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  1. OKAY so my name is Taryn and I used to be a member of Koko's when I was in the 6th grade. This was the first forum I ever joined, and I learned so much. I found the best hobby and amazing people. Well, now that I am an (almost) independent adult about to move out of the dorms and into an apartment, I can start keeping goldfish again! I'm so excited, there's so much to re-learn! And I know I came to the right place to do that I'd love for recommendations on tanks and filters and everything else that goes into this! I'm leaning towards a cheap 30 gal breeder for 1 Oranda (they have and always will be my favorites!). Anyways, I'm so excited to be back and start posting! side note on my username: It's an anagram of my first and last names
  2. Hi! My name is Jordan and i am a 17 year old who has kept goldfish my entire life. I currently have two fantail goldfish named Kellin and Victor even though i am pretty sure Victor is a female haha! They are in a 29 gallon tank together along with a centrepiece of fake wood with java ferns attached. I have big plans with them and maybe some more goldfish you can find pictures of my goldfish along with my other pets on my instagram https://instagram.com/goldbettapig
  3. Hi all, I'm excited to join this forum, since my real-world friends think I'm crazy for liking goldfish. I'm a poor graduate student who has been keeping goldfish for 7 years after rescuing a fish from my boyfriend, who seemed completely content to do fish-in cycles (he didn't know what a cycle was, admittedly) and told me that "fish just die sometimes" when I expressed concern about 3 out of 4 juveniles dying within a month of living in a new 10-gallon tank. So I started doing research and fell for Queenie, my first fish. This is sad, but she just died a couple of days ago. I suppose I also joined the forum since other people don't understand why I am upset about losing her. In the last 2 years of her life she had had some health problems due to power outages killing my biofilter (Hurricane Sandy left me without power for a week and the water got down to 50 degrees). Then, I had to totally recycle the tank AGAIN after some live plants led to a columnaris breakout. She was a fighter and a beautiful white fantail, and I miss her very much. Her friend, Duchess, is currently living alone in my 29-gallon tank. She is 5.5 years old and seems healthy. She is also white with a few orange spots on her body and tail. She has been spending the past few days looking around the tank for Queenie, and then looking at me, and then circling around again. I've added new plants to the tank with the hope that they will keep her busy eventually. I am planning to get D a new friend soon, since I don't know how long goldfish will be happy living alone. I don't want her to become even more stressed with loneliness. Sorry for the melancholy elements of this post, but I am grateful to have found the forum.
  4. Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Makes me so feel welcomed. I fell in love with Fancy Godfish late last year and I've been researching and planning for months now to reduce the amount of freak outs when I finally get my own fish to fawn over. I love to be outside so I'm beginning with a 35 gallon preformed pond that I'm putting on my balcony. I'll be posting pics and videos of my progress so PLEASE share with me any tips or advice along the way. I live in San Pedro, California where the Los Angeles Port is. We have a lot of tropical fish enthusiasts out here but not a lot of gold fish lovers so if you're from Cali please say hello! Much love! Danielle
  5. Hello all ! I've been a long time lurker of kokos, now turned member (hooray )... Of course, being quite shy, I never made an account (shame on me!). I have kept goldfish throughout most of my teenage years and this forum was my number one resource Although (I am sad to say), for the last three years I have been fishless- with the exception of a betta fish named malachi. I had three fancy goldfish that I was incredibly attached to growing up, and was heart broken when they all eventually passed of old age ... I was never allowed to keep pets (other than fish) in my previous living situation, so those three little chubbers were, to me, the equivalent of having a dog or a cat. They were just so darn cute and always kept me smiling. I adored watching them and learning all I could so that I could better enrich their daily lives. In retrospect I'm sure it would have been more tolerable for my parents to have gotten me a dog, as opposed to having a 70 gallon aquarium in their living room lol! To this day my father still talks about how loud it was, and how neurotic I was about water changes hahahaha But after I lost them, I didn't think I'd ever be up to getting any more fish... However, I have recently caught the goldfish bug (finally!) and, with some encouragement on the part of my boyfriend, I think I am ready to dive back