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  1. Very nice! I especially like the white guy.
  2. I love those plants! My mom used to have those when we were growing up. What she would do when she trimmed her plant was to place the cut branches (she called them slips) in a vase of water. With time, they would start to grow and develop their own root system. Once the roots were grown, she would plant them in another pot, and voila, new goldfish plant!! This system actually works with lots of different types of plants. I, unfortunately, did not aquire her green thumb; all of the slips she gave me died before I ever got to pot them.
  3. Pretty! Mind if I ask you where you bought your palm tree ornament?? I am obsessed with palm tree stuff. I think it's just awesome!!
  4. It's the one room in our entire house that is really fun. The rest of the house's decor is what I might call "proper and sophisticated" and nichnack free. Probably why hubby puts up with it.
  5. Welcome to my bathroom.
  6. Hehehe. We will put it this way, *I* would not make one, but I am more than happy to sit back and have hubby make one for me.
  7. Think of it as a giant extension of a HOB filter. But instead, it sits below the tank. One piece of plumbing tube empties into the tank that sits below the display tank, and a submersible pump (similar to what you find in a pond), pumps water back up to your display tank. Its identical theory to a HOB filter. The difference is that a HOB filter spills the clean water into the tank. A sump actually pumps it through a tube to get back up into your display tube. He was adding the water to the sump so as not to disturb the sand bed. You will find it is much cheaper than a couple of large canister filters. There are lots and lots of articles and videos on the internet to help too!
  8. This is the build my husband did for his marine tank. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/79000-some-pics/ As my husband decided to go with a small reef tank, this tank has been handed down to me and my pondfish (after we clean it really well of course). The sump will become my filter. We use the overflow that was built into the tank for the drain, and a pump allows the water to return from the sump. We will be adding a bunch of bio media to the sump. I unfortunately don't know much more than that, but I hope the pictures and ideas in my husband's post will help. Good luck!
  9. I have not forgotten about posting some pictures. Ive just been super, super busy. My goldfish themed bathroom looks fantastic (if I do say so myself! ) My framed bubblefish had some issues. I got super creative and cut out all of the leftover bubblefish and made a collage. Nothing but issues with this tho, im sad to say. First, the glue I used must not have been quite set, and it leaked all over the inside of the glass. Took that down, cleaned the leaky glue, and rehung. Big mess. Then, the picture frame fell of the nail, broke it at the seems, but the glass was intact. So I cut the picture and reframed it in a smaller frame and hung it in a completly different place. This fell and smashed the glass into a million tiny shards. Hubby thinks that it is because I keep hanging it on the wall that is connected with our 10 year old's bedroom and it is probably a wall that gets bumped a lot. It is sitting in the closet, haven't did anything else with it yet. But I will definitley get around to pictures. Maybe this weekend if I can remember where I put the camera.
  10. I love this! I have seen these before online. That would be a perfect addition to my goldfish themed bathroom.
  11. Oh what gorgeous fish you have there!! That makes me so excited for when we set up a pond next summer! I am going to have an awful hard time deciding between fancies and comets. I both kinds so very much!
  12. I guess my tanks would be considered to be "full". I like having lots of plants. I put tall plants in the back, and lots of little short grasses and whatnot in the front to give lots of swim space. But it gives the tank an illusion of being "full".
  13. Looks like you are off to a great start! I can't wait to see more pictures of the progress!
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