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Found 11 results

  1. This is just a place for me to spam you all, without having to make a thread every time I do it. I always snap growth pictures of the fry, or a tank shot but never feel they're worthy of their own place. So, for consolidation's sake! (and it's not even anything that good ) and here's a picture of Betty for good measure
  2. Hello everyone. Im very new to KoKo's and Id like to say hello:) Im trying to do a few things to get set up but am having some difficulties. Like adding pictures of my fish to my signature page and adding friends. I cannot see the add friend button by the persons pic on the left. I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you here on KoKo's and make a few helpful friends along the way.
  3. ....not that it's always a bad thing! I think For months this awesome ranchu has been at Tropiquarium. Evvvvery time I pined and ogled and drooled and It only took a day with Tammy, followed by a brief mentioning to my husband that we should LOOK, only look (sort of, we both knew what we were doing)! to finally succumb. There was a lot of back and forth, because I have three in a 55 gallon as it is, but we decided that we will upgrade the tank. It may not happen for some time, but all my fish are rather small and I am diligent with water changes so in the meantime I think it will do. And with no further ado.... ! HELLO I'm still rather surprised with myself, but already very much in love with this fish! I've never been given kissies on the first day before.
  4. Meet Catbug! I love the little bit of red on the top, and the dark tail. Do you think s/he'll change colors? That would be okay by me!! The video/pictures were taken by East Coast Ranchu. This beauty is gonna live in my brand new 40g! I'm in love! Here's a youtube link: I'll be sure to post my own videos/pics of opening this little one when s/he comes in the mail! And after!!!
  5. I guess after 3 days of non-stop rain and being covered by a tarp, these guys have become quite attention desperate! I've been working on taking pictures with my camera, and with the natural light outside the quality improved immensely! I use a Nikon Coolpix S100, varying macro, and burst/continuous shots. Im extremely happy with the pictures they might not be DSLR standard but I think I can pat myself on the back (; A couple aren't as great, but I really liked those images because of the view of the fish. Fio Cluster fish! Caligo! And photo bombing Unagi. Strawberry Unagi Strawberry Caligo Mushu Nova Sashimi Minnie, possibly to be renamed Tux. I mean, look at those breeding stars! But the vent is extremely large. Maybe it'll just be named Gender? For now (; Fio Cream Renji and his nub fin. A few of my favorites I looooove this one She is something else :heart Herp derp Sunny, up close. Just look at all of those speckles! "Weeeeeeeee!" My best! Well now you have seen my entire school! Thanks for looking (;
  6. I decided to buy myself some early Christmas gifts when I came across these beauties at my LFS. They also had some panda orandas/tri-color orandas but didn't meet my very picky oranda requirements. I've been wanting to use my empty tank for something with goofy eyes and picked out these two bubble eyes. They had more, but I also want to get a broadtail moor and some more bubble eyes. I decided to wait to find my dream moor and more dream bubble eyes instead of just getting some that were ok to fill the tank. They are in .3% salt and parasite guard now, day 2, and doing quite well! I'm looking to sell my 55 gallon long tank and get a more square one with a wider base... It takes up too much room in my new apartment. The 75 gallon is on top of the book shelf and looking really nice I'm uploading a video to youtube right now of the bubble eyes so you can see them. They look pretty skinny to me but I'm not bubble eye expert. Hopefully someone who is will chime in... I know they're a slimmer fish. I've been feeding them repashy and they are bananas for it. All my fish are. Sorry for the wall of text! Onto photos.. I love the different colored bubbles They are very small. The white and orange one had some red streaking in the fins that is going away already with clean water.
  7. Hi everyone! Here are a couple of new pics of my finned babies! This is my first goldfish, Goldy - he's finally his self again after battling some infection and 4 weeks of MM! Hey, you just staring or are you going to feed me??? These little fellows here are Ponyo my lionhead and Einstein my redcap in my main tank They are inseparable, and lately I think Einstein's been chasing Ponyo - if you know what I mean... High-five goldie style! Here's Clarence, my other lionhead still in QT until Sunday: And last but not least.... here's my yet-to-be-named baby black ranchu! He's in a rubbermaid tub so the pics aren't great Hopefully once I switch him over to Clarence's tank on Sunday I'll be able to get better pics. Thanks for watching guys! Name ideas for the baby?????
  8. Hello I’m Anthony James, 15 years old, major animal lover, I have four goldfish which were bought over 4 years ago, originally kept as class pets but for the past 3 years have been kept in my care, we are still amazed they are alive , They live in a tank with a filter and heater along with one black moor, an angel fish and pink tetra all over 2 years. The heater is kept at constant temperature of 26 °C (Is this alright?) for the last two years. I wanted to start a tropical fish tank, so do you have any advice on: 1) Best starter fish. 2) Best Equipment 3) Best Aquarium Size 4) Best flooring, ornaments and plants (live and plastic) I wanted a hardscape similar to this click , I was going to sell my fish tank and but two smaller ones one cold water and one tropical so how many gallons should they be and is the hardscape design suitable for both? Thanks a lot, So any tips and advice and do you recommend it? My tank:
  9. Hi, My 2 Ryukins. Appx 3 inches long. Have had them for a year in a 20 gallon long. Pictures were taken a few months ago. Now have them in a 29 gallon tank. Thank you for looking.
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