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    Diy Wet/dry

    ive been reading up on wet/dry filters and it seems to be the best filter to have in a tank. but is it really worth it on a goldfish tank? what difference does it have with a canister filter? granted that a diy would probably cost around the same of not less than a canister, and i do have the resources at work to cut lexan/acrylic sheets. i want to do some DIY since its summer. but how hard would it be to make something like this? the most challenging part would be cutting the sheets straight enough and sealing everything well enough so there wont be leaks. but how about setting it up, making sure i get the right flow so i wont flood my apartment? im leaning towards a wet/dry since i really want to take up this challenge. but theres some ebay auction selling canister filter for cheap...i dunno what to pick