and extremely tiny anubias plant-smaller than petite! I've had these plants for over 2 years. Healthy algae free, snail free, duckweed and riccia free. No scuds or detritus worms from their tank either. comparison shot: micro left, petite right micro for sale, take it all all for $35 Anubias Petite Anther small leafed anubias species, but larger than micro. petite for sale, take it all for $30 Buy all the micro and petite for $60 Driftwood 2 large ghost wood pieces, LxWxH (as shown in photo) 32x12x4" the other is 30x17x4" take both for $10 ($5 each) + cost of shipping (please pm me you zip so i can calculate shipping cost) Plant shipping: I ship Monday through Thursdays 2 day priority mail small flat rate box. Shipping cost of plants is $7. If you buy everything (plants and driftwood) anubias will be shipped separately from wood to avoid damaging the plants.
  3. I didn't know that Anubias made flowers! Just in time for Xmas! ^_^ Are there different kinds of Anubias? My other one isn't blooming. I'm so excited!
  4. Quick question. I've been using fishing line to tie down my anubias plants to wood or rocks for the most part. However, the wood and plants I recently purchased have not been as easy to do this with. Do you guys use any sort of glue or adhesive that is safe for being in the water with the fish? If so, recommendations?
  5. Hi all, As I've mentioned before, I'm new to growing plants (properly), and have had some happier plants over the past week and a half from a good source. However, this morning, I noticed that some of the leaves on my anubias frazeri were looking sick. Namely: one had a lot of holes. It should be noted that I'm in the middle of fishless cycling (at the high nitrite stage--I'm doing a 90% water change now since nitrites were more than 2 ppm this morning). Ammonia hasn't started to drop significantly (it was between 1-2 ppm this morning, though I will get it down to 1 ppm after the change). I have been dosing Flourish comprehensive and Excel (only 1 capful for 29 gallons) about twice per week or with water changes, and I use root tabs. I've read that Flourish comp takes care of "micronutrients," but should I be dosing "macro" ones? How do I tell what kinds they need? Other than one of my banana plants rotting from the roots, the plants have been doing OK so far. I have had to replant my stem plants (Brazilian pennywort, creeping Charlie) a couple of times, but my Amazon sword is looking a little anemic. I also have a red crypt that is doing well. I have Italian vals and a dwarf lily coming in the mail. I use an inert sand substrate and have a 5000-7500 K T5-OH light with a small Finnex LED that I only use periodically. Temperature has been at 81-82 F for the cycle. My pH has been at 8 steadily, though Koko has recommended that I stop buffering my water to try to lower it (my tap is 7.2). I have read that holes in the leaves can be a sign of nutritional deficiency. Could this be so? Or are the water conditions stressful and/or should I expect some leaf problems in the first couple of weeks with the plants? Sorry for all of the questions, but I would like to keep these ones alive. They aren't cheap! If it helps, this is my whole tank picture as of this morning: Thanks!
  6. Hi all! I'm in the process of fishless cycling my new 55 gallon. At the moment, ammonia level is at 4ppm. Would that be a reason not to introduce some Anubias? Thank you!
  7. it has been a while since i've posted but this is how my tank looks these days. not the clearest, or straightest photo but you get the idea! my 4 goldies going well (& getting bigger) & have 3 apple snails to help with the algae. did a big clean of the main driftwood & anubias a couple of weeks ago & got all the algae off it. there's a couple of banana lillies in there which would look really nice if the lilypads didnt keep getting eaten! also removed what was left of a large amount of wisteria that was picked clean down to the stem. at least the java fern has been off the menu...
  8. What type of anubias is this? I got this plant at Petco. Also, see the "bruise" at the base of the stem? Should I remove that leaf or do you think it will be okay? Thank you!
  9. Hey all So yesterday on my outing with Mikey and Jenna I got some new plants ! And today I was finally brave enough to do the bleach treatment So they've been added to Mochi's tank !!! (yayyyyyy ) (full tank shot.... mochi is hiding, he's always skeptical of new things ) (new pothos from Mikey ) ....does it need direct sunlight? My new anubias and marimo moss ball (and again ) a wild Mochi siting ! ....blurry as always ...an attempt at a tank shot all the new plants
  10. Purchased 3 potted plants labelled as aquatic combo and one anubius with suction cup from Petco 50% sale today. Anybody know if the potted ones are anubias?
