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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings fellow Kokonuts, Recently, I noticed that there has been a lot of arguing in the D&D thread, with not much moving forward as the result of such arguments. What DID happen was that we would then get pages to slog through, which can be very frustrating, not to mention unhelpful. I would like to remind everyone of the following: - please respect it when mods/helpers/senior members are helping in the thread. They are helping to coordinate things. Please do NOT make medication recommendations before getting all information, and it's best to wait for someone from the mod team. If help is not coming fast enough, use the report button, and admin will make sure it gets answered ASAP. - once someone has asked for vital information, let's not inundate the OP with the same requests multiple times. It can be annoying at best and very off-putting at worst. Remember that we want to help, not to make everything look so daunting/intimidating that people just give up before they start. - D&D threads are NOT places to argue about things. - D&D threads really should be kept as trim and concise as possible, so that the OP and those helping can actually quickly read through it. Well wishes are of course welcome, and encouraged. Thank you for your help, and attention, to this matter. I hope your summer/winters are all going splendidly!
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