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  1. aww what a beautiful little fish! i got so scared when i saw the first picture cuz only half had loaded nd i was like wo why is it upside down? hehe
  2. wow those fish and the tank are extremely beautiful, but isnt that too much fish for a 55 five gallon tank? there were more than 6 fish! and they are all single tailed as well! other than that its extemely lively and beautiful!
  3. lol its definitely the overfeeding cuz i always dump aloot of flake food in cuz half of it goes to the bottom and they dont get it there, i dont think they know they can, so i guess the food like melts into the gravel, which is sand actually. ok hehe i guess ill stop feeding that much. thanks
  4. there are these strange tiiiiiiiny white lines on my glass that move and squirm around. its really weird, its like spread all over the glass, and i noticed it today when i did a water change, what is it?
  5. yea it is a relief to be home! someone should really invent like a little box with a small opening at the top that has a timer, and releases food like at a certain part of the day once a day, i mean normal food the kind we feed the fish with. does that kind of thing exist? because it would sure be perfect! lol
  6. yes i think if a mod sees this if they can to please move it to the diagnosis/discussion part so that you can answer the questions in the white box like water params colour of poop weird behavior tank setup etc. so that we can make sure that your fish is okay
  7. well its been 5 days since i left, and i came back to find the fish in perfect condition (knock on wood). right before i left i remembered i should put some lettuce inside, so everyone is packing and freaking out and im like, um moooom do u have any lettuce!!?? shes like what are you talking about! gosh, well i only have rocca! (which is a type of italian leaf thingee) and i was like oh no cuz i didnt know if fish eat that or not. i was just standing there deliberating for about 10 minutes when my dad said we had to leave, so i popped in like 4 pellets for them to eat before i left, they scarfed them right up and i was gone. i just got back and i ran into my room with anticipation and sure enough they were still there alive and well. when i turned on the light they did kind of freak out and they swarmed around the tank hitting the glass and stuff but now they are fine thank god!
  8. aw its good to hear you cared about your two fishies enough to give them away! the good news is now you can get a bunch of goldfish hehe! im glad you found one that you liked and i hope everything goes good. also, i cant wait until pictures!!!
  9. oh my gosh i just read this post! my heart was beating so fast but then i read that she made it and it is still kind of beating very fast lol. im soo glad that she made it! she really is lucky! and its a good thing that you care as i am sure that that dumb shipper could care less if the shipment reaches there safe and sound! congratulations! she is very beautiful!
  10. well it could be flukes, but more likely i think it could be a harmless reason which has been previously discussed. some of these reasons include, a. the fish isnt used to the texture of a new food, especially if you have just purchased this fish. b. the fish eats the food too fast and cant fit it all in its mouth and repeatedly spits it out and swallows it back in. c. by accident the fish spits it out in its hurry to consume it. overall fish can be very excited when they are eating and they tend to lose control of how they eat. it happens to each and every one of my fish, but as they got used to the food, and i also noticed that as they got bigger it happened less and less. i wouldnt worry about it at all as other members in this forum have experienced the same thing. but how long have you had the fish and what have you been feeding it?
  11. oh my its so sad when they lose their eyes, the same thing happened to my little ranchu a while ago. i wouldnt worry about the food thing though as you said, as long as she has u there to help her! she is still very beautiful. and now you also wont have to worry about the wen, lol.
  12. Very pretty oranda's! i especially love the colouration of the second one, is it gray?
  13. aww what beautiful little fish! and a very nice tank! youll find alot of information on this site about everything and anything you need so i wouldnt worry about anything! i hope you really enjoy your fish, they look like they have entered a nice home!
  14. thanks every1! i will write back then in 5 days!! going to crete
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