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  1. ok doke thanks alot its good to be back and to start over i was discouraged when my big daddy died and i just gave up and now i have a new imput in life so i am going to do all the things i loved doing in the past !!
  2. sorry if this is in the wrong section i dont know where else to put it well i quit keeping goldfish for a while cause i could only care for tropical fish now i started tank for to start cycling for a goldfish but i noticed that there was so many little snails there are like 20 small snails all over the walls (the tank had tropical fish in it but i moved them and the live plants) are the snails bad?! if so what should i do!? thanks
  3. Hello,I was wondering what is the porber water params for a cycled tank or for good water quality
  4. Thank you jen. yes its brown algae it seems it likes my tank and dos not want to leave
  5. I have noticed that there is a white spot on my orandas wen it looks like three pimples next to each other what could it be also i have a huge algae problem i turn the light and it dies off but i turn it one for more than a day well then it comes back i can't find any brittle noses around here and if i so how much are they?
  6. another thing hes a black oranda and i have seen small black orandas at the store and their wens are big but my shadow here is like 4 times their size but his wen has not grown out all its flat whats up with that?
  7. hes doing better now i have been examining him for a bit i notice he has gotten fat realy fat actualy could too much food affect him could this give the synmtoms i explained above and the testing kit i use is freshwater master test kit it is aquarium pharmaceuticals inc. it has a blue doctor fish as a pic on the box
  8. 3-4 gallons a week but i think it might be higher i well its like this i use drops but it dose not have long range of colors to use as a guide and allso many times its hard for me to tell if its the color for 0 or darker for 1 or 3 what should it be at the nirite? also i did a water change but he is still a little sluggish but he did improve
  9. its been up for months now it almost always sways 0
  10. the nitrate is a little more than 0 ppm nitrite is 0 ppm amonia is 0-0.25 ppm and ph is 7.7 there are 1 fish in a 29g
  11. Mt goldie is not realy moving much he remains in the left side of the tank in the middle of the water. I notice that the nitrate and amounia is a bit high could this explain why he is acting like this?
  12. do you have a glass heater?? i have seen some plastic heaters
  13. I am not good at adding new goldies in please help how do u do it? from Dengundam merry christmas to all
  14. no i had 1 fish already and added 2 more total was 3 fish since he died its 2 fish now
  15. too late he died last night but i herd its 10 per goldie
  16. not sure cause i just got him hes 2 in. its on his eyes and gills the white stuff
  17. He had this white stuff on his gills in a row going down. Like worts but in a line he was a bit sick cuase hes a new fish i have pics on my topic on the photo seection. Also he has it around his eye i have never seen this what could it be. Ammonia Level? 0 PPM Nitrite Level? 0 PPM Nitrate level? 6OR 7 PPM Ph Level 7.6 NOT SURE Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 29g been running for 4-5 months What is the name and size of the filter/s? I have a topfin filter for 150gph and a peguan bio wheel for 150gph How often do you change the water and how much? i try to do it weekly 6 or more g How many fish in the tank and their size? 3 fish on who mabe 5 or 6 in. and 2 that are 2in. What kind of water additives or conditioners? I use amquel and api Any medications added to the tank? no just a param helper Add any new fish to the tank? yes the 2 smaller fish What do you feed your fish? topfin flakes Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", yes i know its ick so i will treat that bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? just that white suff on his skin Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? yes the new fish stay at the bottom Please replie soon cause i will go out of town tommorw morning
  18. thank u very much all of u i wil do the water change
  19. yes they are a bit high so i added a nitrite nitrate and amonia remover
  20. ok now my black oranda shadow who i had for a couple monthes now is swinmming close to the bottom next to the new fish that was bottomsitting. i got 2 new fish so the other calcio oranda is also swimming close waht should i do with the bottomsitting black and orange oranda help!!
  21. are those cheap feeder fish goldfish i her aslo that they are strong and are good to cycle a tank is that true ??
  22. sorry for making another replie i forgot to add onced ina while he will swim up around the tank and when my huge goldie shadow comes he moves out of the way (shadows ubocve in the pic) oh i just reliosed i could of edited sorry but he seems more active now should i do a water change or something
  23. well ok ty for the next time but now hes still bottom sitting what should i do anything i could do to help him out
  24. no i did not check the params but to inroduce them i let the bag is it the water for a long time so it can get used tho the temp
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