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Found 2 results

  1. After Porky and Henry died, I swore I'd never raise goldfish again. Iron poisoning; five years. Yet, here I am. Don't even have a tank. I want to return ever so slowly, and hopefully learn from the mistakes I made. Good to see you guys. ????
  2. Hi guys! Long time no see. This is going to be long, be warned! While I’m not new here by a long shot, since I’ve been away for a year plus I thought I’d put an intro post up to say hello to everyone and introduce myself to anyone I may have not yet met. As a bunch of you know I was massively into aquaculture and aquaria as a kid, and bugged A LOT of people here for info and the like. To all of those who put up with 14/15 year old me (and younger to those I know from other forums!) thanks a bunch, because you helped me with my hobby more then you will ever know. Though I keep in touch with a few of you guys still via good old facebook and the like, I suppose I’ll do a short ‘life update’ for everyone else. I finished Highschool, got accepted into the university I had my eye on (though not the campus, I had a last min change of city and decided to stay here as I could move in with friends looking for a house. Long story short, living with them did NOT go well, which I won’t go into here, and I moved out onto the uni residences then into my own little apartment/flat place. It’s a great little place, if a bit small and rough around the edges!) Obviously, as just mentioned, moved out, and all those good things. I’m currently in my second year of university studying teaching. I should actually be working on assignments now, but eh. I should probably mention my fish somewhere here, eh? As older members will know I had massive water issues with the move too the new place and ended up giving/selling Chachamaru the oscar to a local breeder. Not a few months after myself and Helen/Stakos (who I am very lucky to have living 100km up the road, she’s a lifesaver!) managed to pinpoint that it was high aluminium at a low pH causing the issues. However, what’s happened has happened, and there is no way we would have caught the issue before it became lethal, so the best option was taken. I am happy to report though that last time I saw her Chacha was now very large, happy and even has a breeding partner. In sadder news we also have reason to suspect the pH crash that killed my telescope trio (Lady Luna and Lexie, Luna who I was particulary fond of) was not accidental, but that’s neither here nor there. On a happier note those who I know from my betta breeding days will probably be shocked to know old Aney is STILL alive and kicking. When I moved from the parents to the uni city, he stayed behind with mum and a HM female tankmate (divided!) as she too enjoys her aquariums and asked to have them. He looks a bit worse for wear now, but he still seems in pretty good health. The HM female girl is from Jodi Lea, and is spawn sibling to the one that we suspect had something genetically wrong happening, but she is now 2.5 years and still doing ok. On the non finned kids, my old cat (who happily appeared in many photos of the tank) is alive and well, he remained home when I moved too (Would have been cruel to drag the poor guy halfway across the state) but seems to have adjusted to life with just my parents to wait on him hand and foot well. The parents dogs are also doing well! I should also mention here my lovely Alex, a jenday conure parrot I fell in love with at a breeders and had to take home (well, when he actually grew up anyway, he was naked and pink when I first saw him!) who has been living with me and running my home for the past year! My whole house is his cage, it seems! (Buy we love him to bits) So, now that that’s all out of the way, hello all! I come back because after my fish mishaps that put me off aquaria for a while three things happened. First, I landed some occasional work with an aquaria company that has particular interest in goldfish and koi (koi being my first love, as some of you know). Second being Stakos’ beautiful ryukin tank (and tots tank I believe she calls the other one with her smaller guys?) which I had the privilege of seeing in real life, and then being treated to a very nice day out, some of which involved being taken to a store filled with what is possibly some of the highest quality fish in Aus (So yes, blame her ) which reminded me of how much I miss just having a tank, and third was accidentally on purpose buying a 100L tank, which is another story in itself. While I wait for the tank to arrive and to cycle, I plan to stick around, read some research and generally immerse myself back into goldfish (and koi) again! Oh boy, that’s a long post. Sorry!
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