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Found 9 results

  1. Hello lovely members of Koko's. My name is Whiskers but a less silly name you may call me is Roni. I am currently a nineteen year old college student who got more seriously into Goldfish keeping about eight months ago. As my title states, I am living in Wisconsin. Right now I have two goldfish, a fancy/Ryukin baby named Candy Corn who's about a year old and a little Oranda named Jelly Bean who's going to be a year or so soon. After my tank upgrade both started to pack on weight so hopefully they keep on growing! Unfortunately I'm still in an undersized tank (20g) due to college restrictions, but according to Aquadvisor my dual filter set up and semi-frequent water changes are keeping them nice and healthy! Can't wait to get my own apartment and go a little fish crazy. Now for some pictures! A thread isn't complete without pictures. This is the fish in a bowl that started it all. We all have that little guilty intro-to-fishkeeping memory right? His name was Stark and was a birthday gift to me. He was followed by Ugly once he died, but when Uggs died as well, Candy Corn took his place. That is the start of where we are today! This is Candy Corn the Fantail/Ryukin. He's crazy in love with attention and people. Mostly food, but even once he's full he'll still try and attract my attention by any means possible. Also loves hands to bits and will play tag with me sometimes. Last I weighed him he was 31 grams - over half of that was in the last two months! This is Jelly Bean, aka "Little Bean" the Oranda. I thought some of Candy Corn's erratic behavior was because he was stressed and needed a friend, so I pushed the limits of my tank to take in this girl with a bum rudder. (She's missing half of one of her tail fins.) Turns out Candy Corn is still a little nutter, now just with a girlfriend following him everywhere. Side view of my tank since I don't have any good head on ones. Since removed two of the little flower pots and took the gravel out of the remaining small one. Otherwise it's bare bottom with some glass rocks. Black background and floor. Looks pretty slick when it's clean if I may say so! Little Bean has had a small spurt since this photo so now she's not as dwarfed by two inch flower pots. Candy Corn is still much bigger though.
  2. Hi everyone! I've been lurking on the forum for a while now, excited to finally post. I've been keeping fish for around eight years or so, and currently own a 55 gallon tropical community, and a 20 gallon goldfish tank that will hopefully soon be upgraded to a forty. My girlfriend and I share the goldfish, but they live with me, and I believe are a calico lionhead (Artemisia or "Artie" for short) and a red and white ryukin, Little Vincent (or could just be a higher bodied fantail). I also have three leopard geckos and a cat. All the critters are spoiled rotten, and I just inquired about a 40 gallon cube I saw on craigslist for the goldies, so keep your fingers crossed
  3. Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Makes me so feel welcomed. I fell in love with Fancy Godfish late last year and I've been researching and planning for months now to reduce the amount of freak outs when I finally get my own fish to fawn over. I love to be outside so I'm beginning with a 35 gallon preformed pond that I'm putting on my balcony. I'll be posting pics and videos of my progress so PLEASE share with me any tips or advice along the way. I live in San Pedro, California where the Los Angeles Port is. We have a lot of tropical fish enthusiasts out here but not a lot of gold fish lovers so if you're from Cali please say hello! Much love! Danielle
  4. Hey! I'm a new member as of today! I can't figure out how to post questions for the life of me, so if someone could help that would be amazing! I currently own a 5 inch Ryukin, a 3 inch calico fantail & a 2 1/2 inch red oranda in my 30 gallon tank with a 50 gallon aqueos filter.. I have questions about my ryukin I'd like to ask so could someone please help me figure this site out? Thank you!!
  5. I am new to this website. I looked through youtube for how to care for goldfish videos and they led me to here. I recently adopted two goldfish and being new to the hobby I am looking to learn more on keeping goldfish. I've been browsing around for the last couple of days and this looks to be the place to do just that. I have a fantail whose previous owner kept in a 1.5 gallon bowl for about a year and a very small black moor I got from petco. You guys seem very excited about photos so I shall post some to introduce my goldfish. Joe. Not a great pic, but this is literally what he looks like in every picture. Tammy. She's well stunted as you can see. Looking better each day in the 29 gallon I have got both of them in right now though. -Thank you all for looking.
  6. Hi, my name is Kevin, I'm from Sydney, Australia. I've kept goldfish for just a bit over 2 years now. There are more or less 15 goldfish in my tank. Which consist of "common", "comets" and "fantails". bye
  7. New member here recommended by Jennifer (Solid Gold) on Youtube/Facebook. I started keeping GF again after many years. I used to keep them as a teenager and into my late 20s when I got married and life slapped me in the face with 2 sets of twins. That was a lifetime ago. I don't know yet how to post pictures here so I'll provide a link instead. http://www.goldfishk...php?albumid=360 (I hope it's kosher to cross reference on blog to another) Started my new collection outdoors this past Spring and am doing well considering I've been persona non gratta for so many years. Slowly but surely. I moved them recently indoors and will babysit them till the weather warms up. All, that is, except my pride and joy, the black and gold veiltail telescope whose name is Mango.
  8. Hello I’m Anthony James, 15 years old, major animal lover, I have four goldfish which were bought over 4 years ago, originally kept as class pets but for the past 3 years have been kept in my care, we are still amazed they are alive , They live in a tank with a filter and heater along with one black moor, an angel fish and pink tetra all over 2 years. The heater is kept at constant temperature of 26 °C (Is this alright?) for the last two years. I wanted to start a tropical fish tank, so do you have any advice on: 1) Best starter fish. 2) Best Equipment 3) Best Aquarium Size 4) Best flooring, ornaments and plants (live and plastic) I wanted a hardscape similar to this click , I was going to sell my fish tank and but two smaller ones one cold water and one tropical so how many gallons should they be and is the hardscape design suitable for both? Thanks a lot, So any tips and advice and do you recommend it? My tank:
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