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  1. Well good luck, goldfish can prove to be a lot of hard work and they certainly will not keep to your planned schedule.
  2. Perhaps you should try tropical fish which are easier to keep and slightly less maintainance than goldfish. You are going to have an overstocked tank as it is and you may well have to do 2 or 3 large water changes a week. If you can't your fish will become sick and maybe even die.
  3. alistairw

    RIP Ryu

    Sorry to hear about Ryu
  4. What reading do you get once you add the ammonia is what i meant
  5. Some people have way too much time on their hands
  6. I think that the leading distributor of a product in the UK suggesting that they might stop stocking it due to number of complaints about it killing fish is enough to set alarm bells ringing. I am now trying to make contact with the female vet who works closely with Kusuri to get her take on the situation.
  7. When i got my 2 new goldfish a few weeks back i treated with salt and Fluke-solve. Everything seemed to be going along just fine when one morning Gandalf was covered in excess slime coat. Loss of appetite and rapid fin loss started soon after. He lasted 7 days before he was curled in a C shape barely moving. Galadriel went exactly the same way and lasted 8 days. This was the first time that i has used Fluke-Solve from Kusuri. Now i am not saying that this was the cause of deaths but i emailed Plymouth Discus to see if there were any further reports of fish reacting badly with this product. Here is the reply. I do not use Prazi because I find it harsh and prefer Interpet Number Nine I have found it very good in the past even with breeding discus as long as you keep to the dosage rates. Yes, go over that and it will wipe out your filters. But keep to the dosage rate, it's good stuff and it's not one of my own brands either!! lol I am re-thinking stocking Prazi because of customers complaining about fish dying after treatment with it. I only had a customer this morning saying he used Prazi on four torpedo barbs yesterday, within minutes all four was on the bottom gasping, this morning two dead and the others he has now moved to another tank, and they are swimming around again. Very strange!! Chris Ingham. Author of ?Discus World? the complete up to date manual for discus keeping. PLYMOUTH DISCUS Voted the UK's best top discus specialist by our customers, & readers of Practical Fish Keeping magazine 2011!! The UK?s main wormer plus, & discus delights gourmet hamper food distributors.
  8. Welcome to the forum. I love your background
  9. When you get a tropical fish that is described as a schooling fish the minimum number that you should keep is 6 although 10 to 12 is much better.
  10. Excellent, i would go ahead and add all the media from you current filter into your canister filter when you are ready to go. Transfer everything including fish into your new tank and you should still be cycled. You will get a bump when you add new fish but in a tank that size it shouldn't be a major problem. The biggest challenge you will now face is water changes. I use a Python system on my 248 litre tank. If you are going to change 80% of your water weekly in your 250 litre tank using a syphon and buckets you will have to manually move 400kg of water.
  11. Just googled it Seen them advertised as trickle filters before. Can i calrify a couple of things right now before i go any further. I assume that you have a test kit and that your current 40 litre tank is cycled. That is it reads 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite always. The only reading that will change is the nitrate and that should be between 5 and 20 ppm. What water conditioners/treatments are you adding ?
  12. I would personally set the new tank up and add the seeded media to the new canister filter and take it from there. What the heck is a hood filter ?
  13. She is looking good, i hope that Lucy gets back to full health in quick time
  14. What filter are you planning on getting for your new tank ? If the filter that you have just now is coping with the bioload of the fish then adding a new filter will not guarantee it becoming fully cycled. People assume that sticking a brand new filter into a tank with a seeded filter will automatically load the new filter up with beneficial bacteria. It unfortunately does not work that way. The population of beneficial bacteria is entirely dependent upon the amount of ammonia being produced. Small amounts of ammonia will result in a small amount of bacteria. Large amounts of ammonia will result in large colonies of bacteria, provided sufficient surface area is available for the bacteria to colonize. If you get a reading of 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and positive nitrate then your tank is fully cycled and unless you add more fish no new significant growth of bacteria will occur.