into the world of goldfish ownership! So, naturally I went out to my local Petco and picked up a nice 20 gallon long at their dollar per gallon sale (it seemed like a good starting point....i'm sure i'll be kicking myself for not going bigger lol) and a marineland 200gph hob filter. I have since added a thin layer of sand substrate, a soft fake plant and 5 tetras to help me with the cycling process.... I've been referring to them as my 'five guys', it's so cute how they dart around in on collective posse. Not nearly as friendly as goldies though After the tank gets through it's initial cycle they will be relocated to my bf's tropical tank no harm done (I hope)... And thennnnnn I can finally get to finding a goldie !!! the 'five guys' in all their fishie glory Anywho, just thought I'd drop a line and say hi to all of yee. Hopefully some time in mid-February my tank will be ready to take on a goldie (depending how the cycle goes) !! I've spent the last week avoiding college assignments and drooling over D.O and goldfishnet auction fish lol ....Also, I've been thinking about taking the filter media from my established betta tank and popping it in the hob on the 20 gallon....do you think that will speed up the cycling process at all? Any suggestions would be much apreciated ! I'm a bit rusty as far as goldie keeping goes, hopefully you guys can get me up to par before I go in search of my new addition!! Oh! And here's pic of my shih tzu, Moose, browsing the interwebs Not sure how he feels about all the fuss over the new aquarium, he does like to put his nose up the glass and watch the tetras though... I'll have to snag a photo of that too !
  6. Hello from NVA! About me, I am in my second year of college, an art major going into tattooing. I love to draw, art is my passion. I dapple a little in photography and graphic design. I love to be outside, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, exploring. I love animals. I like to learn about cars and do my best to do repairs by myself (not a typical girl activity lol) I like furniture and design. I love to cook, I have a serious sweet tooth (red velvet brownies with white chocolate anyone?? ) I love my pets, Bama my 6 year old black cat who I've had since she was a baby...Cream sickle, Freckles, Florida and Hercules my fat fantail goldies and multiple drooling dogs. I try to learn as much as I can about my animals. Which is why I'm here! After my mom set up a 100gallon saltwater tank I really became inspired and realized how much I love to watch fish and so, About my goldies: I adopted them from petsmart about 6 months ago, not really knowing what I was getting myself in to (very expensive...) Started off with freckles, a cory cat (Sh*teater) and a black moor (RIP shaniqua) in a 10 gallon starter. Realized almost immediately they weren't happy, I didn't know what I was doing with filtration or anything and so I started to google. Stumbled upon Koko's and decided to research and make some changes. Discovered how to cycle my tank, and took out some decorations, but it was too late for poor shaniqua who passed away soon after I got him.. I continued with the changes, replaced the gravel with bare bottom, bought an aquaclear filter and began to look for a larger tank on craigslist. Found a 45 gal (or so they said...) tank decently priced, went and got three more fantails but found out later, no, it was not what they advertised and I had a huge algae bloom taking over my tank. And to top it off my fish were still unhappy! And so this leads me to my current set up, my 4 fantails in a 50gal tank (thank you aquarium volume calculators, this one is actually 50gal!) I have an aquaclear 110 HOB filter, looking into getting an additional canister filter (maybe when I am not as broke!) black moonsand substrate with a few moss balls and Turbo the snail (I rehomed sh*teater, my cory cat to a friend's warmer, tropical tank as he was pretty chilly in my basement tank) My next step is probably going to be adding some live plants to the tank so I've been getting some info for that on here. My boyfriend actually got me a python water changer for my birthday so no more buckets!!! Meanwhile, my goldies are having a growth spurt, they are about 3-4'' long due to their diet of Hikari food, they go crazy for bloodworms (am I the only one who's grossed out by those?? HA) and occasional fresh veggies. They are happy fish and I really enjoy them. They have such a personality and are just so cute. My cat also enjoys them although I'm sure she's just plotting to eat them...ha ha. Anyway so thats me! Sorry for such a long post. I'll try and put some photos up when I get the chance!
  7. Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the hobby but I'm not completely new, still there is much to learn I have two goldfish, 1 blackmoor and 1 orange/red oranda. They are in a 20gallon bare bottom tank at the moment, not for long though so don't worry ? , they will be in at least a 40 gallon hopefully soon.
