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  1. Good tank - looks very relaxing and I bet ther fishes love all the room they get.
  2. I wonder this too. I love the setup and the fishes but even in the first few photos the pond looks too small. You have very lovely fishes btw - nice color and size!
  3. Of course, nothing beats the good old fashioned rectangular tanks...or the bow front tanks...but I saw some really creative tanks today. There was one that was like a telephone booth and one like a gumball machine (pretty big...they were about 20-30 gal each). This: http://www.theapplecollection.com/Collecti...rAquarium.shtml Is one that I haven't seen before. So strange?
  4. Any photo over 200kb is automatically resized by photobucket. It sucks I know! Best thing to do is resize it yourself to about 190kb or so and you should be fine. Your tank is nice. I am glad to hear they are moving out of the 10gal!
  5. Gosh, nice tank! A rock, some plants and presto! Nice, simple, and very clean. Good job with the tank, your effort looks to be paying off What are the residents of your tank and their names?
  6. What a cutie. The second photo is awesome!
  7. Thanks! The filter thing is a no go. I don't have a filter in the 10gal that the snails are in but I do frequent water changes. I will have to go and buy the liquid suppliment. I wanted to use the cuttle bone because I have a ton of that stuff (I stock it up for my birds).
  8. Amy


    I have two veggie clips (it suctions to the glass wall) but when I clip stuff on it they will ignore it. I just shred up the broccoli into tiny bite-sized pieces and toss it in and watch them dash over as the peices are falling and gobble it. They don't go for clipping <_< .
  9. Nice fishes! Looks like you have a white-red theme going on
  10. Amy


    Oh they already do eat it so I know they love it lots...I just wasn't sure it was ok for them. That's great! I'll boil it for a while before I toss it in the tank next time. Thanks .
  11. I wanted to give my snails calcium and I've heard that you can via cuttle bone. How exactly do you go about doing this? Do you just drop an entire cuttle bone in the tank and the snails forage on it or do you grind the cuttle bone to powder and then drop it in the tank? Big newbie question
  12. Amy


    My fishes will eat broccoli if I rip off the flowery part and throw it in the water. I'm not sure if they can digest it...does anyone know?
  13. Whoa. Nice pond and you have VERY nice fishes.
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