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Found 7 results

  1. I've got apple snail babies. I didn't want them, but I've got them! I thought I was doing a good job of clearing the clutches of eggs (there are many of these) but apparently I missed a few—five to be exact. I really don't know how they made it this far, but they seem to be doing great, and they are growing fast. Now I really do have to get that second 55g started so I have a place to put them all! I guess I could have gotten rid of them, but they are too cute. Thanks for looking!
  2. Having finally got around to joining a fish owners forum, I wanted to say 'hi!' to everyone. We own three lovely fat blackmoors, our eldest (and smallest) Sado, is coming up a year old next month,with the younger two, Noodles and Splodge turning one in August. They live in our main tank with our apple snail Franklyn. We have two tanks, our main one is 180 litres (about 40 gallon) and a small hospital tank at 112 litres (about 25 gallon) for treatment of infections. We cycled our tank without inhabitants, which took about a month (though it seemed like decades!) before we bought Sado and his original mate Macey. Sadly Macey had swimbladder problems and when he finally stopped eating in August, we took him to the vet to say goodbye. This lead to us buying Noodles, Splodge and Franklyn. Since then, the fish and snail seem to have been happy and healthy, aside from the odd fleeting cotton-ball infection. Hi everyone!
  3. am I the only one that names snails ? I have a big gold apple snail..I call him Pierre, and the small apples and small nerites are all Gary........since you can't really tell them apart......................
  4. Ok I am thinking of getting 1 snail just because they look like lots of fun I can't decided though should I get a Nerite snail or a Apple snail. I do have slight of a problem with brown algae than green so I know a Nerite would be better for that but I like the size of Apple snails. I am sure I would be happy with either but it is soooo hard to choose. I guess I need help with pos and cons and what are some differences. I don't know much about snails so I need help my ph is also on the high side of 8.2 so I don't know how they would do in that too. Thank You much
  5. So, when I went to wally world tonight I of course had to torture myself by looking at their sad sad goldie tanks, but they had a tank full of big snails... I don't know if you can tell by the video, I should've held by hand up, but one was about the size of a ping pong ball. The look like apple snails, they had the little breathing tube and shell shape etc. I realllly wanted to get some, but I have nowhere to put them and I am scared to put anything from that walmart in my tank even after QT honestly. But they were really cool! (sorry for the bad video, I always forget to turn my phone the right way!) <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/TwO7ra3IoXg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. Ferg is just so entertaining! Whenever I am in the kitchen he is up to something crazy! This was him this morning! Totally hyper and insane! Check out the extreme jump! lol! Even Sitting Bull thinks he sometimes exaggerates!
  7. I present you fabulous Fergusson!!! His name was inspired by his blonde, freckled looks lol! I got him today and he is just super cute! I always wanted an apple snail since seeing Helen's Frankie! And this is his tank mate
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