  11. Working on my Anubias collection The 55 gallon tank as of August 13th, 2013: Types of Anubias so far: *Anubias barteri var. glabra (aka Anubias lanceolata) *Anubias barteri var. nana *Anubias barteri var. nana 'petite' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'micro' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'golden' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'snow white' *Anubias afzelli Anubias Wishlist: *Anubias barteri *Anubias barteri var. coffeefolia *Anubias hastafolia *Anubias barteri var. nana 'stardust' *Anubias barteri var. nana 'marble'
  12. Looking for White Marbled Anubias and Stardust Anubias?! Anyone know where I can find them? I found one seller on AquaBid who has Stardust Anubias...but selling at $30/5 leaves Can't find a seller with White Marbled Anubias anywhere
  13. About a month ago, Acro posted that he had an awesome anubias rooted on a fake log, along with two BN plecos, for sale. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/110907-rooted-anubias-and-bristlenose-plecos-for-sale/?hl=%2Bacro+%2Banubias So, I jumped at the chance, since Sean's plants and decoration combinations are just amazing and I have been wanting to convert my 100 gallon tank into a planted tank again. Today, I received the box from Sean. I was a little worried, since it's been so hot, both here, and in Georgia. It turns out I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Sean's packing is just amazing, and everything came in perfect shape. The log and anubias were disinfected, and then added to the tank later. The 2 BNs are hanging out in my 10 gallons for a while, until I do some shuffling around to move some (gold)fish out of the 100g to accommodate them. In any case, I am so excited, that I thought I would share some pics of the new plant in the somewhat redecorated 100g. I am using a combination of T8 lighting, and 2 21 inch Marineland Hidden LEDs here. This is the tank Left side Right side Some close ups Thank you so much, Sean, for being an awesome person, and for such a fantastic job. I look forward to future buys from you! _____________________ Finally, here's a demo of how important camera settings can be. With a different setting, the pic makes the water look really cloudy.
  14. When my tank lights turned on this morning, my fish thought they had been transported to a 1970s disco. My Marineland Double Bright LEDs were blinking. The blue lights were fine, the white lights were not. I tried a few things--different plug, etc--but nothing worked. I called Marineland support. They answered right away and the customer service rep was very pleasant. I told her my situation, she asked when I purchased it (I estimated late 2011 to early 2012?) and for the lot number on the unit. She then told me they would send a new one at no charge and got all my shipping info. So I went from (I wasn't rude to her at all, that's just how I felt when I saw my lights ) to . My question is--it will take about 7 days or so before my new light arrives. What should I do with my anubias, java fern, and water sprite in the meantime? I'm assuming they can't go that long without any light? The tank is not near a window. Should I put them in a 10 gallon full of tank water every couple of days and put them out in the sunlight? I'm new to plants and I'd like to keep them alive. Thanks for any recommendations you have for me.
  15. Got some anubias anna from petsmart today and attached it with rubber bands to a piece of driftwood. i hope it survives.
  16. I decided to take some pictures of my tank and of two Telescopes since it's been awhile. My tank is 29 gallons, and I have two Fluval 206's. Lighting is a Marineland Double-Bright LED, and all the plants are different species of Anubias. I have had my Moor (Stoney) the longest, a little over a year now and she came from Petsmart. I love her and wish it wasn't so hard getting good pictures of her, but she is a spaz and never stops begging/looking for food. I really love her. I have had my orange Telescope (Munchkin) for a little over six months, and got her from a fish store in Chico, CA which is known to stock decent quailty goldfish. She has had some minor issues gulping air, but it has almost completely dissapeared since adding Repashy Super Green to her daily diet. Here are the pictures! Best friends. Their favorite end of the tank, where the food usually drops of course. Stoney lookin' for scraps. All the pictures of her are partially blurred! Pretty Munchkin. Big ol' belly! Mine, no mine! Food monster! my girls! Thanks for looking.
  17. hi new here so thought i'd post some pics and a vid of the 40 gall with a red cap oranda, butterfly moor and a ryukin the plants are anubias nana and elodea canadensis. filtration is a fluval 206 canister and a fluval U4. lighting includes on 11 w fluorescent cool white, 25 double bright LEDs (four blue) and thre underwater LED spotlights. these photos where a nightmare these were the only ones that came out semi presentable out of 40, the goldies just wiggle about too much lol. couldnt get a close up of the moor unfortunatly as he's the biggest wiggler of them all. the red cap spawen today and the other two are males so this has made tem extra exitable as this is there first time at it, so to speak, as all are under a year old. enjoy
  18. I am doing some replanting in my tank again and need to get rid of some excess plants. Anubias Package includes: - 8 small anubias - 2 large anubias (frazeri) measuring about 8-10 inches in height - plus 2 smaller frazeri rhizomes that are just starting to get new leaves - 1 small lace java fern (about 4 inches in height) Some of the larger anubias have leaves going in slightly funky directions and will require a little retraining (they have been floating in my tank, so I think the leaves are reaching to the light source and got a little bendy) $25.00 takes the package! (12 dollars for shipping, 13 dollars for 11 plants) I also have 3 somewhat larger than golf ball size portions (see pic below) of flame moss I'd like to go to a good home. $8.00 a portion (5 dollars for shipping, 3 dollars for the moss) $14.00 if you want all 3 portions, or add a portion for $3.00 to the package listed above. Flame moss is pretty awesome. I keep mine tied to a piece of driftwood (just wrap fishing line around it and it will begin to grow upward). I find it does best in an area of the tank with good water movement so I keep mine directly under the spray bar. You can see the flame moss in the back right corner of my tank Let me know if you're interested (payment will need to be paypal) If you have any questions about any of the plants or want better pics just let me know.
