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Found 3 results

  1. A little update video of my guys at wc day. They have grown so much, I think nearly doubled in size Mr Blacky Huge Eyes is 11g now, Little Tom 7g and Moonee 6g
  2. Why in the world are these incessant water changes necessary when we filtrate, the water parameters are perfect? Why bother with filtration if weekly water changes are still absolutely necessary? My water has 0 with Nitrates, Nitrites and Ammonia.. In a 40 gallon breeder tank with one GF in it(fan tail), clear water, fish looks happy, whatever that is, but everybody says weekly water changes are needed. I am really getting frustrated with this. I am a reasonably intelligent person and this does not make sense to me. In a 10 gallon tank with 5 small fish, I change one gallon every 4 weeks, and clean the gravel at the same time. I know that they are not GF, but it is a much smaller tank and there are 5 fish. At Aquatic Enviroments, the best aquarium store in this area, a guy who works there told me that "change a couple gallons once a month". Tell me something that makes sense which will support your POV, because I think this might be overkill. I am not sure it is, but neither am I convinced it is abusive to the fish if I don't follow this excessive practice of weekly WC. Thank you.
  3. I've read on here how all of you do extensive, month long QT with Prazi and salt whenever you get a new fish. Also, daily 100% water changes. Is that simply done because the QT tanks aren't cycled, or because it is necessary for treatment? I only ask because I would like to get a 2nd fish to put in with kappa, and I want to be able to QT like you guys do, but I won't be home every day because of work to do the wc. If I had an already cycled filter running on the QT unit, would it still need daily 100% wc? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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