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  1. I like my goldfish because each one has so much character. They realy do have unique "fishinalities." And their colors are so awesome.
  2. I had 6 fry and they were hatched about a month ago. The 4 remaining ones are already over half-inch long! It is kind of strange to me, that they were born from an orange/black lionhead and a black and white telescope, but the one baby is pure white with a top fin. The other 3 have no top fin and are white also. Do they get their color later?
  3. I have 6 fry surviving. They are doing great. my problem is, they were produced by a lionhead female (with not much of a wen) and a telescope male. What will they look like?! Will they be hideously deformed? None of them appear to have top fins, which could be due to the lionhead mom.
  4. Ginevive


    The one fry that I discovered in my tank, died. I am really mad about this, but I think I know why. i have no time to devote to fish breeding. With working, and housecleaning, and also taking care of about 300 tadpoles that my african clawed frogs created for me, I kinda forgot to change the water in my fry's tank. Also I think I overfed it. Just remember, if your GFs do breed and have fry, they are very delicate and need clean water, and no overfeeding. I hope that someone can learn from my misfortune. On a side note, the parent GFs and all my others are doing great, and their tanks have reached a nice clear state. I geuss that with only one surviving fry, the odds were stacked against me. Plus it was a telescope-eye and a lionhead who mated, so maybe the fry would have been severely deformed?
  5. Sounds like breeding bahavior. No lie! A few weeks ago, two of my fish were ganging up on one, which turned out to be a female full of eggs. They bred within a week. Is the fish that's getting bullied, fat and plump looking? If so, you could have a bunch of goldfish eggs on your hands soon!
  6. It kinda looks like they are clear with a tiny white thing (the developing fish?) If none of them hatch, at least I have the one tiny little fry! I am so happy that they bred.
  7. Sometime in the last few weeks, my goldfish mated. I found several eggs on the glass and in my plants, and ONE tiny fry swimming in the water. Obviously either the fish ate the eggs/fry, or the filters did them in. But I have one fry and maybe 20 eggs. If the egg is totally whtie with nothing black inside, is it infertile? I need to know so that if they are, I'll just toss them out. The one fry that is alive is doing great in a small deli cup, and I am feeding it liquid fry food. I seperated the plants with eggs on them, just in case they are fertile. The mother could either be my female lionhead pictured below in my Signature, or the telescope-eye pictured in my avatar. The father could either be my big red oranda, or the black male telescope eye. I hope time will tell!!! Wow! The miracle of life!
  8. Algae scrapers are a lifesaver! I got one for free when I bought my Whisper filter, and it was the best thing to come along in the hobby, since the Python!
  9. Factoring in regular maintenance, new fish, meds, food, etc. What do you spend a month on your goldfish? I spent over $500 on their tanks/filters/decorations alone (60gallon and 45 gal.) and maybe close to $150 on fish alone. (This is US dollars.) And I'd say I spend only $20 a month on filter cartridges and food and miscellaneous things. I guess that after an initial investment (in the tank) your monthly expenses go down. But my goldfish are cheaper to feed every month than my ball pythons!
  10. I would take the Oscar, if I lived by you, and he was healthy. I have a tank of Oscars right now that would be OK if I added another!
  11. My lionhead, Plumpy, is about 4 inches long, and has little to no headgrowth. You can see his pic in my signature below. I am kinda glad, since I have an oranda with huge headgrowth and he can barely see!
  12. Found a panda butterfly on ebay..! Kind of expensive though. I did not know that you could sell fish on ebay, but I guess you can. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5&category=3898
  13. Sounds good; a lot more practical than starting over, especially when there are already bacteria cultured in the filter! I am scouring the gravel, though, because oscars ARE messy!
  14. It's a hrdwood floor, supported by (get this) actual tree trunks. That's how they did things back in the old days! but there are also a few metal support beams in the basement. The basement is dirt-floor. Not finished or anything, and the foundation is made of brick.
  15. I just picked some up (after convincing my boyfriend, who complained a bit about the price, but will shell out $12 bucks for Oscar food!) Have any of you used it? if so, did it really increase your fish's headgrowth? Unfortunately, when I feed mine, there are the telescope-eyeds in the same tank, and they eat it. Kind of a waste. but it would be funny if they started developing wens! lol
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