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  1. Hi all, Make sure you like us on facebook for discounts and specials that are exclusive to Koko's members. Post pictures of your favorite goldfish for special discount coupons/codes at GU!
  2. Roulette, Feel free to PM me here, or you can chat with me from the homepage of GU. Ed
  3. Here's a easy to understand "common sense" guide on stocking levels: Hope this helps - Ed Goldfish produce waste and ammonia based on their weight, not their length. Their weight dramatically increases as they grow in length. So, the larger they get, the more waste is created. Goldfish produce approximately .3 of their weight in waste per day!!! A shocking example of waste produced by a goldfish: If one was lucky enough to have a 10" goldfish, it would have an approximate body mass of 9.70 ounces. A single 2" fish only weights .08 ounces, so even if you stocked ten 2" goldfish, they would only have a combined weight of .8 ounces. The 10" goldfish will produces .91 ounces of waste per day, but the ten 2" goldfish combined produce only .24 ounces !!! Size 1" Approx. Weight .01 Waste .0003 Size 2" Approx. Weight .08 Waste .0024 Size 3" Approx. Weight .26 Waste .0078 Size 4" Approx. Weight .62 Waste .0186 Size 5" Approx. Weight 1.21 Waste .0363 Size 6" Approx. Weight 2.09 Waste .0627 Size 7" Approx. Weight 3.33 Waste .0999 Size 8" Approx. Weight 4.96 Waste .1488 Size 9" Approx. Weight 7.07 Waste .2121 Size 10" Approx. Weight 9.70 Waste .2910 Size 12" Approx. Weight 16.76 Waste .5028 So what does this mean in layman's terms? If you have searched the internet for goldfish care, I am sure you have found many sites "preaching" the "10 gallon rule". Although the 10 gallon rule is a good place to start, it is by no means accurate for long term success, nor should it be the definitive answer for all goldfish keepers. As one can see from the example above, the bio load of one single 5" goldfish is equal to fifteen 2" goldfish!!! For even short term success, one should have at least a 10 gallon tank, but do not beat yourself up if you have something smaller. We all need to use common sense when it comes to stocking our tanks. If you have a 5" plus goldfish, you should not even think about keeping it in anything smaller than say a 20 gallon tank, primarily so the fish doesn't feel cramped. On the flip side, if you have a 2" rescue fish, you should not feel bad if the only tank you have is a 5 gallon. For maximum goldfish health and clean water, what one really needs to consider is the bio-load their filter can handle.
  4. Haruka, you can go to the homepage, www.goldfishutopia.com and either click on the main banner or the shopping link to the left. I always quarantine the fish after arrival. That's why you'll see these fish are for pre-sale only. They will not ship until after the quarantine period. There is only a small preview of what's available. I also suggest that you take a look at my testimonial page. GU has been in business since 2004. We've taken a little break from importing live fish, but we are back to a regular schedule. Regards, Ed
  5. That Raffles Gold article is spot on. Very easy to follow as long as you have the right equipment. Ed
  6. I was just about to ask, where's Fred?
  7. I can get them. I am actually expecting some in December.
  8. You may want to check with Jed. She had a few ornaments similar to the one you're looking for. She may have an idea. Good luck! Ed
  9. goldfish and poo humor = comedic "gold"? Ed
  10. If the dots look similar, then males they are!
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