  8. Hello- I am from Missouri, USA. I too have a little zoo. I have kept angel fish, lots of cichlids, australian rainbows, 2 stingrays from the Amazon and lots of tropical community fish over the last 15 yrs. However, I just caught the goldfish bug... I'm addicted. I just traded in my Tanganikan cichlids to free up my 29 gal tank. I have a 2in calico ryukin(Flipper) and a 1.5 in orange with black dorsal fin and black tail (Mr. T). I just sucked out all the sand and have anubias, moss ball and crypt in a bare bottom tank. I plan to get a bubbler this weekend after work. I'm looking forward to learning a lot and meeting many new folks. Flipper
  9. Okay i am a new member with a growing love and passion for this hobby i recently introduced one of my soldiers to my fish and he also shares the passion so now its like our thing we also brought along another person but, being that we have salt water tanks my friend wants to start a saltwater tank but doesnt know where to start any advice would be great! Here are his thoughts on this subject, he doesnt know if its easier to maintain a 30g vs a 55g, or can he actually use salt water from the ocean and sand from the ocean, and what are the important pieces of equipment that he will need. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance for your answers.
  10. So ive been impatiently waiting for my package that i ordered last week on the 21 which i mentioned on another thread, been tracking it everyday at least 5 times a day on the usps website lol now its finally here! So everyone is tracking i ordered the gh/hk test kit, saki hikari color enhancing pellet food, and the soilent green repashy. i am super excited to make the repashy for my little guys and see how they like it. i also cant wait to know the hardness of my water and see what i need to do to control and keep my parameters stable. And last but not least my sister in law bought me a new light fixture as a early birthday present its an awesome light it has like a million led's lol. its the finnex ray 2 if i can recall correctly its an awesome light and it really makes my tank stand out. I will post pictures after i get back from picking up my son i got an extra day off from work so i thought id surprise my son at the bus stop.
  11. So I'm Charly's (LovelyChaos) boyfriend I figured that since I finally have a fish to call my own, I would create an account on here so I could learn to do fish stuff! Charly's been trying to get me to learn more about goldfish and to be more involved. Since I chose to adopt a very special little fishy, It seemed like a great time to start. Right now I just have little princess Ruto, or if it turns out being a boy, prince komali. She is missing a gill plate so I can see her gill flesh slightly. I first saw her in a Petco about 3 weeks ago, we saw that she was missing a gill plate and charly explained to me that sometimes fish like this get shipped out because breeders don't catch it. Sometimes they might get culled when they have certain deformities. We went back to that same Petco yesterday, Charly wanted a pearlscale and got peaches. I had the urge to get my own fish and saw that Ruto was still there. I saw plenty of other pretty fish that were catching my eye, but I wanted to give Ruto a good home, I didn't think anyone would take her and I didn't want her getting stuck at the Petco :/ So now I've got my own fishy, I want to learn to care for her. I know that she needs harder water and really oxygenated water to help her breathe with her damaged gill. We're going to be getting a tank from my mother and peaches and Ruto will live there in six weeks. They are currently in quarantine but we noticed that in the tanks they were in at Petco there were other fish but they looked sick. And I've already made my first mistake and they will be in quarantine longer now sorry Ruto and peaches. I didn't think that having them bagged separately was a big deal and so when I put Ruto into the quarantine, I dumped her water in too. :/ so please help me learn so I don't make any more mistakes. Charly is with me every step but it's always nice not to have to rely on her, so if she's ever not here I can still do well I'm excited to get to know you guys, she is always sharing funny stories about her fellow Koko-nuts. I've seen how helpful and nice you guys are, especially when I saw how you guys helped her calm down after Tui was hurt and gave her instructions on how to help Tui get better. It was sad to see her hurting and scary because I didn't know what was happening and I didn't know how I could help. I was relieved when she told me that Tui was going to be able to live after that, and I knew that I wanted to help her protect her fish and keep them healthy. They mean a lot to her, and now I know what it feels like to want to keep my own fish happy and healthy Without further ado, here's Ruto and Peaches. With a capital P for once (They are only in the vase for pictures, otherwise they live in a 20 gallon sterilite container for now) Nice to meet you all!
