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Found 27 results

  1. @Hidr Congrats What a great photo 3.Hidr“JellyBean”
  2. Congrats to "Hidr" What a great looking fish 2.Hidr“Luna my white Oranda”
  3. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! "Hidr" WOOOT! 1.Hidr “My blue Oranda, Luke.”
  4. Congratulations, Angie! What a fantastic photo! :D :nana :Congrats: :Congrats:
  5. Congratulations Angie and Rob! What fantastic photos. :D :nana :congrats: :congrats: Hidr HomerJay
  6. What an adorable photo, Angie! Congratulations!! :D :nana :congrats: :congrats:
  7. What an adorable photo, Angie! Congratulations!!!! :D :nana :congrats: :congrats:
  8. Please join me in congratulating this week's winners, Angie and Lisa. :congrats: :congrats: Hidr fantailfan1
  9. We have a tie this week! Please join me in congratulating our winners, Calamity and Angie, and their super adorable pets! :nana :nana :congrats: :congrats: Calamity Hidr
  10. Please join me in congratulating this week's winner, Angie, and her adorable guinea pigs!!! :congrats: :congrats:
  11. WOOOT!! Congrats "Hidr" 1.Hidr “I have had this guy for a couple years. Maybe I should give him a name”
  12. Please join me in congratulating this week's winner, Angie, and her adorable little hamster! :nana :Congrats: :Congrats:
  13. Lets congrats Hidr WOOOT!! great job hun 1.Hidr “This is Sparky. He lives in the planted 5 gallon tank.”
  14. WOOOT Congrats goes to "Hidr"... What a great shot hun 1.Hidr “SMILE”
  15. We have a draw this week! Please join me in congratulating Angie and her adorable peanut munching parrot, and Shahbazin and her gorgeous pup. :nana :Congrats: :Congrats: Hidr Shahbazin
  16. Congrats to "Hidr" What a great shot.... I just love those crabs 1.Hidr “Emerald Crab eating a meal.” http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j268/Kolkri/Contest/001_zpsquycw62y.jpg
  17. Congrats "Mikey" Great Photo 3.Mikey “And dis is my new plant! ” http://i1275.photobucket.com/albums/y459/mikeydude319/489D1991-CF75-4C28-B117-F7626C7AFC4E_zpsljx6cvor.jpg Congrats "Hidr" So sorry didnt see the Tie 7.Hidr “"You well NEVER get a good picture of me. NEVER!"” http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j268/Kolkri/Contest/280_zpsba33ac7a.jpg
  18. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/119922-happy-new-years-raffle-subscribers-only/?p=1853367
  19. Please join me in congratulating Angie and Dawn for their win in the inaugural any animal edition of KOTW! Where were these fabulous photos taken? :Congrats: :Congrats: :Congrats: Heidi030 Hidr
  20. Congrats hun tell us about this fish http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j268/Kolkri/Fish/Greedywillow008_zps6fda3e3e.jpg
  21. :Congrats: :Congrats: It is my great pleasure to announce that the winner of this week's Koko's Kritter of the Week Poll is Hidr! Tell us more about the beautiful kitten in this picture, Angie!
  22. Congrats hun, what a beautiful tank tell us about it, set up and such http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j268/Kolkri/Tanks/tanks021-1.jpg
  23. :Congrats: :Congrats: This week's Kritter of the Week Winner is Hidr, with Kia when she was a pup Please tell us more about your beautiful subject!
  24. koko


    congrats hun what a great looking tank. Tell us about this tank
  25. koko


    Congrats hun great shot tell us about this cutie