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  1. Broxi

    Its with great sadness that I announce that I helped my boy Broxi cross the bridge on Dec 16th after a long battle against cancer. He was a wonderful companion and has left a gaping hole in my heart. I will get another GSD when the time is right. Broxi was cremated and his ashes are next to my bed along with Cody my GSD before him. R.I.P Broxi 05/21/05 - 12/16/13
  2. From experience of keeping celestials, they are best housed with their own kind or with bubble eyes goldfish.

    Welcome to Kokos,
  4. we wish you a merry Christmas

    He may not be a puppy anymore, but Broxi thinks he is
  5. What is your favorite HOLIDAY movie? :)

    Jingle all the way
  6. German Shepherd Puppy? And updates :)

    My GSD is purebred, I have his Kennel Club documents and he has a white patch on his chest although it's small it's classed as a fault and I suspect somewhere back in his pedigree there are white GSDs. Both my dogs parents are normal coated yet majority of the litter are all long coats again probably due to long haired variety being in the line somewhere. Important thing is the little pup is loved for who it is not for his breed
  7. Rats?

    Rats make lovely pets. I lost one of mine end of last year. So far his remaining brother is coping but because he's elderly I wont introduce another rat as these days he just wants to sleep and relax. He still loves his cuddles.
  8. Kitten found in an oil puddle.

    I adore little orange cats
  9. Baby Pig

    That little one is too cute
  10. hope your little one recovers soon
  11. My Squirrels Again

    Thats so awesome. Wish I lived in such beautiful surroundings
  12. so sorry for your loss Rest in Peace Jasper Hope your water problem is solved soon
  13. cute The one with no name I would call Radar due to those lovely dumbo rat satellite dish ears
  14. Kritter(s) of the Week Entries

    http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n228/Rangers_Fan_2006/Broxi.jpg My boy Broxi
  15. hammies!

    Gorgeous hammies