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  1. Hello Kissy, I have always used Potassium Permanganate Bath (PP). To prepare the plant bath, fill a bucket with enough water to completely cover the plants. Add enough Potassium Permanganate to color the water a dark cranberry color. Maintain the dark cranberry color for 20 minutes, adding more PP as needed. This will kill almost all algae, snail eggs and any parasites which could be hosted on the plants. To make sure the plants are safe to add to your aquarium, rinse the plants thoroughly in water, then soak the plant in 3X de-chlorinator solution for 10 minutes. The de-chlorinator will neutralize PP and ensure the plants are safe to add to your tank. Good luck
  2. 1. Whisper 3 No addtional room for bio-media 2. Tetra 3 No addtional room for bio-media 3. Fluval (hope I spelled that right) Never owned 4. Penguin 10 Excellent filter for the money, plenty of room for addtional media 5. Emperor 7 Excellent filter, BUT I do not like the spray bar over the bio-wheel, plenty of room for addtional media 6. Proquatis Never owned 7 Milenium ( The step under peguin) Never owned 8. Aquaclear8 Excellent filter for the money, plenty of room for addtional media 9. Eheim8 Excellent filter, only gave an 8 due to price Others Jebo CFS4 7 Good filter for the price, identical to the Penn Plex. Only drawback is that one needs to be bery careful with quick disconnects because of poor material/construction. Rena Filstar 8 Very Good filter for the price, the unit I had was a litttle loud, but overall a very good filter.
  3. Very Nice Jeana....congrats on the new addition
  4. Hey Trinket, One of my LFS (which is now closed), was selling those a few months back. I even purchased a tank for my office just to add some...and now I cannot find any Based on the bio-load, I would safely assume that you would be fine with two in 15 gallon. Good luck
  5. Hello Shawna.... Sadly your story happens all of the time....most employees at chain store no NOTHING when it comes to goldfish. Goldfish need 10 gallons of water per fish to thrive....anythng less is asking for trouble. If you can I would return one of the fish. You also can get a 10 gallon set-up, complete with filter from many store for under $30.00. In the meantime, do daily water changes (with a good water conditon) I would recommend reading the following articles: http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/care.html http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/cycle.html Good luck and keep us posted
  6. Congrats on your new fish Jeana He is fine looking. I am shocked that included shipping....if you read that sellers other fish being sold, he charges $20.00 to $60.00 for shipping..all of his auctions say this: 1) 3-4" Goldfish it will cost $20.00. To ship (9) 3-5" Goldfish it may cost $60.00. Shipping: All Goldfish shipped via FEDEX overnight cost $20-$50.00. Sorry no return on live fish, however fish are guaranteed live and healthy. Any DOA claims must be made within 2 hours of arrival via email with photo proof of the dead Fish with chopped off tail fin. If a Fish should not arrive alive, it will be replaced or a credit issued toward your next purchase, less the cost of the shipping. Payment must be received within 5 day after the auction ends.
  7. WOW....awrieger, your planted tanks looks awesome...you have done an excellent job with it
  8. Just awesome pics Jed.....I always love your fish
  9. Some from an angle...some pics with the camera upside down....some with the lens close to the glass....many taken 6-10 feet away from the tank and using the zoom
  10. A few really good ones...a few grainy.....but overall not bad http://www.webutopia.net/gallery/gf_012106
  11. That is a very cool plant...a must have for any goldfish enthusiast
  12. Sodium chloride is salt. It is the chemical compound NaCl, composed of the elements sodium and chloride. You are fine with what you got
  13. Most plants for aquarium use require at least 1.5 to 2 watts of lighting per gallon of water...that is considered "low" lighting. Cryptocoryne, Java Fern and Java Moss may grow, but anythng else will just slowly fade away and die.
  14. Hey Rizky, Congrats on the new find.....Like everyone else, I cannot wait to see pictures
  15. Hey Emily, That is really personal preference. I like the Penguin 350's better than the Emperor 400's, but I am sure other like the Emperors better. The Penguins will give you 700 gph, while the Emperors will provide you with 800 gph. It appears to me (and I may be wrong) that the Penguins have a larger media chamber, so you will greatly benefit from adding additional media. Good luck with whatever choice you make, both are good filters Hey Dreamgoddess, I personally like filter floss because it traps a lot of fine debirs, and will help polish the water. The draw back of filter floss is that it should be changed weekly. On the flip side, two sponges will offer very good debris filtration and provide a lot of room for benefical bacteria to grow. Good luck
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