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Found 2 results

  1. I have not posted for a long time. I lost heart when despite my best efforts with a huge tank, major filtration, regular huge water changes, and expensive menus of imported gel foods. I could not keep my goldfish healthy for long periods of time. I eventually lost all the fish and decided to give up and converted the tank into a tropical fish tank. After about 4 months I was at my favourite aquarium shop when I saw two baby Ranchu I just had to have. I bought them and kept them in a 55 litre bowl so I could quarantine them. I do a half water change everyday - easy to do as they are near a bathroom and I use a large gauge tube to take the water away to a floor drain, when I use a gravel cleaner to remove the waste and water. I also started feeding these fish on live Black Worms (these are cultured here in Australia so are a clean safe food source) I also feed them Duck Weed I cultivate in other aquariums and a garden pond. I mix this up with garden peas I have made into a gel food. The result is the two fish are incredibly healthy and I have kept them in the 55 litre bowl. All those who are feeling judgemental about the bowl I realise my fish will outgrow this bowl and I plan to move them to a bigger aquarium - but I will keep the water changes going every second day and the same diet. It is working for me after about 4 months - with no sick or off days for either fish. An interesting aside: I have a book translated from Chinese on goldfish care and this is how goldfish are traditionally kept there. I am not against filtration, etc. I just thought some one might be interested in my chance discovery. The bowl has a magnifying effect the fish are much smaller than they appear here.
  2. Here recently my goldfish past away So, I took a break from keeping goldfish, but I just now wanted to get back into keeping them so I went online to my favorite place to order good quality goldfish (River Garden Nursery). I ended up ordering a ryukin from them and will be shipped to me Monday morning and I have had this 20 gallon long aquarium set up with a sun set 600 filter and was wondering if that would be suitable for a quarantine tank for a few months so I can collect money to buy a bigger one? Please help me out I want to do right with this new little guy I'm getting.. (By the way the goldfish is pretty young and is only 4 inches from head the the start of the tail.)