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  1. Will you be doing a fishless cycle on your 60 gallon whilst keeping your 4 fish in the 20 gallon which sounds like that isn't cycled ? I recommend that you get your 4 fish straight in to the 60 gallon and forget your fishless cycle. This will give you a bit more breathing space and will save you having to maintain 2 tanks. Gravel from the LFS will have very little beneficial bacteria if any living on it and is more likely to bring a parasite than a quick way to speed up your cycle. 25% water changes don't really accomplish anything in a goldfish tank (especially one that is cycling) and i recommend that you get in the habit of doing larger changes (the 80% you mentioned is good)
  2. You will need aquarium airline tubing, a 'Y' piece and a non-return valve for the air stone unless you plan on using 2 air stones in which case you will then need air line tubing and 2 non-return valves. 1. Measure the airline tubing so that it will go from your pump into your tank. 2. Cut airline tubing and fit non-return valve (it will have an arrow on it showing air flow direction) 3. Fit air stone 4. Turn pump on 5. Bubbles
  3. Welcome to Koko's Pictures when you find them !!!
  4. The fact that i haven't heard of the them would be enough for me to avoid them. You will be far better going with the Fluval as it is one of the well known and reliable brands in the aquatic world. Be aware that the 406 will only filter 940 litres per hour max once the media is fitted and not the 1450 stated on the box
  5. Welcome to the forum I disagree with the information being given on single tail goldfish once again. 30 gallons is not suitable for a single tail. 40-50 gallons for the first fish at an absolute minimum and then half that for each additional fish but they will have to be moved in to a pond when they mature. Not only that but it is recommended that if you are going to keep a single tail in a tank then you should size that tank based on the full adult size of the fishand not what it is when you buy it. Ideally longer than 6 times the length of the fish when it is fully grown.
  6. I read somewhere that a good indication to whether your tank is correctly stocked is that it should be able to last 7 days without a water change and have the nitrates remain below 20ppm
  7. Beautiful Calico's are still my favourite colour of goldfish. What camera did you get ?
  8. You can't immediately cycle a tank. It is impossible. Some of these products can certainly help a cycle along but no more than that. A lot of these products do indeed contain the autotrophic bacteria that convert ammonia that comes from your fishes gills into nitrite. However, i do not believe that any of the bottled products actually contain the heterotrophic bacteria that actually break down the organic waste (poo and uneaten food). These will take time to grow and colonise your media (8-10 weeks is normal). Secondly the beneficial bacteria that convert nitrite to nitrate usually start to show 1-2 weeks after the first lot of beneficial bacteria. The Nitrospira bacteria (converts nitrite to nitrate) will not even begin to colonize until the Nitrosomonas Marina bacteria (converts ammonia to nitrite) population is sufficient in size to bring ammonia concentrations under control. But regardless of all of that my concern is that the product in the bottle doesn't know where it is going to end up and isn't ingelligent or able to instantly adjust to its surroundings when added. For example. If you add it to a 20 gallon tank with 1 small fancy goldfish and 10 x filtration it will help speed up the cycle but the claim of an instant cycle is outrageous. What then if you add the same amount of product to a 30 gallon tank containing 10 small fancy goldfish with only 3 x filtration ? will it still produce an instant cycle ? the bottle states that it will. Members on this forum have used some of these products with success but don't believe everything that you read on a bottle
  9. Welcome to the forum I totally agree with your statement about single tail goldfish !!!!
  10. Thanks guys his tail is looking alot better since being savaged by gandalf in April
  11. Cleaning my tank today and Frodo was showing off his tail so i thought i would take a picture
  12. alistairw


    I am sorry for your loss
  13. In that case 2 fancy goldfish would be perfect for a 38 gallon tank
  14. I believe that for single tails it should be 1. You would need 60 gallons to comfortably house 2 single tails.
  15. Are you adding ammonia or fish food to your empty tank ? Do you have a test kit for ammonia, nitrite and nitrates ? Cycling a tank without fish on average takes anything from 6 to 16 weeks. Your tank will not be ready for a fish next week ! How big is your tank ? What filter has it got ? Some of the other members have stated that it would be ok to get this fish if it looks healthy. I disagree. If you are new to goldfish keeping and it sounds like you are you will be adding an injured fish which may well be highly stressed with a compromised immune system to a tank which has been running a week. An uncycled tank may well be too much for that fish and i don't think it will have a happy ending
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