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  1. Baby Budgie

  2. Winter fun Exchange!

    whaaat is Zulu?
  3. Planted Tank

    fantastic result i bet the fish are loving it
  4. Baby Budgie

    beautiful, hun
  5. Winter fun Exchange!

    sent 7th of December AEDST
  6. Winter fun Exchange!

    ok, count me in remember, i am in AU, anything heavy costs more to send. i appreciate anything. it's the thought which counts. i absolutely love 80% dark chocolate (or darker).
  7. FishMother

    they are/were not lice. these are lice: not sure what your fish had going there, but it was not lice. i have detached lice from fish (hence their removal from the host and onto a plate), they are not difficult to pluck off with tweezers or with a scrape of your fingernail.
  8. My oranda has black marks???

    these are not fish lice
  9. any luck with the water params? or even to run some water to the LFS for testing? how is Gill?
  10. i thought 'what's a banana doing in his tank?'
  11. Bubble Eye

    it is genetically modified via selective breeding.. which will answer your question for all ornamental fish as well as other animals.
  12. Bubble Eye

    i wouldn't think so, despite their awkward shape, they are active and agile swimmers. planning to care for them by providing an environment with no sharp or pointy edges/corners in order to avoid their bubbles from bursting is about the only 'warning' that comes with owning bubble eye fish -never heard anything relating to pain due to their body shape. other than that, they have poor eyesight which has been carried down from their primary breed being the telescope. so they wouldn't do well with super aggressive breeds during feeding times mainly.. ie, more advantaged, speedier fish like single tails, ryukins etc would not make compatible tank mates. i would probably keep them with telescopes, celestials, pearlscales.. the more docile derp derp kinda fish friend.
  13. Question?

    welcome to kokos head over to our welcome forum for a proper introduction so that we can all learn a little about eachother in this hobby https://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/forum/28-welcome-new-members/
  14. i think that the bulge is getting quite large now and what would normally happen if this is a bacteria cyst, that it will either be reabsorbed by the fish and all will be well, or it will surface and burst. but i don't know if you are able to see a white sphere like mass at that site. sometimes some really vibrantly coloured fish can't display them due to their skin colour. i am noticing some swelling overall and wonder if you can dissolve a half teaspoon of Epsom salt for every 10 gallons of water (allow to cool) and then add that to the tank. do this for 5 consecutive days. the epsom salt is a good medicine to help flush the excess fluids from the fish and may help any cyst to either reabsorb or burst.