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  1. Dear all, Here's the background to my story. I live in Dubai and in here, there are only a few places to buy fish food. Out of those there's only one place which used to sell Nutron Red granules (that is the only decent food I could find for my Orandas as all the other shops sell only flakes). Now they've stopped selling them and they only sell Ciclid food which is like a powder and I went all around the city but couldn't find proper fish food to my Orandas (they are quite big the oldest one being almost 7 1/2 inches). I need to buy fish food online but I don't use credit cards. I can get a bank draft prepared and even send the payment first, to get the required fish food for my darling fishies. As the title says I would like to by Hikari food (preferably some type recommended by you). Please can some one assist me in this. I thought of contacting this site for this purpose, as I'm so desperate as I've told friends to buy food from other countries but everybody takes it so easy saying it's only fish and I hate it when they conveniently forget my requests. Awaiting for your advice... Marsha
  2. hello everyone, I just visited the site after a long time and right now I'm sitting in an internet cafe... (of course with my lap top) I don't have new pic;s but thought of updating you all. My fry are growing and doing good. They are so different in their sizes though...
  3. omg...I just visited the site after about 4 days and my...my...congrats on those little ones glitterfsh...they are so cute...
  4. Wow, really cute butterfly tail fishies...
  5. Wow you must be taking good care of your fish. They are really beautiful and like all the others have commented 'healthy' looking. I don't mind seeing more pic;s
  6. I love seeing your fry pic;s...THEY ARE GORGEOUS ...
  7. It's beautiful and the tank looks really big. Very nice set-up...
  8. I love the first pic; and all your fishies look adorable...
  9. Good luck and hope you'll get many beautiful babies glitterfish... also you're getting great advise from JenW who's raised some lovely fry...keep us posted on the news
  10. Thanks everyone... my place is like a nursery now...
  11. Well, I have heard that for a big fish(more than 4 inches or so) it's good to add 5g per litre max. I didn't do any calculations but added 1/2 a tea spoon to a 5 gallon volume. I only know that it didn't hurt my fry but there's no article or anything to support that... To summerize, I added 1/2 a tea spoon of aquarium salt and a drop of Methyline Blue to a 5gallon volume of treated tank water... My fry were in that basin (in the pic; in my earlier post) and I had water upto about 3-4 inches only...
  12. hehehe... I know I know.... I heard my husband talking to my fishies and threatning them (he also loves them) saying he's gonna stitch their behinds...
  13. Awww....that's so sweet....Happy Birthday to you....I can't wait to see some pic;s... Btw, I'll leave someone else to answer about the filter question...
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