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  1. I would recommend 40 gallons per single tail goldfish as a minimum. 20 gallons per fish is fine for fancies. You can as suggested have all 4 in a 55 gallon tank to start with but they will outgrow that in a year and you will then have to spend more money upgrading again or give them to someone who has a pond. 20 gallons is not ok for a single tail !
  2. I would highly recommend Seachem Prime as the only water treatment you will ever need
  3. Definately a maximum of 2. Yes they will look tiny but they will grow very quickly. Any more than 2 and you are leaving yourself open to all kinds of problems. If you are planning on using the filter that comes built into the tank I would suggest adding an additional internal filter as the juwel filters are designed for tropical fish. Eheim power line internal filters are very good. If you want to add a HOB or canister filter you would have to modify the lid as it is built onto the tank
  4. Welcome to Kokos. I was born in Singapore
  5. I can't see how there would be any flukes present at all as both of my fish were QT'd for 2 weeks and treated with Fluke-Solve and 0.3% salt.
  6. Good luck Caroline. Baby Emma is doing great
  7. Hey Caroline, i am sorry to hear that Usher is still not getting better. I do hope that the salt dips do the trick and i wish him a speedy recovery.
  8. Will do. I have lots and lots of pics and will post some shortly Julie took some pictures of Gandalf on her mobile as i was at work, the quality isn't great. This was 24 hours after we noticed excess slime coat appearing. This is 4 days later and most of his tail is gone. He was bottom sitting, not eating and barely moving.
  9. Thanks Alex. I don't know if i had a bad batch or it was even the Wormer Plus that was the cause. I have been meaning to email the vet at Plymouth Discus and it is on my things to do list but with the new baby and being back at work this week it's like there isn't enough hours in the day. I would assume that the Prazi and salt they were QT'd with would rule out most of the common parasites/bacteria that i would expect to tag along with a new fish. The rate of the fin loss on Gandalf was astounding and i have certainly never seen anything like it before.
  10. I have a feeling that the Flubendazole is the problem here as i recently lost both of my new additions and the only thing different in the tank was wormer plus. I would now advise that UK members use caution when using this product and only use it as a last resort. I have used this product for a number of years now both on my tropical and goldfish tanks with no adverse effects. As a rule i used it twice a year although the packet does state that it can be used as regularly as every month. Once my new goldfish (Gandalf and Galadriel) had gone through the 2 weeks of prazi and salt they settled in nicely and everything was going along perfectly. It was time to do my 6 monthly dose of wormer plus and when i added it to the tank things started going wrong the very next day. Gandalf was covered in excess slime 24 hours after adding the dose. He stopped eating and i put him in the 10 gallon QT tank. The next day i awoke to the worst case of fin rot i had ever seen. Gandalfs tail was almost gone to the extent that the actuall spines were falling off. He stopped eating and after a week had virtually no fins what so ever. I was adding pimafix and melafix to the water daily but this had no effect whatsoever. Julies dad put her to sleep as i was at work. I was devasted. The next day Galadriel showed the exact same symptoms and although the fins were not affected this time she was covered in excess slime coat and stopped eating also. Even tried adding garlic to the food then after that didn't work i tried hand feeding soaked pellets with plastic tweezers. On day 7 her spine was curved in to a C shape and i had to put her to sleep also. I can't think what may have caused this. My parameters were 0,0,10 and PH was a steady 7.4. The only thing added to the tank was Wormer plus although if anyone can shed any light on what they think might have caused this i would be glad to hear their thoughts. Frodo acted his normal self throughout. I will be getting no more goldfish as this really hit me hard. 2 beautiful and healthy fish gone in 2 weeks
  11. I agree, there seems to be something additional that would cause this type of behaviour. Listing your parameters as Shelly has mentioned would definately help and if you could get your LFS to test the oxygen level in your tank water this would also narrow down the cause. Some LFS's will do this and some won't, you might get lucky.
  12. I don't know they look in very good condition so you must be doing something right !
  13. Excess slime can be a good indication that you have indeed got a case of finrot in the tank. I would suggest a large water change and a course of pimafix/melafix. If you have caught this early enough they will end it. They aren't stressful to the fish and won't harm your bb's either. Plus they aren't harsh like some medications out there.
  14. Welcome to the forum Can i ask what filters you are running, what water conditioner do you use if any and do you have a test kit for PH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrates ?
  15. I clean my canisters 3 times a year provided everything is ticking over as per normal. I have heard of people only doing this once a year but that is usually on a well seeded filter with tropical fish.
  16. I hope Stephen Hawkings will recover quickly Just be careful with the driftwood. Try and get a piece that is flat or one that has a large arch in it (big enough that all of your fish can easily swim through it). I made the mistake of adding a piece of mopani wood to my goldfish tank a couple of years back. It had a small arch in it and only my 2 chocolate orandas were able to swim through the arch. After only 3 months they had grown enough that they could no longer get under although they kept trying and after i had to remove both of them from being trapped under it i got rid of it.
  17. I have found with my API test kit that if I shake both bottles for 30 seconds then test the water I get a reading of 0 for nitrates. If I shake both bottles for a mInute or more only then do I get a reading. Turns out they need more of a shake than I first thought
  18. What filter are you using Sod ? Flow rate calculations are also important depending on how you have your filter set up and what it's primary filtration method is. If you are using different grade sponges/pads and floss it will primarily be doing mechanical filtration with some biological filtration taking place so you would want a higher flow rate (8-10 times per hour). If you have mostly ceramic/bio ball media with one or two (usually 1 course and 1 fine sponge/pad) you will be doing mostly biological filtration with some mechanical filtration taking place and the recommended flow rate for that is 4-6 times per hour.
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