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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there ya all! This may come as very dumb question but still I have to ask. Explanation comes frist though. I want to add some more bags of crushed coral to my hob filter and already have a bag that was left when I took apart my tropical aquarium. There I used it as gravel to cover the bottom. The one that I didn't I use I have converted in filter media. So the question is: can I use the coral that has been in my tropical tank or this is a bad idea and I should by new one? Should I boil it to sterilize it and be able to reuse it?
  2. To all of those who have posted before me: I feel for you and I am very sorry for your losses. I thought I would share 2 of my horror stories. When I was 12 I started a fish tank with 2 Rainbow tetras. It was a 10 gallon tank with plenty of room to spare. My pink tetras name was Trixy and my Blue tetras name was Joshua. They were very active and although they were not in a school they followed each other around the tank all day. One day, my uncle came to visit from Florida. He bright a piece of coral that he got from the ocean. I decided it was perfect for my fish tank. I soaked in in Clorox for one day and then hot water the next. Afterward, I put it in my tank. Within a week, the coral had sprouted these weird growths. At the time, all I thought was: COOL! I had no idea what I was doing. One day during the next week, I woke up to my blue tetra floating at the top of the tank with some weird bubbly growth coming from his side. I quickly removed the coral because I then suspected it was the problem. I tried nursing Joshua back to health with some melafix and primafix but he died only 3 days later. I decided to take Trixy out of the tank and move her into a 1 gallon with an under-gravel filter. She lasted only a month before she sprouted the same symptoms and also passed. I was very upset and decided to give up the hobby for a while. (This tank lasted about 3 years ^) My second horror story occurred this past July to a betta tank I had been keeping for 2 years. His name was Azul. He also had his very own 10 gallon tank which he was very happy and active in. Azul loved swimming through his hollow log and also really enjoyed music. (He would swim quickly around his long and plants when I played it. Anyways, just a few weeks before I was to leave for college, my niece accidently poured his whole bottle of food into his tank. The problem was that I wasn't home that day so I couldn't have cleaned it out for Azul. The next day I found him on the hood of his tank. It was so depressing because he had never tried to jump before, even when I didn't have a hood for his tank. I'm not sure why he did, but I can imagine I wouldn't want to be asphyxiated by food either. Since then I have moved out of my parents house and have been researching for safer Aquarium keeping. I have decided to go with goldfish and am confident in doing a better job at keeping them safe and happy and not making my previous mistakes. I'm also excited to have Kokos as a source just in case I run into any bumps along the way. :-)
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