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  1. Yes JFriend...I feel exactly the same as LuvMuhFred. It seems like you may have more experience with goldfish than most newbies to Koko's. That is the number one reason that Koko's always advises new fish keepers to stick to the 10 for fancy, and 20 for common/comet rule when giving advice. It's better to keep things simple and err on the side of safety when giving advice to newbies. Once people such as yourself have more experience with goldfish, it may be possible to bend the rules like you do.
  2. Also, the goldfish's dorsal fin will be fully upright when they yawn. Like Lady D and Gia said, they will stretch their mouths wide open, you will even see their chin move forward, and also strech their dorsal fin.
  3. Wow, interesting and educational thread. But I won't be trying this with my babies any time soon, or ever for that matter.
  4. No problem, we're happy to help! I can't tell you for sure how long this will last. It may clear up on its own, or you may have to make changes to your lighting or add special filters to your tank to get rid of it. That's why I suggest that you try to find out as much as you can yourself, so that you can make a good decision on what to do about it. an algae bloom looks like this. That's what your tank looks like, right? Here's a quote on green water from www.plantgeek.com:
  5. You have an algae bloom on your hands. Take heart, the green water is generally good for your fish as it aids in the nitrogen cycle, provides nutrition, and improves your goldfish's growth and coloration. There are people who will even try to cultivate this green water for their show fish. Warning, green water becomes unsafe if it becomes a really, really dark forest green, to the point where you can't even see your fish anymore even though they are right next to the glass. But with the weekly 50 percent water changes you do, you won't have to worry about this phenomena. If I were you, I'd start google-ing this problem. There are lots of really great resources on the net that will help you make a good, educated decision on what to do next. Good luck!
  6. Aww, fatpinkchicken. I'm sorry that you have to give them up. But you are absolutely right. It's very important to give your two comets an appropriate home. Unless you really can set up a 40 gallon tub until you get a 40 gallon tank. Good luck, and hopefully everything will work out well for Spuds, Fred and yourself.
  7. If I were you I would start writing letters to animal rights and wellfare groups. It seems that nobody at your school including the authorities there really care about what they are doing. You may also want to write letters to your local news stations and newspapers. You can also start a petition at your school. Good luck!
  8. Yep, fish surgery is on the rise! You might want to check this link out too. NOVA the PBS show did a segment on fish surgery and this link has clips from the show. Fish Surgery Link
  9. do you have any sharp decor in your tank? Those increasing translucent scale patches may actually be patches of missing scales.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong here guys. Doesn't gas exchange happen at the surface of the water only? This guys claims that because there are so many tiny bubbles, that your tank will have a ton of oxygen. Now I can see these tiny bubbles creating great surface agitation, so it may indeed help oxygenate the water in that respect. But those tiny bubbles putting available oxygen directly into the water? And yeah, it's pretty darn pricey too.
  11. Why...I don't think he knows why either. And that is the problem. I had a lady come to me the other day when I was at work at my LPS. She said that her fish died after a water change and wanted a refund. After talking to her for a bit I found out that one of my lovely fellow employees told her to use distilled water! When I told her this info was incorrect and why her fish died she was pretty ticked. Now I can understand running your tank for 24 hours before adding fish, to test for leaks and to make sure your equipment works. But a week? Don't believe a LPS/LFS employee until they prove themselves guys. There are some good ones out there. But most of them really don't know what they are talking about. <_<
  12. LOL, well that employee certainly was full of it! But I do have one thing to say. Before I started working at my LPS I would also be just as hard on the employees when they had dead fish. Now after receiving 3 shipments of fish myself I can tell you guys, fish die all the time after a shipment! And lots of them too! It's not unusual for us to find all but one fish dead in the bag. And then a couple dozen more dead in our tanks on the first and second day. Just wanted to remind you guys that even though this one person was a total dweeb, fish will die and it's not always the LPS/LFS's fault.
  13. Wow, Awrieger, you got some really great finds there. I can't wait to see how lovely they turn out after a few months with you! I'm sorry about Lucy, she was a beautiful oranda. I hope you're two new ones can fill the dpace she left in your heart. LOL, poor Suzy! That's such a great picture, she's got so much character in it. Naughty little ryukin! I hope that you can teach him to behave himself. If not then tell him about the Koko stick if he keeps up this behavior! Hey, I was wondering if it would be ok to shoot you a pm? I actually have a few questions I'd like to ask you. OK, actually a bunch. I'm finally going to start my first planted tank soon, and I was hoping you'd be kind enough to share some of your insight with me. I'll wait 'til ya let me know.
  14. I know that using distilled water only in your aqaurium is very bad. It lacks all the important buffering qualities, minerals, nutrients, etc. that a fish needs. Plus the pH will be completely unstable too. I'm sure it affects osmoregulation too. What I would like to know is: Once ammonia is excreted from the fish into the water, this is what will cause the pH to start changing rapidly, correct? Is a pH crash very likely then? What are the effects of distilled water on osmoregualtion exactly?
  15. This tank will actually be for two male betta splendens, but since this is the only aquatic plant section here goes. The plants I would like to use are dwarf hairgrass for the foreground, heteranthera zosterifolia for the back ground and broad leaf saggitaria in the middle. The tank will be a regular glass 10 gallon. For lighting I will use 2 Coralife Mini Freshwater Aqualights that include 2 9 watt 6700k lamps each. This would give me 3.6 watts/gallon. For subtrate I would like to use Carib Sea Eco Complete. I'll be using two sponge filters and a Hydor Theo 50 watt heater. I'll also be supplementing with Seachem Flourish and Flourish Excel. My water is quite hard with a GH of 150 ppm, KH 180 ppm and pH out of tap at 7.4. The pH, once it's been aerated and added to my 55 gall., reads 8.0, so I think I have a lot of dissolved CO2 in my tap water. Will I be able to get away with no CO2? Do you reccomend I use different plants? Do you reccomend a different subtrate or additives? What do you guys think?
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