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Found 4 results

  1. My husband brought me home 2 anubias, 3 ghost shrimp and a Nerite snail, as a surprise. I've never had shrimp before, and the only experience I have with snails was about ten years ago when someone gave me a tank, and there were hundreds of tiny dark snails everywhere in it. I plan to put them in with my two ranchu's. The tank is a 36G, has the two GF (both about 1 inch long), two anubias, and two crypts. How long do I need to quarantine the shrimp and snails? They are in a 1G tank with the new anubias plants at the moment. I read that shrimp like to have a very planty environment with a hidey-space. I have a cave in the the 36G that I was thinking about possibly just putting the anubias plants in front of the two entrances? That way the shrimp could make that their home. Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  2. I have 3 ghost shrimp in with my 5 goldies, 2 females with eggs and 1 male. The females' eggs are black and unfertilized. I don't want them to become eggbound. Will they be fine if they don't lay?
  3. I went to petsmart and bought 2 ghost shrimp. I don't really know anything about them so can you please answer my questions? Here they are- What do they eat? Housing needs- Is 2 enough?- Any special care?- Tank Temp.?- Are they compatible with my female guppy?- Thanks!
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