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  1. Chippie And The Gang

    yep 2 months ago the thing is that i forgot completly bout' koko's website thus i didnt tell u guys earler on
  2. Info About Moors Plz

    i think your sig is toooo big
  3. I Had I Great Thought!

    i dont think they will, none of them have breeding stars at the moment lol i think most r girls
  4. Chippie And The Gang

    thank you blue lol,goldfishcrazy2 that was last year d_golem i kept the 40 gall as well ok? that equals 72 gall
  5. Chippie And The Gang

    hey i forgot to post this but i have a new tank and chippie and flame died so i think i might not be over stocked now EDIT:flash died aswell
  6. I Had I Great Thought!

    cool imagine my moonlight and amber then the second gen could be breeded with "a" shubunkin imagine the results!!!
  7. I Had I Great Thought!

  8. I Had I Great Thought!

    there in my sig and thnkxz bout the 32 gall
  9. I Had I Great Thought!

    cool combos (im sorry bout' ur lionhead)
  10. I Had I Great Thought!

    is it small enough yet? oh and by the way i cut down on goldies and only have a bit now and i got a new tanks its a 32 gallon!!! (i kept the old one aswell)
  11. I Had I Great Thought!

    ok thnkxz guys and i thought it had been done i wish it haddent.ill change my sig now k?
  12. wouldnet it be great if there was somthing as a MOORANDA (a half moor and half oranda) lol u could call it miranda
  13. What Does Your Username Mean?

    lvl 126! im only lvl 60!
  14. Chippie And The Gang

    i can buy a little 10 litre but thats all i can afford now
  15. Chippie And The Gang

    hey i got a red cap oranda and 2 black moors the bigger moor is called moonlight the smaller moor is shadow and the red cap oranda is named amber