  15. Can i ask what the set up is that you have running just now ? Are your 2 fish in that and is it cycled already ? If your current setup is already cycled just transfer everything to the new tank when it comes and it will also be cycled.
  16. This is from a paper written on Autotrophic Nitrifying Bacteria and Their Practical Application in a Freshwater Aquarium. It does mention bottled bacteria products and is attached below Research conducted by Timothy A. Hovanec (formerly of Marineland Labs, now the founder of Dr. Tim’s Aquatics) has identified the correct combination of autotrophic bacteria performing the nitrogen cycle in our tanks are Nitrosomonas marina (converts ammonia to nitrite) and Nitrospira (converts nitrite to nitrate). I am aware of only two “bacterial additive” products that contain these bacteria, Dr. Tim’s Aquatics “One and Only” and Tetra SafeStart. United Pet Group has purchased Marineland. In the process, Dr. Tim bought out Marineland Labs (the creator of BioSpira, which is no longer available), forming “Dr. Tim’s Aquatics”. United Pet Group also owns Tetra. Tetra has subsequently released Tetra Safe-Start, which appears to be BioSpira repackaged in a form that does not require constant refrigeration (just as One and Only does not require refrigeration). It may be that availability of actual functioning product, containing the correct combination of living bacteria, may remain limited to these two products due to patent restrictions. Dr. Tim and the former Marineland Labs (now Dr. Tim’s Aquatics) hold the patent and United Pet Group/Tetra received co-ownership via their purchase of Marineland. This is 4 years old though
  17. After reading a post that stated "Canisters are areas in the tank system where the oxygen level might be at its lowest, since there is no gas exchange with the air, as you would have with the HOB-type filters". I decided to test the oxygen levels in my tank and filter. If there was a danger to my fish that could be caused by my filter i wanted to know. This is more of an observation rather than research and relates directly to my own tank. To find out how much oxygen that your tank can hold you need to know the temperature as this can make a difference. Water that contains 100% of it's oxygen content is said to be fully saturated and the amount of oxygen that water can hold decreases as the temperature increases. Below is a list according to Tetra of the maximum oxygen content at different water temperatures. 10 degrees C 11.3 mg/l 15 degrees C 10.1 mg/l 20 degrees C 9.1 mg/l 25 degrees C 8.3 mg/l 30 degrees C 7.6 mg/l In an aquarium you should always strive to keep your oxygen content bewteen 6 and 8 mg/l and ideally always ensure that the water never contains less than 80% of it's maximum oxygen level. Beneficial Bacteria can survive and multiply in an oxygen content of 2 mg/l. My goldfish tank is 150 Litres (39.6 US Gallons) and contains 1 x 4 inch fantail. It is filtered by an Eheim Pro 3 2080 canister filter, has an Eheim 400 air pump with dual air diffusers and a Visi-therm 150w heater. Water Parameters recorded 7 days after last water change Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate between 5-10ppm. Temp between 20-22.5 deg C depending on time of day PH 7.4 On friday night prior to going to bed i turned the air pump to lowest setting, turned the canister filter to lowest setting and switched heater off. Saturday 1200 did first test on water and to my eyes got a reading of between 5 and 8 on the test card I then turned the canister filter and air pump to max power and turned heater back on. I let the tank run like this for 4 hour then tested water again. The test card looked closer to 8 than 5. Julie thought it looked closer to 11 than 8. The picture was taken using the flash on my camera. I then tested the water coming out of my canister filter and again saw a reading of nearer to 8 than 5. Finally i turned the canister filter off, removed the media baskets and took some water from the bottom using a turkey baster. The reading was too dark to be 5 but not dark enough to be 8. I really can't say how accurate the test kit is. It was £12 on Amazon and i didn't expect it to give the same results as a £500 digital meter. However, i really can't say that there is a vast difference in the water inside the filter that would lead me to assume that it would become a breeding ground for bad bacteria. Thanks for reading
  18. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You did all that you could. Usher will be missed
  19. To answer your original question, i believe the record is 44 years
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