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  1. Jon

    Pix Of Yourself

    I haven't been on here in ages. Heres a pic of Alix and I.
  2. I usually only keep the lights on for 6-7 hours a day. I've been keeping them off more and it appears to be clearing up.
  3. It's fully cycled. That's the thing...
  4. Lately, my tank has been really coudy. It's to the point where I don't know what to do. I'll do water changes, and the next day, it will be back to extremely cloudy. I've also tried chemicals that are suppose to clear you water. They did nothing. Then I tried salting to higher the "normal" levels. The cloudyness has a slight green tint to it, but it's not bright like the green water algea. Any suggestions?
  5. Jon

    My Trops Survived In 61F Temp!

    I'm glad you didn't loose too many fish. I use to keep goldfish and guppies together. I kept the tank around 74 degrees. Goldfish can handle up temperatures up to 80 degrees. It didnt really work out all that well though. The guppies will constantly pick at the goldfish, which can stress them out. Then when the goldfish get larger, they eat the guppies.
  6. Jon

    55 Gallon With Fish Pics

    Thanks. I got it off ebay.
  7. Jon

    55 Gallon With Fish Pics

    Thanks. No goldfish for a while, as I'm pretty close to my fish limit. I'll also be in college next year and I wont have time for the amount of care goldfish require.
  8. Jon

    55 Gallon With Fish Pics

    Heh. The goldfish were cool when I had them. I just never had any luck with keeping them healthy. The gobies were origionally just cycle fish, but I grew attached to them. They always come and beg for food when ever I walk in the room. Heres a picture of one of my old goldfish peaches-
  9. This is my 55 gallon. I set it back up a few months ago after not keeping fish for quite some time. Instaed of doing goldfish again, I went with silver dollars and gobies. I plan on adding one pleco in the future to help with the green and brown algae problem. I couldnt get a good picture of the silver dollars. They move to fast and dont seem to enjoy the camera.
  10. Jon

    Aquaclear 110

    I took it apart and cleaned it again and now its quiet. Thank you.
  11. Jon

    Aquaclear 110

    When I bought this filter a few years ago, it seemed great and it also worked great. It never had any problems. But after my last goldfish died, I tore down the tanks and put everything into storage. Well, I set up my 55 gallon tank again. I used the AquaClear filter since its the best filter I have. But now, ever since I set the tank up, the filter makes this rather loud noise. Its like theres something is stuck in the impeller and is being thrown around. Ive completely taken the entire filter apart and I havent found anything wrong. Has anybody ever had this issue?
  12. Jon

    One More Lighting Question

    Flourecent bulbs that are designed for plants work well. They give off a different hue that makes the tank look cleaner and the fish look brighter. Plant bulbs are very similar to aquarium bulbs color wise.
  13. Jon

    Fun With Paint

    I got kinda bored so i decied to try and draw some stuff in ms paint. I decided I would attempt to draw my old fish Peaches. Heres the origional- Heres my paint version- I would like to see what you guys come up with.