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  1. I change about a third of the water, about every 6 weeks. My levels never get very high at all, I think the low PH might be stopping is cycling properly. Thanks for the tip about baking soda. At the moment I use a product: PH UP from API (https://www.apifishcare.com/product.php?id=645#.Wzp-dcIh1aQ) to keep the PH up. Ive done a similar method gradually bringingit up. But it can quickly fall to 6.0 if left unmedicated. But even when I get it to 7.4 or so, where the goldfish are happiest, I struggle to keep it there, so I'm guessing there is something wrong in my set up.
  2. Ive been struggling for about a year, ever since I set this tank up, with very low PH. I have never had this problem before with other tanks. There is obviously something in my set up that I'm missing that's causing the problem and I'm looking for any help diagnosing it. I have a 240l aquarium, that houses 2 medium fancy goldfish and 2 small fancy goldfish. It has a 306 Fluval external filter. For decor it has sand as the base, is very heavily planted and a few stones and an aquarium safe, fake branch I did have some driftwood in the tank though I took that out a few months ago as I thought it might be the culprit, but no difference. 2 large bubblers. The water quality just tested as aminia 0.2, nitrite 0, nitrate 0, PH 6.8 The temp is a bit high as its very hot here 28'C. I have added in a couple of bottles of freezer cooled water to cool it down. At the moment I'm having to put PH up in every few days to keep it up. The only differences in this tank set up that ones I've had before is I've used aquarium sand for the first time, an it's much more heavily planted. But as far as I understand they shouldn't' lower PH? All ideas welcome. Or let me know if you need any more info. Blink
  3. about a week ago my goldfish got stuck behind my jewel background (now removed) and has suffered minor scale abrations (just scale loss, not flesh damage) and major fin abrasion. His tail fin is down to 1/3 length on one side and mostly lost his fins on that side. He's acting healthy, swiming and eating fine. the fin loss hasn't seemd to change his swimming. the fins have started to turn thick white at edges with black patches downh the fin. I guess this is the healing process. Will his fins and scales grow back and is there anything I can do to help. water conditions fine. 3 small/medium fish in a 30 gal. Thanks
  4. Hi about a week ago my pearlscale developed these bubbled in his skin, they are definatly liquid filled not gas. starting from the back and following the line of his belly. From reading forums this seemed to be an issue that perlscales just occationally get and it goes away, but since then he has become more and more sedentary, sitting on the bottom. today he wouldn't come up to feed. An tonight i noticed my rykin has the first 3 spines on his top fin clamped and going slightly white. Is this fin rot? I obviously have a baterial or parasite infection. tank 30 gals cycles normally PH 7 ammonia o nitrite 0 nitrate 4 (ph was higher perviously about 7.4) Nothing out of the ordinarry hashappened ot the tank, apart from I moved from floating flish sticks to flackes (due to mis purchase) and reduced the light levels because of algae on the glass Here are pics of bubbles Please can you share any ideas. Thank you in advance.
  5. sounds like a cool project. would love to hear the results. i seen another goldfish memory test that might be fun. place red piece of paper at one end of the tank and blu at the other. for a few days or so always feed them at the red end, until they all move to the red end at feeding time. then when they do this swap the ends and see if they automatically go to the other to get fed. My friend tried thid wit asonishing results. But I have an intank filter at one end so cant try.
  6. Im sure the pellets sound like you problem. I would do a 40% water change and clean your filter. But the thing that made the biggest difference is using the fish net to remove the largest waste. Just get a normanl fish net and swish it in larges strokes through the water then rince in clean water. after the food messed my tank i spent about half an hour siving the water and hey presto crystal clear. Personally with this problem manually cleaning the water feeld safer than using products.
  7. very very beautiful tanks. the landscaping is very clever. and the white gravel in that shot looks amazing. you should be very proud.
  8. how often should you replace the carbon. my bluewave5 filter has large carbon balls. about the size of marbles and about 40 of them. and it says to replace them every 6 months. Should i do it more often. its a 30 gal tank.
  9. what food are you using? I had moved from floating food, to the sinking tretrafin gold japan, sinking pellets. but found this heavy food made a realmess of my tank in a really short time. making it really cloudy with quite large particles. I went back to the previous food, cleaned the filters, did 30% water change, but this didn't do it all and so also swashed my fish net through the water to sieve it and took out loads of the crud. Since then its never come back.
  10. I have what i thought was a fantail, called charlie, but as ive looked at other fish photos im confused. Is he a fantail or ryukin? Ive seen pics of fantils with more pronounced spines, and pictures of ryukins with less pronounced spines. how do you tell?? he is about 1 year old. here is charlie. (the right of the top pic)
  11. it seems to be the general rule that for fancy goldfish you need a minimum of 10 gals per fish if well filtered, but be prepared to extend this. I have 3 fancies of 2-3 inches of body length (without tail) in a 30 gallon tank, and with good filtering I can keep my tank pretty clean and stable. but realise that when they have grown larger i will have to extand my tank. I think orandas can grow up to about 12 inches. One rule is that you need at least 24 square inches of water surface (length x width) for each 1 inch of fish body length excluding the tail, But that feels a bit on the small size.
  12. whats your amonia, nitrate, nitrite and ph levels? You cannot judge the water quality without testing these. a 90% water change every weeks seems extreamly over the top. usually a 30% every two weeks is sufficiant with a good filter. Also have you considered that goldfish sleep. They do spend time sitting and resting, just like anyother animal.
  13. was just taking pics and caught kurt waving at me !! hes like 'err hello pet human, whats up' here is kurt when hes ignoring me
  14. thanks guys. I do adgot my lil' piggies. feeding time is definatly my fav fishy time, Its amazing the aerobatics they go through to beat the others to ther fav treats. thanks Mutsukai, i for got about pow!!
  15. mango, thanks for the tips about seeds :) would love to hear your flower secrets. do your fish eat the flowers?
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