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  1. I hate cichlids...unless they are those ones that look very much like fancy goldfish. You know the ones, Alex has them
  2. You could even just get the 2217 filter without the media and use home made media that would be cheaper again
  3. Ha this could be Koko's goldfish and dwarf puffer site soon ! As a goldfish and tropical fish lover I have found that dwarf puffers can even make goldfish look boring.
  4. As mentioned depth can have a big impact on a fish that is suffering from swim bladder problems. I did read somewhere that fancy goldfish kept in tanks that are 12 inch depth maximum will grow bigger quicker and very very rarely shown any swim bladder/floaty related problems. That's some serious filtration you got running but i am also curious as to why all your readings are 0 ?
  5. You're goldfish have stools ? Wow, how cool is that. My fish seem happy enough just to sit on the bottom of the tank
  6. Sorry to hear of your loss
  7. Great tip. I just need someone to devise a way to stop my plec from uprooting my plants. He does this even when he has been fed cucumber, algae pellets and veggie gel food so i know he isn't hungry
  8. Heck if i could sex DP's when they are really small i would have them right now. Trouble is that when they mature and it turns out that they are all males then all hell breaks loose Even with 20 gallons each in a heavily planted tank isn't enough to stop the territorial disputes froms starting. I would love 1 male and 3 females but the lfs that keep them round my way get them in when they are just so small
  9. Hey guys Tropicals are not boring. Take that back right now ! Goldfish sure a super awesome but until y'all have owned Dwarf Puffers leave the Tropicals alone. DP's are just about the most enjoyable fish to keep, they are such little characters and fascinating to watch. I'm not a huge fan of bubble eyes and celestials just plain freek me out !
  10. In theory the shorter your outlet the greater your final output. I know this works for vertical pumping. I would have your output as short as you can the input you can have longer.
  11. I assume that it has to do with maximum potential. To allow a fish to grow and not be bound by the constraints of it's surroundings.
  12. I have an Arcadia tank that i use as a QT tank. They do 4 options 20, 35, 45 and 60 litres. They are easy to clean as they have a removeable glass lid and i think they look good too This is the range they do. http://www.arcadia-uk.info/product.php?pid=93&mid=10&lan=en
  13. It all depends on just whose opinion you are reading at the time. One of the staff on Badmans tropical fish who is also a professor of ichthyology recommends 125 gallons per single tail goldfish and this is only to be a temporary measure for young fish stating that they will need to be moved to a pond as they grow. I have heard of single tails doing well in 40 gallons per water for each fish though. But it's all about opinion and i don't think that there is a definitive answer out there. I have read on one site that fancy goldfish should be stocked at 30 gallons for the first fish and 15 gallons for each additional fish, how many people on this site including myself aren't doing that ? But then i have also read from a well known top breeder that 7 gallons per fancy with 10 times filtration is just fine. If your fish are healthy you must be doing something right. I think most house floors will easily take the weight of 100 gallon tank providing the weight is evenly spread. A large sheet of plywood under the stand would easily achieve this. If you think that 3 large adults sitting on a 3 seater sofa would probably weigh as much as a 100 gallon tank and a top floor flat would easily manage this.
  14. I reckon you would be best with the 2217+ filter. Shop around Zooplus.co.uk are doing them for £76.90. Just make sure that you get the '+' model as the standard 2217 doesn't come with any media. The plus sign indicates that all media is included. It has a max output of 1000 lph but actually does 790 lph. This filter has been around since the 70's and set the bench mark for many of the new filters that followed it. It can be tricky to set up initially for someone that hasn't used one before but there are loads of step by step guides on youtube to keep you right.
  15. They are definately worth saving up for I put away £50 a month until i had enough to get my 2080.
  16. When it comes to canister filters everyone has their own opinions on what works best for them. I have said it before and i will keep saying it. Eheim are the best ! That is just my opinion though. They are the most reliable filters on the market bar none. They make spare parts for all their filters for up to 15 years even after a model is discontinued. They run near silent. They have the best max output when filled with media and pumping vertically. Eheim manage 60-75% of stated output compared to Rena/Fluval 50-60%. They have the best filter media on the market. They run at a lower power consumption that most of their competitors. They are the best biological filters on the market and they hardly ever break down. They are more expensive than the other brands but the build quality and reliability is second to none
  17. I imagine that even their large canister filter will only do around 50-60% of it's max output once it is full of media but it would free up room in your tank and there is a whole lot of media that comes with it
  18. With those prices i get the feeling that there has to be a catch. I clicked on the 2000 lph canister filter picture and they have a review from practical fishkeping magazine. I would probably check the pfk website to see if anyone has added any more reviews since. My Eheim canister that does 1700 lph and my UV stereliser cost over £420 combined. £79 for a canister with all that. I would seriously think about it as long as i could find some reviews from people that have them.
  19. I totally agree with Alex. Overstocking will only lead to problems in the future. If your cycle crashes you will end up having to do large daily water changes due to the amount of waste being produced. Not only that but should your fish come down with something it can spread like wildfire in an overstocked tank. Increasing filtration can allow for overstocking but this is usually a temporary measure for people who are planning an upgrade or have actually ordered another tank and are setting it up. In the long term i personally wouldn't recommend it.
  20. Thanks for all your comments guys. Hope the new fish settle in ok and grow into big happy fish
  21. New tanks are awesome. I'm sure the drive will be worth it !
  22. Ha, i though about Gollum but wasn't sure about naming one of my fish after a baddie It's a possible though !
  23. Thanks Shawnee. I have had goldfish named Sam, Bilbo, Merry and Pippin previously and am looking for a name that i haven't used yet
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