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  1. Thank you all for your fast responses and concern, but I just checked her and she's gone. This site is absolutely wonderful, and I thank everyone here.
  2. http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i174/mis...n/IMG_0749a.jpg http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i174/mis...n/IMG_0749b.jpg The best shots I could get.
  3. [*]Test Results for the Following: [*]Ammonia Level? 0 [*]Nitrite Level? 0 [*]Nitrate level? 10-20 [*]Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? 7-7.5 [*]Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? [*]Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? drip test, API [*]Water temperature? 22 celsius [*]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 50 gal, running 3years [*]What is the name and size of the filter(s)? Fluval 104 and Emperor 280 [*]How often do you change the water and how much? 40% weekly [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? 3 dojo loaches, 2 goldfish (1 4"moor, 15" ranchu) [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime [*]What do you feed your fish and how often? ProGold, daily [*]Any new fish added to the tank? Not lately [*]Any medications added to the tank? None [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? My Ranchu was found just now at the intake port on my fluval filter, slowly breathing, and seemingly bent over to one side. I checked her over and found her caudual openings to be greyish and swollen. THe whole area is swollen, and two pin-prick size orifices are visable. She's maybe a bit swollen, but with her egg-shaped body it's hard to tell. I added a tankmate for her a few months ago, and there was some aggression, nibbling and such, but I thought we were past that. I haven't seen anything for a few weeks now. I have her isolated from her tankmate by way of an overturned plastic collander at the moment. Please advise.
  4. no stars or anything like that. I think the new guy's still a baby and most likely too young for that. I've put him (?) under a large plastic collander in the tank for a while to see if he'll just calm down.
  5. I've just added a small-ish black moor to my tank. He's maybe all of 3 inches long and even that's at least an inch of tail. He's been chasing my mature Ranchu all over the place, but leaving my mature fantail alone. Sometimes he behaves, but not all the time. My Ranchu seems to take it in stride, but it's still re-growing some tailfin from a previous injury and is kind of slower as a result. Any suggestions? I don't see any stars on the newbie's face. Is my new fish just a jerk? MD
  6. I'm gone for 11 days starting Saturday and what happens but a case of fungus. I can administer the meds myself, but, the necessary 25% waterchange after the second dose of meds will have to be done by my fish sitter. Can I pre-buy spring water for her to replace with so there's no water conditioner related mishaps? I've asked her to just siphon the water out (the hose reaches to the tub) and put a cloth over the intake to prevent escapees. I'm also pre-portioning the food in pill boxes. Is there any way to make this easier? Is the spring water going to be ok? Thankyou MD
  7. I have done the surgery. I know this is an old thread but I couldn't resist. I performed it myself on my telescope Jack who survived three weeks after. The operation didn't have the intended effect. that is to say he didn't flip back over. Instead he sank to the bottom on his side but was able to graze the pebbles for food. After three weeks he got some kind of very severe infection and stopped eating. I ended up euthanizing him. I think it would have worked better if he was right-side up and floating, but upside down at the surface is kind of a worst case scenario.
  8. He had a really impressive dorsal fin, look at him carrying it so proudly like a flag. Goodnight and godspeed Big Boy. My sincerest condolonces to those still living *hugs*
  9. simply put, accidents will happen. Believe me this is a classic fishkeeping accident you couldn't have done a thing about. I've lost fish this way too, and I know it hurts. It's their natural curiosity that does it, poor things. *hugs* to you and *salutes the sky* for Loona
  10. Sometimes as fishkeepers it is our sad and unpleasant duty to hasten the Angel of Death. These times are desperate, when he is the only force in existance which can drive away our friend's suffering. Love triumphs over pain in a last blaze of glory. We are able to put aside our own pain, overwhelmed by compassion for our friend and we are able to call out to the reaper. We are so moved by a maimed body, or a long struggle against disease, that we are able to push past the pain in our hearts and send our finned companions on to the Rainbow Pond that awaits them all. Tonight was one of those desperate times. I called out on behalf of my good friend Captain Jack. Even though he never owned a ship and didn't sail a day in his life, he was always the Captain to me. He brought joy to all he encountered, wether through his fishy antics, or telling the fry the story of how he lost his legs His was a figting spirit, befitting of any pirate who ever lived. I used everything I know how to save him but disease won in the end. He bravely battled severe swim bladder disorder for three solid months, despite all therapy including surgery. He's re-united with his lovely maid Squishy now, together forever on the waves.
  11. yep, there's a goldfish on Youtube called Punch who likes physical contact. Also there's Sweet Pea on the youtube as well. Just be careful on the tube, there's a lot of fish abuse videos.
  12. *salutes* the Loch won't be the same without ye, Nessie.
  13. my first tank was a ten gal with four feeders the pet shop gave me. I wanted to put two full size fancies in there. Not too bad for overstock, but I fell in love with the three feeders that survived I kept them until I got my 50 gal. They lived in there for almost six months before a bad bacterial invader got 'em all.
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