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  1. wow he is such a cuite. I love pearlies. I have two myself. An all white one and a a orange and white one like your baby. I think pearls are so cute. I love watching them swimming and wiggling their little bums as they go. I know you already have a name but the name " Peachy" came to me when I was looking at his pic
  2. I love prime too. It is hard to find sometimes. But I have found it only at Pet-smart. So if you have one of these big chains stores near you, you might be in luck
  3. I did some web surfing and found an aquarium place in Scotland. I don't know if it will be of any help but check out this link http://www.uda.co.uk/index.htm
  4. Thanks Cometgirl. I tried looking at the chart for St. Louis City it said page not found, but I am pretty sure that St. Louis probably puts Chloramines in the water especially since we had flooding here this summer ( surrounding areas flooded as well as the Mississippi River near flood stage- I hear they add extra chemicals then). I have heard of betta freinds also collecting rain water which probably would be good as well except for high industrial areas like big cities where you have acid rain
  5. thanks Dan. I did break down and go to Wally world and ended up getting some aqua safe by tetra. Not as cool as prime but had a couple dollars left of my gift card I got for my birthday. I know some bettabreeders who put water out to set but I have never tried it myself, what you say makes sense
  6. Ran out of prime and other dechlorinators I use and probably will not be able to got out and get more before I change the tank water. If I set a couple of buckets of water out with a towel over them , how long do you think I should let them set before using them for a water change
  7. The scrubbies worked but the weave on them was a litte to compact. I was cleaning the tank recently and looked at the algae scrubber sponge and found it was similar the scrubbie pad but a loser weave and thicker. I cut it to size to fit the filter and it is working great for the mechanical filter and then the biowheel does the rest. I have been using it for a couple weeks and it seems to work great and all I have to do is rinse it out in dirty tank water when I do a water change
  8. I will have to take another pic this weekend when I change water and clean the tank up. He is getting huge. He is bigger than Angel now, even after just having her a couple months. He may have some Ryukin in him. He has a high arched back like a Ryukin but the rest of him is all pearlscale.His color is changing slightly and is getting more dark orange. Unfortunately he lost his black saddle mark and his back is all organge now. She or He ( not sure it may be a he) is still the king of the tank and the master of the feed me dance.
  9. those are so cute. You are such a great picture taker Dan. Too cute
  10. bettaqueen


    yup Pet*smart started carring replacement biowheels in differing sizes
  11. bettaqueen

    My Tanks

    I like your partial barebottom tank. Mine is mainly barebottomed. I just have about 5 river rocks in there and that is it. They are easier to clean. You might want to extend the filter intake tubing. It is easy to do and Toothless posted an article on how to do it. I will see if I can find it for you and post a link. It will help keep the bottom cleaner. you can also use a turkey baster to suckup poos you see inbetween tank cleanings. I like my barebottom tank. I love Zorros blue color
  12. yup gross. you are probably o.k. since you washed it in anitbacterial soap. you might want to soak it in mouthwash to kill any remaining germs on it in the crevices. Got to save those things at all cost. They are rather expensive. I had braces as an adult and left my retainer on a tray in the cafeteria when I was working as a nurse. Needless to say I did not realize it till much later and had to pay to replace it ( not cheap). The orthodontist thought it was kind of funny and imbedded a sitcker with my last name on it so I would not lose it again . Poor Chutney I bet he thought he was getting a some tasty snack. I agree with acupunk. The human mouth harbors very nasty germs. I would do a water change for Chutney
  13. look at this article on the blisters on pearlscales another member just posted http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...t=0#entry806047
  14. wow that is great and thank you for the time and indepth posting of that article. One of my pearlies had this and I could not figure out why. She had just been through a round of maracyn and maracyn two for what I thougt was fin rot and the blister where unaffected by the antibiotics as you mentioned. I turned out she really had a tumor which with the area it was located was cutting off the blood supply to her tail and fins. She developed these blisters before she died. I had tried using some salt in the water for the fin rot after the antibiotic treatments. I guess from the gist of your article that is what caused it. Thanks I have salt in my tank right now because one of my pearlies bumped in to something in the tank a halfway broke the very tip end of her tail. I believe I will take it out this next water change
  15. sorry to hear about losing Pumpkin. My pearly Jade had a couple of those on here rear end before she died.She had just gone through a round of maracyn and then marycyn two . I just popped the blister and they had a fluid similar to clear sticky stuff in a blister. She died not long after that from a tumor and maybe from those. She was a pearlie too. I am sorry for your loss
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