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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm..... Well, Interesting.... I would start by saying that once you have decided what type of substrate you are using and added the live rock... 1-2 lbs per gallon of water... I would press it as close to the 2 lbs as possible....then move forward.. The live rock will take care of the cycle...I have never in 25 years of setting up marine tanks added anything to jump start a reef tank...now if you are setting up a swim only tank....fish only...then that is different.... take your time nothing that happens fast in reef keeping is good!!!!
  2. xemptybrkneyesx, Thanks...I do appreciate your kind words....
  3. Hi guys....I would agree.... Don't give up on the idea...they are doable.....
  4. How funny!!! It is a blast diving.... and it isn't near as dangerous as driving a car!!!
  5. My pleasure..... And yes he nibbles a bunch on my fingers also.... I have a 9 min... clip...to big to put on photobucket....but you see this fish doing a lot of taste testing!!!
  6. Yeah he is big...but look at that face!!! Isn't he adorable!!!!
  7. My dive buddy and I are about 28 ft. below the surface when we come up on this male bass protecting a nest....he plays with us for about 15 min... I have a vid that is 9 min...to big to upload to photobucket....but here is a small vid so you get the idea of what I am talking about.... Now this next vid I am shooting some small bluegills...and look what comes out from under the rock.... Now some playfull bluegills....
  8. This is a Humphead Wrasse.... they have recorded the weight of these to get to over 400lbs... And yes that is this ones true size!!! Big guy isn't he!!!
  9. Just wondering what size tank I need for my new fish???? LOL
  10. What is your Specific Gravity now???? For a fish only tank...you can run between 1.019 - 1.021.... If you are keeping coral and inverts you will need it to be between 1.025 - 1.026..... You keep adding salt mix until you get it to that level....
  11. Reef Man

    Oh Lala

    Can you take a picture of your tank and this fish??? What are you water parameters??? What other fish do you have in the tank??? And you have any coral or inverts???
  12. I know what you mean man.....it is a different story in the wild for sure!!!! The puffers do get big....here are a few shots of puffers that I came accross...
  13. Things have gotten a bunch better.... The filtration, lights, size, etc all depend on what kind of marine tank you are wanting to set up....If you want a FO...Fish only tank...then the filtration and lighting can be different, if you want a FOWLR...with may be a few inverts, then again it could be different...If you want a full reef tank...then there are still options...by what you keep....so the first thing for me to help you is to know what kind of salt tank you are wanting.....
  14. I think the best way to get in to scuba is a Local Dive Shop instructor...they can take you through the course and you start by going to a confined pool dive...and they use good gear!!! If you were having trouble breathing it was probably the equipment....It should be very effortless to breath from a good regulator... Take your time and get a good instructor and you should do fine.... I have been diving for years....and after I was trained it was great...But the first pool dive was a little nerve racking...but once you get past that it is all good!!! Don't give up on it...it will be worth it if you can get through the first bit of training!!!!
  15. I am glad you enjoy them.... I don't want to bore anyone with my "Home Vids!!!"....but I really enjoy them!!!
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