  12. Bonjour everyone, I'm Celine, 29yo from France and happy to be joining Koko ! I'm picking up my babies tonight and I couldn't be more excited ! I've been lurking a lot for the past two weeks, setting up my tank and everything : Koko is a goldmine for infos ! Thank you ! Looking forward to get to know you all !
  13. Hello, I am new to this forum and love how helpful it is I recently took three orandas from a neighbor and friend of my wife who had them in a five gallon tank with dirty filthy water also no running filter. My wife informed me that she had many more goldfish in that 5 gallon tank but many had died except for those three, I am no fish expert or lover but somehow I got forced into bringing them home with me. Long story short not knowing anything about this issue I bought a 10g starter kit from petco I thought the fish where living large in this small 10g two of the orandas where. About 2-3'' and a small one with what seemed to be permanent SBD, wife told me he had been this way for as long as she could remember sadly be didn't make it. I got a little bit more knowledge from tithra YouTube channel so I went and bought a 55g home for them and a telescope to take the place of my little fallen soldier. They are so much happier and thank to tithra, koko's and this beautiful hobby my fish are happier, I am learning everything I need to know for my fish well being and it has proven to be very therapeutic for me being that I have horrible anxiety issues among other things. My wife always tells me that I saved there lives but I really think that they saved me. In short I very eager to provide our new members of the family the very best. Also running a ac110 and ac70 for now
  14. Hiii:) I recently made my koko's account but have been lurking for a little while now. Google has brought me here when I had a few questions about things, also people on Youtube have brought me here. I'm new at fish keeping so I'm still learning but i've had Bear(calico fantail) and Zora(common fantail) for almost two months now:) Eventually I plan on posting pictures of them and of my tank setup but right now I'm trying to go bare bottom so it doesn't look that great So far everyone seems to be kind and very helpful and I can't wait to learn more from you guys.
  15. hello,I hope I'm doing this right ..found this forum thru watching some videos on goldfish on You Tube..and then read alot of the good info on goldfish care and health.. I have been interested in goldfish since I was 8 ..we lived in California and moved to a apt. complex that was run by a Chinese family and in the court yard was a goldfish pond and well ,it was love at first sight ! There were Black Moors and lots of orange and white Fantails..the Moors were my favorite...eventually we moved ..but the goldfish left a big impression on me... I didn't have my own goldfish til I was a adult and married...then our house burnt down and many years went by til this past winter I finally started looking online at goldfish that I began to buy goldfish online...then it just snowballed! Now have a 55 gallon tank with 12 goldfish..2 Black Moors, 2 calico Orandas, 2 red cap Orandas, 1 calico Ryukin,1 orange Oranda,3 red and white Orandas and bought most of them from Pet Solutions.com and 3 from liveaquaria.com. I will be getting a second 55 gallon tank in a couple months and divide up the goldfish between the 2 tanks. Then kept looking at a site called Rain Gardens.com in Hawaii that raise their own fancy goldfish and splurged and bought 2 Broadtails for my birthday. Yes, too many goldfish, but have Rena canister filters, I change water twice a week and do my water test often and the goldfish are doing great.. It's all Tithra on You Tube faults! ha! She had such pretty goldfish and she had bought her fish from Rain Gardens so had to check them out and was too fabulous to resist! I also have 2 tropical tanks with lovely golden marble veiltail Angels[which I really like!], Neon Tetras,snails and Cory Cats and lots of live plants ..my tanks are a a Fluval Edge 12 gallon and a 12 gallon Eclipse bowfront with live plants,Glass fish,and Platys plus snails, a Pleco and Pictus. those 2 fish I regret buying..so will return them to the store and trade them for a Betta or more Tetras.. I bought all my plants on ebay and was super happy with! Also bought several books on goldfish and even a paper lantern with a fancy goldfish on it, a tiny Doll size Tea-set with goldfish on them and some neat printed collage napkins and a few postcard with goldfish themes from ebay..yeah, I kind of go overboard sometimes.. Anyways, I'm a artist and designer for a company and work at home and enjoy the aquariums very much!
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