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  1. I have 2 large ecco pro's on my tropical tank. Good filters
  2. Cleaning filter media in a mild bleach solution is fine as long as you rinse well and most importantly dechlorinate it correctly. I clean my python in a mild bleach solution as it's used on multiple tanks. I rinse well and leave it in a large tub of water overnight with a double dose of prime.
  3. Glad Lucy has made positive progress. Charlie is my Cavalier king Charles Spaniel
  4. What filter are you using ? How long has the cartridge been out of water ? Is it carbon that you have removed ? Boiling water should do the trick for normal filter media.
  5. To us goldfish lovers who know that each of our fish can have totally different personalities we see them as much more than just an expendable method of making lots of money at weddings. Can I ask all you guys who keep tropical fish what you do if one of your neon tetras dies ?
  6. I have never used that test kit. Online charts will be just as good as the real thing. It might be worthwhile testing your water for ammonia and then having a local fish store test the same water and compare readings. All the fish stores near me use drops.
  7. There are only 2 filters in the UK that are capable of doing that kind of turnover on their own. The Fluval FX5 (£374) and the Eheim 2080 (£510), for a tank of 120 litres and bigger unless you plan on buying one of the these filters you are going to need multiple filters to get the 10 times filtration. It is possible that the EX2400 (£314) might just manage this but i wouldn't bet on it.
  8. Do you have a test kit and what sort is it ? Drops are far more accurate than strips. As Tithra mentioned your tank will be cycled when you get 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and a positive reading for nitrate. There is a little bit more to it than that however, the test to determine if your tank is cycled is that your first lot of beneficial bacteria are able to turn a known amount of ammonia (anything between 2 and 4 ppm depending on how many fish you are adding and the tank size) into 0 in a 24 hour period. The second lot of beneficial bacteria should be able to turn your nitrite reading in to 0 in the same time frame giving you a nitrate reading. Then you do a large water change and only at this point can you add your fish. You might want to keep a log so we can offer any help should something go awry. It's much easier to figure out what has happened if you have daily readings recorded.
  9. They are fast little things
  10. Yes the Eheim 2217 does only come with sponge media. I would recommend running it like that until it is seeded. After that i would recommend Eheim Efimech and Substrat Pro to gradually replace the sponges. My personal opinion is i would much rather have far superior filter than compromise for the sake of some bioballs. You can always upgrade to proper eheim media later on. The sponge filters will seed just fine. This media will last forever http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/fish/filters_pumps/filters_and_pumps/eheim_classic_filter_media/13337
  11. When I first got into goldfish I had 3 fantails and found koko's. On here I heard all the members talking about orandas, I looked them up but they just didn't appeal to me at all. What the heck is a wen ? What do you mean it's squishy ? Yuck ! Then I saw this on YouTube, I have had orandas ever since
  12. Both Melafix and Pimafix are great and are very under rated treatments.
  13. Absolutely beautiful fishes They must go through some gel food !
  14. Eheim 2217 is half the price of a Ex1200 and will have better biological filtration, will last longer and has a greater output. The 2217 max output is 1000 lph but it achieves about 790 lph when full of media. The Ex1200 does 1200 lph but actually would only be kicking out around 600-700 lph when media added.
  15. It's the microscopic stuff that might have tagged along with the worms i would be most worried about.
  16. Green water would be great for your fish, not so great to look at though
  17. If you can get enough carbon granules to fill one of the compartments you can put the bio rings in a little sock or the bottom of a pair of tights and have the air from your bubble wand passing through the media to keep it going.
  18. Any info you need let me know i am pretty clued up on DPs. The one thing that can be a spanner in the works is getting all males as i have mentioned.
  19. I don't have one. I have 2 Eheim Ecco Pro 300s and a Pro 3 2080. I was going to get a classic 2217 but i upgraded to a 65 gallon tank and went for the 2080 instead
  20. I think we already ruled out sunlight on this previously. How long is your tank light on each day ?
  21. I eventually got them with a turkey baster but they sure are fast and they can grip on to a surface like super glue. You could add wormer plus if you are still worried.
  22. The experts reckon 5 gallons per puffer is fine but i would recommend 10. They like lots of plants, snails, blood worms and good filtration. If you had 1 male and 2 females they would be fine in a 20. 2 males would might get violent as they mature. I kept mine with ammano and red cherry shrimp and ramshorn snails. They never saw the shrimp as food Yes, also known as Pygmy Puffer, Indian Puffer, Pea Puffer and Malabar Puffer
  23. The Eheim media is considered by many to be the best on the market for biological filtration. Is it just March we don't pay Council Tax ?
  24. From what i can tell you need the 2217+ model to get the media thrown in. Priming can be tricky the first time apparently but there are loads of videos on youtube that will take you through it. As for cleaning you would be looking at taking it off your tank twice a year for a good old scrub out and that is no major problem as the pipes would probably need a pull through as well. The pros far outweigh those 2 minor niggles imo.
  25. It's possible. Did you treat your plants ? If earthworms are getting in what else is also hitching a ride in that you can't see. I have had fresh water leeches come in buried deep inside moss balls. They freaked me out a bit i can tell you. You wouldn't want a few of them latching on to your fish.
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