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  1. Funny! Looks like a lot of the links to my old fish photos are broken. Here's Tinko, Istvan, and Ferrero. Cheers!
  2. Yes, Tinko was my baby girl. I'll post up a summary of events since I was hanging out on Koko's. Need to get work done first though. I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Koko's. <3
  3. Istvan is close to nine inches including her tail. Tinko is nearly nine inches too, but she's mostly belly instead of tail. Kiku is about 2.5 inches. Thanks! It cracks me up when people first see them and ask, "What kind of fish are they, koi?"
  4. Istvan. Tinko gets a photo op. Kiku gets dwarfed under Istvan.
  5. Looks like ich to me too. I'd treat for ich, with salt etc. for 3 weeks - unless they take a big turn for the worse.
  6. What a great personality she has. The tank is very cool too.
  7. Of course! You will find we are all a bit goofy on here... Not all. Very nice fish!
  8. Possibly. It varies. She's an odd one.
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