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  1. Hello, glad to see you went with the pro-gold after all. I have heard a lot of people soak the pellets for 5 minutes before hand. Personally, all my goldies are pigs and just munch them up
  2. Hmmm, sounds about right. I feed about 6 pellets, twice per day......but my fish are bigger. So 9 per day seems right!
  3. Hi 1 oranda is about 4 inches 1 comet about 5 1 lionhead about 2 inches 1 Moor about 4 inches I would stock up as Rick is selling up and I have no idea where youwould get if from. ALso, the way I figure, I might as well just pay one S&H fee? My fish were fed HIkari pellets, and had no problem moving over to the pro-gold even though the pellets are a little bigger
  4. What colour are your fish? I have black in my 55G and 1 10G & river rock in the other 2 10g's!
  5. Hello, I have teracotta pots in all my tanks. They are the regular house plant type that you can buy anywhere....just rinse before you put them in. I actually thread my air line into mine so all the bubbles come out of the pot!
  6. sorry - no idea.....I would just go with a few pellets, and what they will eat in 3-5 minutes!
  7. Oh to answer your secind question: I fed two orandas, a lionhead and a comet (who is a PIG) for about 6 months with the 8oz size....so the 2lb bag wuld last you eons!!!!!!!
  8. Hello. As far as I know, Pro-gold is only available at GFC on line. I ordered the small size first - about 6 months ago and I only just finished it. I just spent $26 (inc S&H) on the 2lb bag - as Rick is selling GFC so I would order soon!
  9. I have a heater in my tank...and when I treat them for disease, I usually turn the heater to around 80 degrees. If it always stays at 76, maybe you can get away without one, but I guess that very much depends on where you live?
  10. 6 weeks - Oh my!!!!! I do one every week, of 15-20% and sometimes I do two changes per week. The longest I have let it go was two weeks!
  11. Oh sorry to hear about what happened to this fishie....but I hope that everything will be ok. Your new fishies is lucky to be coming home with you for Christmas so you can take good care if him!
  12. Thanks Happy, I will keep you posted Thanks so much for your help, I really do appreciate it so much!
  13. Hi happy Well Ive now treated FWNN with some pc in his 10G....he's still at the top of the tank although not sucking the air as much, but he is still flashing. The ironic thing, now Lipstick, who was the infected fish to start off with looks a little listless in the 55G. Do you think he could now be infected with bugs that FWNN left in there? ARGH! I am going to scream
  14. Hmmmm, Well I did treat the whole tank, several times....and still the other three fish all seemed fine but FWNN was flashing. Today I moved FWNN into his old 10G tank & just added some PC and some salt. I'll treat again on Monday and then again on Wednesday/Thursday. You still think i should treat the other three fish in the 55G???? Thanks so much for all your help!
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