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  1. After 6 days ammonia will build up but your filters should take care of that for you. If you are getting high ammonia readings then there is a problem in your tank and the chances are it will be caused by one of the following 1. Not enough biological filtration to cope with the bio load of your tank. 2. Over feeding. 3. Over stocked. But as fang has mentioned what ever works for you and keeps your ammonia 0 is good for your fish
  2. All of this does depend on your stocking level and the filtration system that you are using. When i do my weekly water change i leave just enough water in the tank so that my fish are still completely covered. My advice would be if you are going to do a water change do a big one every time. If you only take out 45% of the water you are only taking out 45% of the toxins.
  3. I would agree with the other person that you are talking about. Bear in mind that water changes are the best way to remove toxins and the larger the water change the better. I will try and explain For example lets assume that you have 2 ppm ammonia in your water. If you change 90% of the water you will be left with 0.2 ppm of ammonia. Over the next 6 days this will steadily rise again but your filter will be able to keep on top of the low amount of ammonia left. If you only change 50% of the water you will be left with 1 ppm of ammonia. Over the next 2 or 3 days this will steadily rise again and your filter will have to work harder and will require more benficial bacteria to deal with the constantly higher levels of ammonia than if you had changed 90%. Plus the fact in this example you will never get below 1 ppm through water changes and are then depending heavily on your filtration system to deal with what you don't remove. Does that make sense ?
  4. Is your tank ph always 8.2 ? A stable ph is much better than a constantly changing one and artificially manipulating the pH carries a high risk if you get it wrong. Would you be able to add extra filtration to deal with the constant ammonia that your fish will produce ? It wouldn't have to be a huge filter as with your ph at 8.2 the nitrifying bacteria operate at near 100% effectiveness. You can reduce any further stress caused by a ph that isn't ideal by ensuring that your water is oxygen rich and by keeping the temperature between 77-86F (optimum temp for beneficial bacteria).
  5. At this pH, the goldfish wouldn't have to deal with ammonia damage, but the low pH will kill it. Anything under 6.5 is very dangerous for goldfish. Very true Alex, although common goldfish have been know to tolerate levels between 6 and 8 providing that the level remains stable. I was using the difference in ph to highlight the fact that the effect of ammonia is directly related to this. As KingHudson states that their ph is 8.2 this is getting to the point that ammonia will become the main problem in the tank if not regularly monitored and would be my main cause for concern.
  6. As your ph is 8.2 this will have a major impact on the effect of any ammonia in your tank. Ammonia becomes more toxic and more harmful to your fish as it increases. I would recommend increasing the amount of water you remove when you do your water changes at least until you are getting readings that your tank is cycled again. At a ph of 6 a goldfish will show little or no signs of stress when ammonia is as high as 3 ppm At a ph of 8 a goldfish cannot generally handle ammonia higher than 0.5 ppm and this ammount can be fatal.
  7. I know. Can you buy muzzles for anti social plecs ?
  8. Have named my Blue Oranda Galadriel Gandalf could be a problem though, he is a biter ! Frodo is being treated in the 10 gallon qt tank this week as Gandalf has shredded his tail fins so badly. I have never seen anything like it. Julie got up one morning and Gandalf actually had a piece of Frodos tail in his mouth chewing. Frodo is making a good recovery though. I am just worried about putting him back in the big tank. Will have to monitor the situation closely.
  9. Another update. Tank has changed dramatically. My pleccy has made it his mission to uproot every single plant and is absolutely relentless I have no egeria left at all ! The camboba is going strong though and is almost touching the top of the water in my tank. Have had to un clog both of my ecco filters due to bits of plants constantly going up the intakes. Even when the plec has just been fed he goes straight back to the plants. I don't think that this was meant to be Am looking at replacing the sand with fine gravel and adding some more camboba. New pics this saturday hopefully !
  10. My vote is for a little dwarf puffer and 6-8 shrimp
  11. If you get mopani wood from a pet store and it has the official mopani tag on it you shouldn't even need to boil it. It has already been heat treated and sand blasted. You should definately soak it for at least 4 days. A small piece should have very little if any impact on your PH.
  12. For canister filters i would recommend 4-6 times filtration for tropicals, HOB filters with lots of media i would assume to be the same. Depending on what canister filter you use it can lose anything between 25 and 60 percent of max output when media is added. Unless you have an Eheim i would reckon your true output is nearer 600-675 lph and not the 1000 that you guessed.
  13. This product only tests for the toxic NH3 level in your tank. Not the total ammonia in the water. As previously mentioned in different posts this will all depend on your PH and temperature of your tank as both will affect the readings. I have posted this in a different thread but here it is again. A great tool to work out your actual NH3 based on your API test kit reading http://dataguru.org/misc/aquarium/AmmoniaTox.html
  14. That is correct. I find this web page a good way of explaining the whole ammonia thang http://dataguru.org/misc/aquarium/AmmoniaTox.html
  15. That makes sense Alex. I suppose that 10 different people could look at an ammonia test and see the colour differently to the previous person.
  16. London is very expensive, my sister lives down there. I would love to compare the readings from api API drops agains the digital meter and find out how accurate the drops really are. I have read alot recently that the ammonia test kits can't register anything under 0.25 and can show a 0 for 0.24 and below giving people an indication that everything is ok when it actually might not be the case. http://www.absolute-koi.com/water_testing/hanna.html Charlie is a little character alright. Be interesting to see how he copes with the new baby next month.
  17. They get very good reviews here in the Uk. The PH warning meters are also supposedly very good and alot of British breeders consider them a must have item I wish I could afford the Hanna digital meter that tests all the parameters but it's about ?600
  18. Great pics, thanks for sharing I like your calicos the best !
  19. It may well have nothing to do with ammonia at all. 2 large water changes will rule that out too if the fish continue to show same signs. Any ammonia reading that isn't 0 will have some affect on the fish and each fish is different. As you ph is 7.8 any ammonia will be considerably more toxic to the fish than if your ph was 7.2. Alex has given good advice on what to do if the fish show that same symptoms on completion of the large water change. There is nothing wrong with questioning someone, it's how we all learn. Every day is a school day when it comes to goldfish Hope you get your tire fixed !
  20. The reason i suggested 2 large water changes is that test kits are not very accurate on readings of ammonia when they get below 0.25. Bottom sitting and gasping are also the first signs of ammonia getting to a level where it is affecting the fish. It is possible that you could have 0.24 ammonia in your tank and your test kit is showing 0. Just a thought.
  21. Would you be able to do 2 large back to back water changes ?
  22. When was the last time you gave your canister filter a really good clean ? Do you have a water changing system or do you use buckets ?
  23. Canister filters should run all the time. The only time mine get unplugged is when I clean them
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