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  1. That is an amazing gift that you have
  2. My personal take on this is no, do not buy this fish. Keeping goldfish even when healthy can be hard work. If people keep buying fish that are in poor condition then the pet stores will keep selling fish that are in a poor condition.
  3. Both methods have their pros and cons. Pellets are more expensive and have to be changed more often than peat moss but have a quicker and more controllable impact on your params. Usually changed every 4-6 weeks. Peat moss is cheaper but requires more work. Unless you are lucky and can get data from someone who has the same size tank/filter and similar water parameters as you it can take a lot of experimenting to get just the right amount of peat moss in your filter to achieve your aim, then you will need to monitor closely to see when the first batch you have added needs changing. Usually changed every 3 months.
  4. I have never used either but from what i have read the pellets do not cloud the water but they do break down and when this happens you need to remove them asap or they will end up in the tank I would imagine that it would be a better alternative than chemicals as it occurs naturally in some tropical fish eco systems. The down side is that it is expensive. Eheim recommend 1 litre of pellets for every 80-100 litres of water. I think it's about $20 for a litre. This has to be changed every 4 weeks so you would be looking at $240 per year for every 20 gallons of water you were treating. Quotes from the Eheim EHFI TORF leaflet (the product that predates Torf Pellets): Peat filtration is a measure which can be recommended for creating a tropical water environment in organic tanks for soft water fish (for instance congo carps, neons, discus). It enriches the water with beneficial substances, reduces the carbonate hardness and stabilises the PH value. EHFITORF: a chemically effective filter peat with part of its suspended matter extracted. Acidifies the water with valuable hormones and humic acids, lowers the carbonate hardness value and ensures a stable PH range. Suitable for short-term use in waters with a medium carbonate hardness of approximately 8 degrees. USE: EHFITORF is put loosely into the net bag and placed in the filter canister on top of a layer of EHFIMECH/EHFIFIX. Do not use together with carbon media. In the case of a medium carbonate hardness one reckons with approximately 1 litre of peat per 100 litres of water for an operating period of maximum 3 - 4 weeks. However, you have to pay attention to the performance of the filter, since the water flow rapidly deteriorates when peat is used. As in the case of all additives, the changed water properties must be checked at regular intervals. Quotes from the Eheim TORF Pellets packaging: Place the EHEIM peat pellets after the mechanical-bio-logical filtration or hand them directly in the aquarium in a netbag. Peat pellets: Natural acid peat is rich in valuable substances, such as humic matter and trace elements (for this reason avoid leaching). Peat pellets reduce the PH value and the carbonate hardness of the water and are suitable for all water conditions from tropical clear water to blackwater, in particular. EHEIM recommends 1 litre of peat on 80 to 100 litres of aquarium water. Peat expands in water. For this reason, irrigate the peat (but avoid leaching) prior to use. Replace the peat after three to six weeks. Do not use peat and activated carbon at the same time. A cheaper alternative could be Tetra Blackwater Extract
  5. You can't go wrong with plain old fantails
  6. 3 lovely little fishes I like the white markings on Ryu and Dory !
  7. The ammount of bacteria on substrate is usually minimal and shouldn't made a major difference in the cycle time. Some members on here have had success with Nutrafin Cycle or Tetra Safe Start to help the bacteria along
  8. If you were planning on adding peat to a filter it would go in a mesh bag just like normal media. Most peat for tropical fish comes in pellet form now. Like all products that alter the params of your tank you would need to do regular testing http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/fish/filters_pumps/filters_and_pumps/filter_media/36844
  9. A few years back my big female fantail had what looked like a loose scale that was attached to the inside of her mouth. It looked like a flap of skin but when i picked her out of the water i couldn't see it. I added some algae wafers to the tank as they are quite rough and didn't see it again after that
  10. alistairw

    Spinach gel

    I always use 2 packs of gelatin for my recipes. I cook all my veggies and blend them in a little bit of the water they were cooked in. I aim to have half a pint of blended ingredients. I then use the the same amount of water with 2 packs of gelatin. I end up with a pint of gel food that i pour into ice cube bags then freeze. The ice cube bags do make big gel food cubes but i use them in my tropical tank too
  11. As long as the weight is evenly spread it shouldn't affect the floor at all even on a second story. 50 US gallons is 190kg and even with a cinder block stand this will still weigh less than 3 adults sitting on a sofa.
  12. As mentioned you would have to cut right back on the feeding. It is possible but you will have to watch your nitrates closely. I know that my tank can go 3 weeks without a water change with my current feeding plan, probably longer if i cut right back. I only have 1 fish in a 39 gallon with a huge canister filter though
  13. The cap on all prime bottles from 500ml and smaller is 5ml and that does 200 litres or 52 US Gallons. I just fill the cap and pour it in I can't vouch for bigger sizes as 500ml is the one i usually buy.
  14. I had a big hot cup of dumb a$$ before I typed that post
  15. Ha, apparently it's me who has my sums wrong disregard my post to you narny I had a brain fart
  16. What temperature is your tank Dakotak ?
  17. Ammonia is far less toxic at a PH of 8.2 Narny, i think that you have got your sums mixed up
  18. I hope you get lucky and get 4 good strong fish.
  19. Sorry to hear about Frank, he will be missed
  20. We aren't getting on at you. We are trying to stop you making the same mistakes we all made when we started out. Could you get your mom to re think on getting 4 fish ? Perhaps suggest getting 2 then once they are settled in and you have your maintainance routine sorted you could pick out some more ?
  21. That should be fine. You are getting great guidance from Koko. I would keep it below 1 ppm now
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