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  1. Most of mine used to go toward watering plants, but now that we have moved and the setup is different (can not use the python on the sinks, will not fit the faucet) I get it out in buckets and just toss it into the yard or down the drain. Fishtank water (especially goldfish tank water) is fantastic for house plants! I never had to use Miracle Grow when I watered with my old tank water.
  2. I always hold the test tube with two fingers: my thumb supports the bottom and my index finger is on the top holding the cap in place. No matter how much I invert or shake the tubes, I have never had a problem with leaks. They might have changed the tubes over the past couple years, I have had the same tubes for ages it seems.
  3. Welcome to KGW, and thanks for sharing pics of your fish with us. They are very beautiful, and I am glad you came up with names for them.
  4. Welcome to KGW! You will love it here, and we love seeing pictures of your finned babies. KGW has a sister site called Pet Brigade that is a bit quieter, but worth a peep sometime if you have other pets such as birds, reptiles, dogs, or cats.
  5. My tiger barb tank was my favorite, I had about 12 in my 29 gallon and they were a real hoot! I had green, albino, and regular. I have not seen many of the green ones lately, especially since my move to NJ. We have a peaceful community tank right now, but if I ever redo it with different fish I will go with all tiger barbs again. I used to call them my piranha tank. XD
  6. Yes, they do. The key is to drop the temp relatively slowly. I would bet that 10 degrees in an hour wouldn't be a good thing, but I would say 5 is okay. How big is your tank?
  7. *facepalm* D'oh! Yeah, I do the water changes in that tank about once a month or when the nitrate test kit starts giving numbers I don't like. 56 hour workweek has my brain fried. >>
  8. I had a 5 1/2 gallon tank with a single male betta. It was very pretty and he was extremely happy in there. 10 gallons isn't bad, and you can make it look very nice. When I first got into fishkeeping I had two commons in that 5 1/2 gallon tank and then I made the huuuge upgrade to a... wait for it... TEN GALLON tank!!! I thought that was the coolest ever until I realized one day that those two commons were almost as long as the tank and could not move very much in there. When one of them got sick and I found KGW I went to a 30 gallon. At the moment I have tetras and cory cats in my 30, and they are a blast to care for. I still have my workhorse goldfish filtration on there (Eheim Pro II canister filter, 300+ GPH iir) and pretty much all I have to do is drop in food every other day and wipe the walls once in a while. I love it!
  9. If you use ice straight out of the freezer be sure to add Prime to the tank, becuase the melted ice will add chlorine to your water. A litte bit will not matter much, but if you are using lots of ice then you may run into a problem. That is why frozen bottles are safer, but be sure to dip some of the water out since the frozen bottles will displace the water in your tank.
  10. I think that your little tank will be just fine without a heater, but you can't go wrong by adding one in there for good measure. Do you have a thermometer in the tank? If not, grab one that floats in the water and keep an eye on it. Room temps can fluctuate wildly, but I find that tanks (even small ones) stay pretty steady.
  11. Were the plants in that tank real? I'm wondering if it is one of those 'pest snails' that sometimes hitch rides when you buy plants. Can't wait to see a pic tho.
  12. That is a totally awesome picture!! Great job!!
  13. For a quick fix you can use baking soda to get pH down, and for a more long term solution go with a natural buffer in your filtration system: crushed coral.
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