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Found 7 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for what I can do to reduce nitrates in my tank. They're not alarmingly high and the fish seem unaffected, but ever since I introduced two new fish into my 55gal (for a total of 3 adult goldfish, 5", 6" and 7" (all standard length), maintaining low nitrates has been a bit of a struggle (as I sort of expected; originally I only planned to get one new fish, but then the shelter I got the first fish from asked me to take the second too). I have a 55gal with a 565gph Sunsun canister filter and a fluval aquaclear 50. My maintenance routine is a 90% WC and gravel vacuuming every 5 days + thoroughly cleaning the canister filter with tank water every third WC (15 days). I feed the fish twice a day, hikari staple in the morning and some kind of veggie in the evening. Right before my water change on day five my nitrates have been reading from 30-40, which I know is not deadly but not ideal either. I'd prefer not to have to change the water more than every 5 days because I love fish-keeping and don't want it to become a burden. I was thinking about adding more plants, but want to keep the tank bare-bottom and have never been able to keep a potted plant alive because my fish have devoured them in the past (swords, crypts, elodea and hygrophila). Currently I have two types of anubias and a trident java fern tied to driftwood in the tank that have avoided being eaten (you can see them in my signature below). I'm curious about what those of you who also have fully stocked tanks do to keep your nitrates in check.
  2. So I just finished cycling my new tank and have added my fish, and I'm watching my water parameters like a hawk. Ammonia & nitrites are at 0, but nitrates are between 5-10 ppm. Should I do a big water change? At what point do nitrates become dangerous?
  3. This thing is amazing. My nitrates were always in the 40-80 range (I can't tell the difference between those two colors on the chart to save my life, can anyone tell them apart??) before my weekly 80% water change. I've had a lot of problems recently with floaty fish and just other general health issues, and figured my high nitrates might have something to do with it. So I started looking online for products to reduce nitrates. Everything from $300 nitrate filters to $150 reactor setups, to this product: http://www.amazon.com/Deep-Blue-Professional-ADB41005-Nitrate/dp/B004HSUO20/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8 It's a big blue filter pad, and I was skeptical that it would actually do anything, despite all the positive reviews. But I figured I should try it before I started spending $100's on fancy reactor systems. I cut it so that it fits in my AC 500, and conveniently enough it now takes up the exact same space as the sponge that comes with the filter, so that was a plus. I tested my nitrates before I did my water change and added this thing, and they were at their usual 40-80 ppm. I'm on week three now, just tested my water before my water change, and my nitrates are at 5 ppm. Five. :| And I wouldn't be surprised if they're at zero when I test it next week. This is the best thing that has ever happened to my tank, I can't recommend it enough. GO BUY ONE RIGHT NOW.
  4. Hi, this is the begining of my journey, I had a 10 gal at home (my main tank) that used to house a betta and some neons, cycled and everything was good for a year, then the neons started bulling the betta and so he had to move to my 5 gal. tank (he is totally happy there) so I was rooming around and so I got my hands in a ranchu, put the neons in another tank(they are much better in there) and left the ranchu all in the 10 gal tank, kept investigating and so I upgraded to a 20 long but 2 weeks before I set up the tank I cleaned the 10 gal tank loosing my cycle (I changed from a wall filter to an sponge filter) so I was doing 70% water change morning and 50% water change at night, I never let the ammonia to build more than 0.50ppm and the nitrates never more than 20ppm that was for 2 weeks then I set up the 20 long so I put the sponge filter into the new tank with the old tank water (I have no decor in the tank) and my ranchu in it, so kept doing the same thing for a week it was still pretty much the same then I put 2 little anubias and a lilly(top plant) in the tank, my ammonia(1.0ppm) started rising with the nitrate(40ppm) so I figured it was because the sponge could not be enough for the bb to colonize so I put the ceramic media, from a brand new aqua clear 70 (got it for when s/he will get older), into the tank then 3 days later I got my ammonia at 1.0 and nitrate at 20 so I did 80% water change; then the next day I did testing and it was ammonia:0.25 nitrate:20 there is no way that they will rise so much in only 24 hours(I then installed the aqua clear 70 hoping that the extra sponge could only help; I figured out a way for the dropping of the water not to make a current, so far so good extra sponges are never too bad right?). then the next day the ammonia:0.50 and nitrate:40 did a 7 gal water change then 2 days after it got again to this point where I did again the 7 gal water change; then the next day I got ammonia:0.25 nitrate:10 and I noticed that my ranchu was trying to eat some clear stuff from the anubias(I stopped feeding so much as s/he had trailing poop) so I took them out and proceeded to take some ceramic media from my 5 gal tank and placed it in the aqua clear ; 24 hours later I did a water test and got ammonia:0.50 nitrate:40 this time I did not do the water change and then 24 hours later I did a water test and got ammonia:1.0 nitrate:40 so I did a 90% water change(today). API water test kit with a reading of: PH:7.6 HPH:7.4 Ammonia:0.25-1.0ppm Nitrite:0 (glorious number never changes) Nitrate:5.0-40ppm when the water gets to the highest I will do water change(this week only) but before that I was doing two times a day. tap water will give me a reading of 0 in all of them and then the PH and HPH will be the same numbers not quite the same deep color but not light/dark enough to change into another number. I am well going into my 5th week of this cycling process so I am getting to the point where I am asking myself what else to do, shall I get some new plants? plastic ones ofcourse cuz I am done with the live ones(rehome them into glass containers in my window sill and to my surprise the anubias are pulling out new growth, I figure not enough lighting for them to be of much help in the tank since they are little ones still.) I am not putting any gravel (I did graduated from gravel a long time ago) what else can I do??? thank you for your help this is as much info I can give without being too extent and yet I feel I have given you the story of my life... LOL... so once again sorry and thank you.!
  5. Hi. I just did a water test and things are screwy! I don't know what happened but last time I tested things were great (a week ago?) I don't recall what those results were but I have these now... PH: 8.0 Ammonia: 0.50ppm Nitrite: 2.0ppm Nitrate: 15ppm Don't have the right kind of test to know KH or GH. Tap water: PH: 7.5 ish Ammonia: 0.25ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate:0ppm Anyway... what should I do to fix it? I heard this is the goal... PH: 7-8 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 12 ppm KH: 70-120 ppm GH: 200-400 ppm Anyway. Thanks
  6. Hello All! I'm new here and I've been keeping goldfish for about 3 years. Recently, I moved and had to transfer my tank to my new home - my setup is a 37 gallon tank with Penguin 250 filter (200 gph and i'm upgrading it this week). I have two Ryukin goldfish, one is 8 inches long and the other is 6 inches long. I only have about 30 pounds of sand and about seven large rocks. I understand that the rocks affect the water chemistry and they were tested and boiled before being placed in the tank. The tank was also set up with 1/2 old water and 1/2 purified water from my local fish store. My problem is this, the pH is very acidic, almost 6.2, my alkalinity is extremely low and my nitrates are pretty high. I added java moss to help the alkalinity. I know I'm not the only person who keeps rocks in their tank so is there anything special I should be doing? Thanks for all the help!
  7. Hi everyone, I am using the API Feshwater Master kit so far. It is good to get a general impression, however the nitrate reading is very hard to read. Personally, I have a big difficulty to see the differences between 10 an 20 ppm or 40 and 80 ppm. What are better kits for more exact measures for nitrates? Any hints? You wonder why I need this? Its because I want to calculate nitrate build up and clearance parameters for my aquaponics project. Thank you, Sina
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