  19. As posted as my status a little while ago, I had purchased a bunch of anubias barteri var. nana from ebay, and they just arrived. I have not been this excited over plants in quite a while. The plants arrived in excellent condition, packed securely, not a single one dead even though they were shipped by standard mail from Taiwan, which took only one week. The deal was for 14 plants + 6 free, although I have actually received 8 free - a total of 22 plants for the price of $ 36.99 (!!!!!) and free shipping (!!!!!), so each plant cost me an average of less than $ 1.70 Anyway, I am so impressed by the quality and size of these plants, I took photos of some of the smallest and some of the largest ones, and you will see that even the small ones are quite impressive. I had to prune only 9 leaves total from all these plants together. Each plant has on average 7-9 leaves. The biggest one has 11 leaves, the smallest 4. This is the only plant with a brown spot on an otherwise healthy leaf. This is the plant with the lowest number of leaves, but is surely not a small plant at 6" from one end to the other. A huge pile of plants This is the deal on ebay. In my opinion absolutely worth it. Needless to say, he is going to get one excellent review http://www.ebay.com/...=item20b73f797b
  20. i always wanted a piece of golden vine & finally found one that didnt have a whole heap of sharp bits for my fish to gouge themselves on. the java ferns have babies on the leaves so i'll have a few more of them to plant soon, if i dont get too impatient & just buy more from the shop! i'll have to rethink the arrangement once the fish get bigger but by then i reckon i'll be looking at a 6 ft tank!
  21. I added a few of the anubias into my main tank, and the guys love them. I had some anubias congensis in there already as well as one anubias broadleaf, but now I added some more of the new barteri nana in. A pic without camera flash, to make the algae on the back wall less distracting. The new plants are on the front right and back left. The tall ones are congensis and the front left is one of the barteri broadleaf. And some pics of the guys having fun in there. Hugo really loves it, she kept checking out the plants and rocks in hope to find some edible treasures
  22. Hello, all! This summer, I have been testing out my first plant... Anubias nana from PetSmart. The plant looks great ever since I added micronutrient supplement, and it even sprouted a few extra leaves. Plus, my goldies aren't shredding up the Marimo moss ball I tossed in there last week. But one little Anubias nana and a moss ball looks super drab in a 40 gallon!!! I decided to go ahead and order some lights off Amazon, so I can grow plants even in the shady side of the tank. Does anyone know of a good place to buy bulk Anubias online? (or is planting 7 little Anubias at once a bad idea?) I'm also eyeing this big thing of driftwood for more vertical decor that I can attach my moss/plants to: http://www.amazon.com/Zoo-Med-African-Mopani-Jumbo/dp/B000KH9S8I/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top So far, I can't find any driftwood that is as big as this^. I'm also not as thrilled to know about the very strong "tea" tint that comes with the wood. Can anybody shed some light to alternative driftwood suppliers or solutions?
  23. Alright, so I've been wanting to put some real plants in my tank ever since I upgraded to my 29 gallon and several months later I finally decided to purchase an Anubias, or at least that's what the employee told me at the lfs. If anyone can tell me exactly what type of Anubias this is that would be very helpful. They actually had a very nice Amazon Sword, and these Microswords that I thought would look pretty good in the tank, but I decided I'd try cultivating one plant in my tank before trying a few others, and for some reason I though the Anubias would be hardier. For the time being I put the plant into a cleaned orange juice container with some water from the goldfish tank because I'm not sure exactly how to add it into my tank. http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/oo159/watevpple/DSC06068.jpg http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/oo159/watevpple/DSC06069.jpg http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/oo159/watevpple/DSC06071.jpg http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/oo159/watevpple/DSC06073.jpg
  24. Hello! I'm back from the Lps and they had some decent plants, which is RARE, so I got 3 of them. I'm really hoping the two smallest I brought home are some anubias, but I'm new at this so I couldn't be sure. Here they are: And if someone has an idea about this one, too ... Thanks in advance!
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