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Found 10 results

  1. So my bristlenose plecos have bred again for the third time but this time the male is hardly interested in the new eggs. The first batch of eggs the male reared and protected the eggs and fry but with the second batch he kicked all the eggs out which I thought he might had done it but it seems he may not have. At the weekend I moved all the first batch of fry and the few of the second batch of fry (lost nearly all to a random disease) into a 34 gallon tank with my five adults consisting of the mum and dad, a young male long fin, a young female albino and an adult female who just doesn't breed and they all settled in fine. Well yesterday I checked on them and the mum had ripped fins and the dad was in the cave and believe it or not they bred but this time the dad doesn't fan the eggs or stay in the cave all the time so I'm unsure if he was the one that bred but I'm assuming it was him so do any of you guys have any idea what I should do or not do. Thanks (also pics will be added when my computer is fixed )
  2. Sooooo, it's time for routine maintenance prazi of my goldfish in their 55 gal However, I now have one of Acro's albino bn plecos too. I'd like to give everyone some prazi, but am unsure if the pleco can tolerate it (BTW, I asked Acro and he would like to know the answer too because people frequently ask him). My question: do any of you Kokonuts have any experience with using prazi with bn plecos? Or do you remove them from your GF tank when treating with prazi? Thanks for reading this
  3. Hi everyone! Was feeding the tank this morning and I realized that Gordon has really grown recently. He is now bigger than the mollies, about the length of my index finger. Super exciting! He is also now large enough to protect his food from those nippy mollies. He is also getting a super lovely pattern on his dorsal fin. The pictures are horrible I know! And a few of Beep for you guys He has also been filling out his hump a bit
  4. I'm going on about three weeks with boiling my driftwood. After I got it, I boiled it for a couple of days and swore it was finished. It went into the 10 gallon that was housing our pleco, and when I moved everything into the big tank I gave it another boil, just to clean it. Then I discovered lots of yellow water Ever since, it's been in a pot, boiling for 3-6 hours each day and sitting in hot water that I change as often as I can. I feel really bad for the pleco! He seems happy enough in there and does have a hiding spot when he isn't exploring, but I think he'd be happier with brief visits from his driftwood. Would it be okay to put it into the main tank twice a week, for an hour or two before water changes?
  5. Hey guys, I know I'm being a broken record today but I'm having such a hard time finding an answer on this! Also feel free to move if it's not in the appropriate place. My tank is finally cycled ( !!! ) and while we have no fish yet, we've been holding an albino rubbernose pleco hostage in a 10 gallon in recent weeks. I'd really love to set him free in the 55, but I have no idea how he'd fit into a prazi routine. I'm reading that they do fine in Prazi, but that he may not react well to the salt. The only thing I really did find was an old old thread which referenced a website that says 0.15% salt is okay for them, but no more. Then other people commented that they used the normal amount of salt and it was okay, where others advised against it (but never said how to treat them). I don't know what to dooooo!
  6. Recently i saw a unique pleco( forget the name) size of 4" and my Goldies are a little bigger then it... i remember the last incident that i got a small common pleco that kept chasing any goldies & trying to suck on them and i removed it! but thats on a 2ft tank... Now in a 5ft tank and it could mean more hidding place for this 4" pleco hopefully & hope it wont attack my goldies this round? i hope... will try to get a pic of this pleco as its very different frm the one we commonly see... Every Pleco is different in nature right? Hope its a shy one this time lol
  7. Please take a look at the second photo on this craigslist ad posting and tell me if this seems frightening to you too! http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/for/3679813780.html I almost thought maybe it was Photoshopped or something! Look at how scared those little goldies look!
  8. So last night I noticed that rb my rubber nose pleco was gone i searched everywherere and finally found him swimming around fine in my hob filter. Odd thing is though he would have to have gotten over the media and the filter but he did. He's fine has this ever happened to any one else
  9. Why do people release fish?! I saw a CL ad in which the owner said the fish had to go or he was putting them in the river. Yeah, that's hilarious. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/armored-catfish-wreaking-havoc-south-florida-lakes-182812663.html
  10. Yesterday, I stopped by a suburban pet store I'd never been to. I was looking for a specific brand of airstone, and found that while they had many brands and sizes of air pumps, they had not one single airstone, bubble wall, or even airline tubing. Confusing. Who decided how to stock this store? But that's not point. On the fish wall, one of the <10 gallon tanks had about eight 2" telescopes AND A FOOT LONG COMMON PLECO! A pleco so big that if it tried to suck on one of its tankmate's slimecoats, it would end up slorping up the entire fish like a vacuum cleaner hose! And there were three unoccupied freshwater tanks in the same row! There was no reason to stuff a giant pleco in with little goldfish! I told the only clerk on duty, who said she'd tell the fish person. Ugh. I hope the pleco doesn't eat any little telescopes in the meantime.
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