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  1. thank you. and yes it does take hours to do my tanks I work for an aquatics company, so im cleaning tanks and working on the constantly aswell as sorting out the fish orders ect. it doesnt help being the only person there who can tell what fish is what lol.. makes it harder for me doing the job of three people. when i do get a day off.. once a week it takes me 12 hours aprox to clean and maintain my tanks the piranha tank takes the longest as well.. they are under impression that my hands are for eating.. so i have to put on a chain glove so they dont bite me.... as well they bite me the other week a few times and it went down to the bone.. and hurt a lot lol. But yes i really dont think i ever get a day off from work. lol
  2. hello everyone, i thought i would update on my fish as i have a few more goldies now well aswell as everything else lol. My 9 inches ryukin and 7 inch black moor decided to spawn the other day....didnt manage to save any of the eggs as i was at work:( but hopefully they will spawn again soon. heres a short list of my goldies lol. Ranchu - 8 inches Black moor - 7 inches Black moor - 5 inches calico fantail 5 inches Blue oranda - 4 inches White oranda - 4 inches Lion head - 4 inches Ranchu - 4 inches vailtail - 6 inches i think that is all my goldies. i manage to break my one of my tropical fish tanks by accident so had to move the tropicals into the goldie tank with the goldies lol. otherwise id have a lot of dead fish. lucky for me the weather is so hot here that tanks are all at tropical temp with out heaters. so i now have in the tank with the goldies. 1 red tail catfish - 10 inches 2 yellow spotted plecs - 15 inches 1 bristle nose plec - 6 inches 2 small yellow spotted plecs - 6 inches 5 sucking loaches - 6 inches 2 fire eels 12 inches 1 snakefish - 12 inches ( also known by many other names ) i think thats it lol. well i lost a couple of my smaller goldies. such as my pompom, ranchu, white globe eye, small ryukin, as they decided to inspect the redtails catfish's cave.. but all the others are to big to fit in its mouth so he leaves them alone. i will post a lot of pics once i am done with the tanks today lol.. i have 7 large tanks in the liveing room currently... oscar tank piranha tank siamese fighter breeding tank qt tank large community tank for tropicals and a live bearer breeding tank. also my main tank that was for goldies up intill recently. ill post the pics soon
  3. Yeah devs, sometimes food blocks or sticks can be a pain in the backside. not always the best thing. glad you thought of the plants there, as that is one thing i forgot about "writes into little black book to remember in future" lol
  4. Fish can last a few days with out food. alough sometimes they can get stressed out with it. In your LFS they probably feed them every 2 - 3 days. and there normally highly active due to wanting feeding. Generally for 5 days i wouldnt not feed them for that length of time, but it is your decision. There are weekend "sticks" that well i dont like personaly.. but i have found that feeding blocks are much better to use. probably a 3 day feeding block would be enough to be honest. any more it can slowly start to polute your tank. hopw this is of any use to you.
  5. Good for you, i work in an aquatics centre, i hear and see this thing every day, some of the customers think your haveing a laugh though lol. I even got threatened with the sack, because i wasnt selling the fish to the customers. i told my boss.. sack me if u wish, it isnt the job i care about it is the fish and i refuse to sell a fish to a person who knows nothing or who just wants more for an already overstocked aquarium.. to say the least. he wasnt impressed. but hey he couldnt sack me lol im the fish expert there and noone has a clue about the fish compared to me lol 20 years experiance in the fish business so my experiance speaks for its self when i got to this new store. the reputation was about 0 and the customer service was a 0 also. full of complaints every day due to staff not being able to provide the correct information to the customers. or just trying to make the sale. Now being there for a few months. i have customers comeing from 50+ miles away asking for me by name due to my customer service and advice. If there is anyone in wales neer crosshands. pop into " Leeks" there where you will find me happy fish keeping
  6. invest in a generator lol. works for me lol i lost 2 4ft long sturgon due to the same thing. my fish are worth a fortune isnt worth risking a powercut.
  7. nice, pity im in different country
  8. lol, yeah i been takeing all the fish lol, but hey thats me lol Just ordered 2x 100 gallon fish tanks for my liveing room and 2 90 gallon corner tanks. not to bad lol gotta love the discount lol. Im a little annoyed atm as we had a delivery in last week so i told them to keep them in QT for 2 weeks to be safe. they didnt listen lol so i put the ones in qt that i wanted for myself, and they started to sell theres. Well when i was off 3 days ago, they did water changes on the QT tanks, well the bright sparks didnt put any medications back into it.. with out me knowing.. so i took the fish home put in my tanks.. and now 2 tropical tanks and my main gf tank, has white spot, fungi and full of red streeks in the tails. so im a little annoyed, but anyway those tanks are all now large qt tanks lol. no fish died as of yet, but perhaps i shouldnt say that as they will die now just to prove a point. Ill update ya all later
  9. Well helo guys, i havent been on for a little while as i have been ever so busy with work, I just got a new job, some of you may remember me saying about it, i was offered a job in an aquatic centre, god its big lol and lots of hard work. gotta love the 50% discount on all fish lol. i must cost them a fortune lol. Well, i thought id pop on and say hello again, as i will be on here more now as im not sick any more. so hope to see you all around Cheers Lee
  10. id lower the nitrate. i keep mine around 10.. but anything below 40 is good
  11. Yeah its a green light in there.. i have 3 in there. red green and blue, all positioned in different places. in the night they look great withthe night light on
  12. I have told my husband for years that my dream tank would be one that splits the dinning room from the living room. It would have to be big and in the wall so you can see through. I want to use a fine sand for the bottom and a lot of drift wood and live plants if it was for goldfish. But IF I was to put a tank into the walll most likely it will be tropical... white sand and corals. As far as fiters and what size tank... That would depend on the size of the wall and the size of the tank. So I'll let you know in 2060 what I got. haha. 495969[/snapback] Lol barb, see i got your name right this time lol. Yeah sounds good. im still debateing weather to have it a goldfish tank or not.. But i highly expect that i will put marine fish in it. i love sharks lol so id get some of them, Id get a nurse shark if it wasnt for the fact. there teach are the size of your hand, nad that they grow to 10ft lol
  13. lol thats a good one jen lol... i should have thought of that one myself lol.
  14. i believe its 10 inches from head to tale. in my experiance every fish is different. you could find that you have two fish from the same batch, and one will be mature before the other. Its all down to genes
  15. i lost chocolate a couple days ago, had a slight problem in the tank. to much nitrite. so im not sure if it was that they killed him. or that he died from swimbladder problems. he was never right from when i got him, as many of you know.. i always buy the sick fish. as they have more chance of liveing with me. than they do in a pet store.
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