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  1. Is that at the Hung Ming Pet Central? I live very close to SF and I couldnt find that place the last time I was in Chinatown.
  2. I've kinda been having the same problem with my fish too. The gel food i made contained Hikari Lionhead pellets, wheat germ, spinach, peas, and frozen bloodworms & brineshrimp. Making an all vegie batch doesn't sound like a bad idea.
  3. Back when I got it, I came to the conclusion that it was a lionhead, but now I'm having second thoughts. Is it a lionhead or a lionchu?:
  4. I got the fish to match the decor, but now the decor's matching the fish even more now cause of the brown alge.
  5. Btw Fuzzy Peaches, how did Goggles die? I just noticed the 'R.I.P' on the pic in your signature.
  6. Yeah, luckily I have a florecent light bulb.
  7. Well, I thought it would be great to raise goldfish with wens, so I got this oranda back in December, if I'm correct: I presume its a panda oranda, although it looks like some of its black had already turned brownish orange when I got it. I'll probably have more pics soon since my brother took this pic with my uncle's digi cam since my dad borrowed ours.
  8. Wow , what a fish! I hope my lionhead grows that big some day.
  9. Ok. Children's vitamins.........you mean like those kind shaped like animals or w/e, or liquid vitamins for children?
  10. if my fantail lives after eating hikari lionhed pellets, I'm sure your ryukin will be fine. The bag says that it contains the essential amino acids(if I'm correct) that promote wen growth, so I'm sure that whatevers in it wouldnt harm fish without wens.
  11. I'll give the gel food a try. But one thing that always perplexes me is where I can find vitamin powder and what kind exactly . Is it something I can find at a drug store or in a grocery store? I've never came across any. Any suggestions of what brand if there are tons of them?
  12. Ok. Hikari Lionhead pellets are suppose to be good for fish(helping with wen growth, color etc.), but ironicly, its been causing my lionhead swim bladder problems. Ofcourse I pre-soaked the pellets and tried the peas and anti-bacterial food thing and my water chemistry is fine, but the only thing that leads to sb problems are those pellets. When I wake up in the morning, I find my lionhead swimming around normally until I feed it those pellets. Are there any alternatives to help wen growth without leading to sbd other than live food?
  13. Thanks. I thought the color of the tank would go great with calico-colored fish, like my lionhead in the pics. Your husband seems to be obsessed with pirates btw, heh. My little brother even thinks I'm not very right in the head for taking care of my fish the way I do, he said I should have gotten neon tetras or those expensive aggresive fish we used to have back in like 2001 or 02.
  14. You mean this? Back in September: And a little more up to date: My tiny fantail died, however, and now I have a panda oranda(fading to brownish orange) in my tank. I would take pics, but I don't have the camera with me.
  15. Can someone tell me of a good diet to help fish growth? Lately I've been feeding them Hikari Lionhead pellets(one of my fish is a lionhead), freeze dried bloodworms, frozen brineshrimp, peas and a little bit of lettuce. Can someone give me some suggestions?
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